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Napkins: variety is the spice of life

Cotton napkins, paper napkins, cocktail napkins, Christmas napkins, romantic napkins… Today we have a great variety of designs with which we can create all types of atmospheres and decorations. Below we help you choose the most appropriate napkin for each occasion.

Cotton napkins, paper napkins, cocktail napkins, Christmas napkins, romantic napkins… Today we have a great variety of designs with which we can create all types of atmospheres and decorations. Below we help you choose the most appropriate napkin for each occasion.

Paper or cotton napkins?

The differences are quite obvious, and the use of one or other depends on the host and their customs to a great extent. Some people eat, on an everyday basis, with paper napkins, while for others this product is only used for more informal celebrations in which we bring together a large number of guests.

There may be varied reasons for choosing paper napkins:

  • Hygiene, for being of one single use.
  • Convenience, for not having to machine-wash or iron them…
  • Easy to use.
  • Variety of colours, patterns and sizes.

For detractors of paper napkins, the reasons are clear:

  • They are less absorbent than cotton ones.
  • The feel is less pleasant.
  • They have much less presence: a table with paper napkin suggests a less “cared-for” appearance than one dressed with fabrics.

However, did everyone know that now they don’t have to choose? Faced with the dilemma of paper or cotton napkins, MY DRAP has created a unique product: and attractive, soft and absorbent fabric available in a practical pre-cut roll. Convenience and quality, all in one. The fact is you can use them as single-use or wash them conveniently at home, and they are available in a great variety of colours and designs. In short, perfect for your more special occasions, whether among a small group or in a big celebration 😉

Moreover, with MY DRAP you can choose between the more conventional 100% cotton napkins or linen napkins, with a more irregular and crafted touch, for tables with character and elegance. Of course, we cannot forget the recycled cotton ones either!

If you want to know more, check our earlier article An alternative to paper napkins?

Napkins and their sizes

Beyond choosing the material, another important decision is the size of the napkins. To do this we should be aware of the use they are going to have. The fact is a cocktail napkin (for a finger buffet) is not the same as one for a traditional meal (with all the guests seated around a table).

According to etiquette, there are two factors that determine the size of the napkins:

  • Formality of the gathering
  • Type of food and how it will be served (standing and in small portions, or stews that we will eat seated at the table…).

The more formal and static the gathering, the larger the size of the napkins. In contrast, on more informal occasions in which the diners are standing (snacks, aperitifs…), smaller and more manageable napkins are advisable.

Below we show some examples:

Check our earlier article if you want to find out more about etiquette and how to use napkins properly at the table.

Napkins: for tastes, colours

As we said, the degree of formality of the gathering will determine the use of smaller or larger napkins, as well as the choice of specific colours and patterns. This is because a wedding banquet is not the same as a birthday party with your friends.

Some general guidelines that may help you choose the most suitable colours for your celebration:

  • For daytime gatherings, you should give priority to clear and bright colours, while for the evening darker colours are usually used.
  • If it is a very formal gathering, it is best to opt for plain and sober colours (Natural, Sand, Pink, Pearl Grey, Black…), or a more neutral and balanced pattern. In contrast, to accompany a meal with a lighter atmosphere, nothing better than cheerful and attractive colours (Orange, Pistache, Carmine Red, Fuchsia…), or bolder patterns.
  • In winter we feel more comfortable in warm and relaxing settings, which we can provide with welcoming colours such as Terracotta, Sand, Natural, Red, Cream… While in spring and summer we probably go more for livelier and refreshing shades such as blues and greens.

In an earlier article we looked at the main characteristics of some of the more common colours in placemats and napkins. To understand how a simple detail like this can help us create a specific atmosphere and mood, we invite you to read it: Colourful placemats and cotton napkins

Napkins for special occasions

Our blog also offers regular suggestions for table decorations for all types of celebrations:

How to dress the table with napkins

We are now clear about what are the best napkins for our celebration (material, size and colour), now we just need to decide how to place them on the table.

There is the classic fold (in the form of a rectangle or triangle) and we can also present them with more original forms. A couple of examples:
How to convert cotton napkins into elegant cutlery holders (video)
How to convert cotton napkins into a pretty Christmas tree (video)

We can also look on the social media for a great variety of ideas to design original napkin holders ourselves 🙂 And many more creative ideas with your cotton napkins!

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