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The best cotton napkins for Halloween

Cotton napkins are an ideal accessory for everyday use, thanks to properties that make them durable and washable, and are great for special occasions. For special days of the year, …

Cotton napkins are an ideal accessory for everyday use, thanks to properties that make them durable and washable, and are great for special occasions. For special days of the year, we often decide to put away the usual table linen and take out our best MY DRAP cotton napkins.

Halloween is a holiday that has gradually been taken up in homes all over the country little by little, and has become very popular. It is not only a holiday for children, but for people of all ages who have fun in this peculiar celebration of life and death. As we will see below, decoration plays a fundamental role in this party.

Cotton napkins for Halloween

This holiday is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. Traditionally, it has been a period of recollection and seriousness in which the deceased were remembered and their memory honoured. For this reason, black was the predominant colour and the festivities were dominated by sadness and nostalgia. However, the influence of the United States and other Anglo-Saxon countries merged this celebration of death with a tradition of frights and monsters. This is reflected in costumes, home decorations, placemats and themed films.

This new way of looking at All Saints’ Day has served to integrate children into it. Nowadays, the holiday has a playful character and allows you to enjoy this period with fun activities. Halloween has also been mixed with other traditions, such as the chestnut festival, which shines a spotlight on this food. Thus, these festivities feature an autumnal gastronomy, with a predominant colour palette that is also reflected in the decoration.

Just as Christmas has its decorating rituals, Halloween requires a home makeover. In this case, not only scary elements are used, but also colourful ones. Along with the fake skulls, pumpkins, witches and ghosts, colourful elements are often used. Black, ochre, red, green or brown are dominant for this holiday, each for a different reason. Among our range of cotton napkins, we offer you some models in these shades that will help immerse you in this festive season.

Our top models for the Halloween season

At MY DRAP, we offer you several models for these popular holidays.


The terracotta collection has a brown colour with reddish touches reminiscent of earth, but also of pumpkins. As you know, these vegetables are essential for the festive season, especially when used as lamps. This shade will be ideal to accompany your home decoration and help create that special and fun Halloween atmosphere.


The colour curry is very representative of autumn, as it is very similar to the colour of leaves that have withered. It is one of the most representative colours of this time of the year also because of its natural presence in many of the nuts and dried fruits we eat. It is also closely related with pumpkins, as well as mummies, so children love it. This is undoubtedly an essential item for Halloween dinners and meals.


Taupe is a little lighter and more elegant, although it also provides the same sensations as the two previous ones. It has a very autumnal tone that evokes falling leaves, parks and haunted forests. It has a more sobering effect, so it may be suitable for special dates within this week of celebration. You can combine it with other shades from the Basics range.

English Green

English green is an elegant colour that we would not initially associate with this dull and austere time of the year. However, it has certain connotations that allow it to integrate very well into Halloween decorations. It is a colour present in many of the monsters and creepy creatures which are staples of this holiday. Witches, zombies, aliens and beasts of all kinds have a slimy green colour that is great fun for the little ones. English green will look great on your table together with the other decorative elements.

Design and quality in all our offerings

For these dates, we recommend MY DRAP for several reasons:

  • Intense and very relevant colours.
  • Quality and durability, so you’ll be able to use these products next Halloween.
  • Easy to wash and reusable.
  • Sustainability.

Now you know why MY DRAP cotton napkins can be your best friend in your Halloween home decoration project this year. Feel inspired and prepare your home for the spookiest week of the year.

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