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Christmas is coming and, with it, the chance to share unforgettable moments with our loved ones. It is the season of details, such as cloth napkins, emotional toasts and renewed …

Christmas is coming and, with it, the chance to share unforgettable moments with our loved ones. It is the season of details, such as cloth napkins, emotional toasts and renewed hugs. These celebrations are at their best when we share them with our loved ones and create a unique atmosphere around us.

At MY DRAP, we specialize in detail, unique settings and products made with love, appropriateness and excellence. We want to help you keep the essence of Christmas alive, to experience it in a unique, emotional and always inviting environment. These are days of affection, excitement and reunions. And tables, with their endless gatherings, take on a prominent role.

Have you seen our Christmas collection? Happy creativity!

We invite you to try something new when decorating your Christmas banquets. We have placemats and cloth napkins made from 100% cotton and linen that transform everything. They convey sensitivity, happiness and affection. And that touch of close splendour is magnified with meals with family and friends.

Would you like to know how to give these Christmas gatherings an extra touch of originality? Let us discover our Christmas Collection for this exciting season. This is something to celebrate!

Green Tartan

Put a touch of renewed British elegance on your table with our Green Tartan series. With a colour base in classic English green, the superimposition of polychromatic lines of different sizes builds a very distinguished tartan square with a traditional feeling. If you contrast this set of napkins and placemats with white tableware, the effect will be wonderful.

Silver Wood

How about adding a Scandinavian touch to your home this Christmas? Wood is one of the most characteristic elements of Father Christmas’ Lapland and the ever-present Christmas fir trees. Every time you decorate your celebrations with our Silver Wood, you create an idyllic and evocative atmosphere. Wooden knots inspire festive memories of the warmth of a hearth around a fireplace and the silvery tradition of the festive season.

Golden Wood

This series, which matches the previous one, brings a touch of brightness and splendour to your gatherings. Gold brings a hint of success, hope and shimmering light to all kinds of banquets. The contrast with steely cutlery, clear glassware and black or white crockery will bring distinction and elegance. Do you want to make the maximum visual impact  on these dates? Place red tableware on this Golden Wood on your table and you will deconstruct the Christmas tree for your guests.


If you really want to incorporate the Nordic atmosphere into your Christmas banquets, you won’t find better textiles than these. On  an ecru tone base that is as dazzling as it is natural, it gives a light, geometric composition in a golden tone. Do you want to set a table that is both bright and subtle? Feel Vivo.

Silver Stars!

That final exclamation mark in its name symbolises the admiration your guests will feel when they see this distinguished textile decoration. With a minimalist essence and a white background, the silver snowflakes capture the attention in an emotional and somewhat hypnotic way. The 50% cotton and 50% linen balance gives it a soft and harmonious texture that caresses with every use of Silver Stars!

Pine Cone

Do you believe that Christmas should be synonymous with exuberance, colour and emotions? The Pine Cone series covers your celebrations in red and, especially on New Year’s Eve, conveys joy, brightness and symbolism. The small gold print creates a beautiful visual composition and stimulates the diners throughout the evening. No one will get tired of toasting! Good vibes are (almost) guaranteed.

Always Christmas

Do you want to experience this festive season with maximum intensity and dynamism? Don’t settle for just one design, multiply it by four! Annual Always Christmas includes a creative Christmas-themed poker game. The distinguished presence of black, gold motifs and the variety of designs evoke luxury, contrast and excellence. Everything looks better on these stunning textiles! And the bubbly cava will harmonise with the whole in a vibrant way.

Christmas Jumper

The family atmosphere, inclusive tradition and the always homey Christmas Eve dinner fit perfectly with the design of the Christmas Jumper series. It is an original and fun idea, but also respectful of this most symbolic and spiritual night. It is a creation that has a flower… a Christmas Eve flower.


We end this tour with our Noel, series, inspired by the Christmas Eve flower and with a delicate brushed red that evokes nostalgic, comforting and ever affectionate memories. The pieces, made from recycled cotton, reflect a commitment to the environment and the naturalness they convey.

As you can see, the options are attractive, delicious and absolutely unique. These cloth napkins and placemats are the perfect complement to the most intimate celebrations all year round. Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!

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