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How to prepare the perfect table?

Cotton napkins and other textile elements can have a great effect on the table decoration. For many, setting the table for a meal or snack at home is simply functional, …

Cotton napkins and other textile elements can have a great effect on the table decoration. For many, setting the table for a meal or snack at home is simply functional, requiring no preparation or care. However, at MY DRAP we believe in the possibility of creating spaces tailored to people and in the potential of interior decoration to awaken the senses and create atmospheres. That’s why we bring to the market different collections that aim to make these possibilities accessible for your table. 

With our products you can turn your table into the right kind of space for every occasion. Both their colours and textures will fit together to create an interesting mix, and you will be able to adapt your table to every moment, season of the year or type of event without any problems.

Different occasions, always with MY DRAP

There are different times when you may need a perfect table. A festive meal with the family, an informal dinner with friends or an intimate moment with your partner can be key events that require special table linen and cutlery. The key is to understand the nature of each event and to choose colours, materials and styles accordingly. And, once we have sorted out the occasion and decided how we want the table to look, we need to choose the right tablecloths and cotton napkins. Finally, all that remains is to take out your MY DRAP products and distribute them in the right way to create the kind of ambience you are looking for. 

But we also have collections designed for everyday use. It is also important to have sturdy and functional materials that can be used on a regular basis. In fact, it is more complicated to set the perfect table on a daily basis than to choose the ideal design for a one-off event. In addition, our cotton napkins allow you to save money and take care of the environment, as they are washable and you can reuse them as much as you want.

Essential pieces on your table

There are a number of must-haves for your table. As a host or hostess you must make sure that everything is to the taste of the guests and diners, but also to add a personal and unique touch that will make this meeting unforgettable. You need to have cotton napkins that match the shade you are looking for, glasses designed according to the drink to be served, cutlery that matches both the dishes and the formality of the event and some other surprises that we will reveal at the end. Find out here how to get more out of your table with our products.

Cotton napkins

MY DRAP’s cotton napkins are divided into several collections, in which you will find everything from more conservative models to completely groundbreaking alternatives. We have flat colours in a wide variety of shades, from the basics to specific shades for spring or autumn, and they can even be combined with each other.


Placemats are essential to give the table a special character. You can find earth, stone, or wood effect or basic coloured designs on our website. The key is to match these placemats with the decor of the room and the other textile pieces on the table.

Glasses and cups

Glasses and cups should be appropriate for the beverages to be served, so they will vary according to the type of wine, for example. It’s important that they have anti-limescale properties, so that they always look as good as new. At important events, a set of sparkling glasses can be the perfect finishing touch to an elegant look.


Cutlery should of course be chosen according to the food to be served. In addition, they should be placed appropriately, from the outside to the inside, following the order of the plates. For more informal occasions you can make a design with the cotton napkins, wrapping the cutlery pack. 

Depending on the rest of the pieces and the decoration, cutlery made of different materials can be used. All-metal cutlery is usually associated with formal and exclusive settings. On the other hand, those with wooden handles give a warm and rustic feel. Choose according to the type of event, the guests and the decoration you have planned for the rest of the evening.

Add a special touch with atrezzo

But decoration should not only be guided by functional and essential pieces. The magic touch is added by the accessories. Here we are talking about dried bouquets, table centrepieces, wooden pieces, coasters and other elements that can contribute to the overall image of the table. Create an environment that suits you, in which you can incorporate the materials and tones that you consider appropriate. This will give you more creative freedom to set the perfect table for all kinds of guests, whether they are work colleagues, family, friends or your partner.

Discover how you can use MY DRAP cotton napkins to create the perfect setting for your celebrations. Design unforgettable moments!

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