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An alternative to paper napkins?

Napkins are like the icing on the cake. A detail of colour, a touch of distinction, a small sign that shows us that everything is ready to enjoy the meal. …

Napkins are like the icing on the cake. A detail of colour, a touch of distinction, a small sign that shows us that everything is ready to enjoy the meal. It is important to choose well. So we suggest the perfect solution: join the practicality of paper napkins and the quality of cotton ones.
As we explained in an earlier article, paper napkins are a recent product, whereas the history of cotton napkins dates back many centuries. Perhaps this is why we relate cotton napkins with the more traditional meal of granny’s cooking, and paper napkins with quicker and more informal gatherings. The disjunctive between the past and present.

Someone will also say that the cotton ones are more for eating at home, for everyday meals, and paper napkins are for events with more guests: celebrations, catering services… the disjunctive between routine and exceptionality.
The difference is more likely in the degree of formality of the event.
Or maybe it also depends on our customs.
Or, or, or… or perhaps we don’t have to choose. Perhaps we can have the best of both.

Why do we use paper napkins?

Paper napkins are of a single use and are made with absorbent paper of one or three layers, which defines the quality of the napkin (if it has more layers, it has more body and is more absorbent).
Although some people use paper napkins in the main meals on a day-to-day basis, their use is generally associated with lunches, aperitifs or more sporadic teatimes. This is the case, for example, of birthday celebrations with a large number of guests and when we don’t have enough table linen for everyone.
The fact is there are different advantages to be had in using paper napkins:

  • Hygiene, for being of a single use only.
  • Convenience, since we don’t have to wash, fold or iron them…
  • Easiness of use, they occupy less space than conventional cotton napkins..
  • Variety of sizes, colours and patterns.

All this also has its contrasts since, due to their characteristics, paper napkins are less absorbent or pleasant to touch. Moreover, they are usually smaller, so that on many occasions we have to use more than one. When dressing the table, the difference is clear: in terms of elegance, character or style, a table dressed with paper napkins does not compare with another with cotton napkins.

Can the properties of paper napkins be improved?


MY DRAP has reinvented paper napkins and the more conventional cotton ones to create a new product. An attractive, soft, absorbent fabric and available in a practical pre-cut roll. They meet the needs of people seeking the convenience of paper napkins and, at the same time, can enjoy the appearance and quality of the more conventional cotton napkins.

In fact MY DRAP cotton napkins offer numerous advantages:





  • Available in a practical pre-cut roll, and seamless. You will be able to store them in less space and always have some ready for improvised occasions 😉
  • Absorbent and pleasant to touch. You can choose between 100% cotton or 50% linen. Check this article in which we present the new cotton ottoman fabric and explain the differences with linen. You can use them as single-use napkins or wash them at home.
  • Hygienic: you can use them just the once or wash them conveniently at home
  • Versatility. Unique designs and shades to dress the table according to your preferences and always with a cotton napkin with body, presence and charm. Ideal for formal and informal gatherings.
  • Wide variety of sizes, formats and colours that you can combine with placemats that match or with different shades. With this in mind, we take the opportunity to remind you how to choose the size of the cotton napkins according to the type of meal and degree of formality.
  • Environmentally friendly. They are reusable and you can even give them a second use as we explain in the article “Creative ideas with your cotton napkin”.

Taking into account all these advantages, there will certainly be many occasions when you can begin to use MY DRAP, ands below we suggest a few 😉

Napkins for vermouth and tapas

 width=Do you want to invite your friends for an informal aperitif at home? You will certainly amaze them with the Vermut&Tapas collection, in which we can clearly see how much better they are than paper napkins, in this case without surrendering the charm of a mythical design.

Moreover, with this collection you can enjoy the emblematic napkins of the traditional bars, now in 100% cotton. A fantastic opportunity to connect with your memories but enjoying now a more absorbent and pleasant to touch napkin.



Napkins for birthday parties

 width=When we think of birthday party decoration we generally focus on elements such as garlands and small flags, balloons, centrepieces… We are also used to placing great emphasis on the meal: we look for an original recipe, we make a surprising cake… But we don’t place much importance on the napkins. Perhaps because we think that on being a more informal event, sometimes even standing, nobody will take any notice of them.

From a practical and aesthetic point of view, though, we should also take care in the choice of napkins. It is important that they fulfil their function: that they are really absorbent and pleasant. They also play a relevant role in the decoration of the table: some cotton napkins (even small ones) will create a better impression on your guests and will help you give a special touch to your celebration.


You don’t need to worry about the colours, as you have a great variety of shades, more neutral or more cheerful and eye-catching according to the type of birthday party you are organizing. You also have original patterns to choose from 😉

Napkins for open-air picnics

 width=Another circumstance in which it might be very useful to us to have a pre-cut roll of napkins (occupying a minimum of space) is in our outdoor meals, whether in the park, on the beach or the mountain.

With the Picnic Gingham Red collection you can now enjoy your picnic with the traditional pattern on practical cotton napkins that you can carry conveniently and, if you want, use just the once.

Go on, dare to discover MY DRAP!

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