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Christmas cotton napkins for an elegant table

The festive Christmas season is approaching and Christmas decorations will soon make an appearance on many tables. Those who enjoy this time of the year seek to create a magical …

The festive Christmas season is approaching and Christmas decorations will soon make an appearance on many tables. Those who enjoy this time of the year seek to create a magical and special atmosphere long before Christmas Eve. But to achieve the ideal table, it is important to invest in functionality and design.

We show you the products MY DRAP offers you to give your meals the Christmas style touch you are looking for. Trust us for these special dates and surprise your guests with a special design

Why choose cotton napkins?

Nowadays, cotton napkins are a must-have item on the table, with some advantages:

  • Sustainability is very present in our daily lives, especially nowadays as we are trying to eliminate single-use products.
  • In addition, they are easy to wash and have a quality surface.
  • The cotton napkins in our collection are part of different tablecloth packs that can be easily combined with each other.
  • They can be folded and stored without taking up too much space.
  • They are available in various sizes.

Always Christmas cotton napkins, Christmas elegance

This is one of the most elegant designs in our stock. The background is grey, and made of linen. You will find a lot of variety in these cotton napkins, as each of the pre-cut pieces has a different pattern and emphasises the basic elements of Christmas. Bells, fir trees and reindeer feature prominently in this series.

The designs are in gold on this deep grey background. The result is spectacular and interesting to combine with golden crockery and cutlery. They are available in 11×11, 20×20 and 32×32 centimetres per side.

Green Tartan Christmas tablecloths, for the traditionalists

Green Tartan cotton napkins are a safe bet for the festive season, as they are classic and elegant. This is a fine cotton napkin with tartan and green plaid. Red and yellow mix in this tapestry, ideal for your lunches and dinners.

It’s the perfect style to celebrate Christmas traditionally, with the same colours as always. The napkins are a pre-cut square on a roll. They come in a variety of sizes. The most common ones are 32 centimetres long and 32 centimetres wide, but you can also find 11×11 and 20×20 centimetres.

As in the rest of the collections, you have at your disposal different pieces, such as the Christmas tablecloth of 48×32 centimetres.

The Christmas tablecloths Noel, a Christmas tradition in a fabric

It is a very familiar design in red and white that reminds us of moments from the past, of that homely Christmas celebration. It works very well combined with white tableware and gold cutlery, as these tones create a very coherent colour palette between them.

It features elk leaf designs, a typical feature of cold, forested areas such as Canada, where it is even part of the official flag. Using these reusable cotton napkins at home will mean that winter is here and with it, so is Christmas.

You can find these practical designs in sizes 11 centimetres per side, as well as 20 and 32 centimetres.

Pine Cone, a home classic

Red is undoubtedly one of the main colours of Christmas. From the Father Christmas costume to the wrapping of the presents, he hogs it all. Now you can also have fabric napkin designs in this shade.

It comes with a pineapple and polka dot print. This mixture is reminiscent of snow in a forest of Christmas fir trees. This is undoubtedly one of the most special designs in this Christmas collection.

Silver Stars!

There are many ways to interpret Christmas through design. For some, it is a familiar and colourful period, while for others it is a cold, snow-white and magical time. The visions oppose and mix, giving rise to designs such as the Silver Stars.

This one uses a white canvas to project a multitude of silver stars that have a certain snowflake shape as well. The white colour is aseptic, giving more prominence to the cutlery and the food. It’s a perfect design for those special dinners at home when you want to bring out some eye-catching cutlery.

Find out how to use MY DRAP and start using these Christmas cotton napkins. Choose wisely and you will have the perfect product at home this Christmas. You can create a beautiful and elegant table with high quality reusable cotton napkins. Choose the ones that best suit your way of understanding Christmas decorations and you will be a success this festive season.

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