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Although napkins are an essential element on any table, very few give them the importance they deserve. You prepare an exquisite dish for your guests, you strive for unbeatable presentation, …

Although napkins are an essential element on any table, very few give them the importance they deserve. You prepare an exquisite dish for your guests, you strive for unbeatable presentation, but you offer them a basic napkin; does that sound familiar? We’ve all made that mistake at one time or another.

Besides functionality, cotton napkins offer the touch your table needs: colour, warmth, freshness, formality… depending on the occasion and the atmosphere we want to create. Today we’re going to give you some tips to surprise your guests by offering them the most suitable cotton napkins and placemats for each occasion.

MY DRAP dress your table for every occasion

First of all, we want to remind you of the importance of choosing cotton napkins over paper ones. The former is a much more environmentally-friendly option (are sustainably produced and reusable), they offer greater absorption, last longer and offer a much more pleasant sensation when used.

Another of the most important advantages of cotton napkins is that they are much more versatile since there are countless designs, models and sizes on the market. This allows us to choose the most appropriate collections for each meeting or type of lunch, for the ambience we want to create or the sensation that the table is to convey. 

Choose the Casual Food collection for an informal event

There is no special occasion, you simply want to invite your closest friends to have a good time. For these occasions, placemats are optional but make sure your table conveys warmth and friendliness by using cotton napkins with special motifs. If you are in the summer season, you can’t miss the Tea Flowers collections and Picnic Gingham Red, which is ideal for lending a rustic touch to gatherings in the outdoor areas of your home. Another of the models in this collection noteworthy for presenting such a modern design is Newspaper, which recalls gastropub tablecloths.

Also, the Casual Food collection, it’s ideal for afternoon snacks and breakfasts due to the size of its cotton napkins (20 x 20 cm) and coasters (11 x 11 cm). 

You have to organise a formal meeting

You’ve decided to have a business lunch in a quiet place and you offer to organise everything. Take a look at our Formal Food collection, which consists of cotton napkins and placemat sets in a wide variety of designs. Warm (Veggie) or cool (Seafood) colours, modern patterns (Animal Print) or classics (White Plaid), all in perfect simplicity and harmony. 

Don’t forget to use placemats at these types of events, since, in general, the people involved won’t know each other particularly well. One point in favour of this collection is that the size of its cotton napkins is quite large, which makes them suitable for formal meetings and meals with several courses. 

There is a very special reason to celebrate 

Christmas, your anniversary with your partner, the birth of your child…are some of the occasions when you have to celebrate in style. This involves greater responsibility when laying the table, above all when you have guests from outside the family circle. Dare to try one of the options in our collection

Celebration. You will find linen and cotton sets designed for every occasion: Christmas snowflakes (Christmas Jumper), silver constellations (Silver Stars!) or natural prints (Golden Wood).  

As in the previous case, the cotton napkins in this collection are large and it uses placemats. 

Family meeting

It is the weekend and you have invited your family for lunch. For these occasions, the ideal thing is to get the cotton basics from the Basics Cotton collection. These sets consist of cotton napkins and placemats on a pre-cut 100% cotton roll. There are 18 colours and shades available, which you can combine, lending your table a single or multi-colour touch: dusty pink, terracotta, lipstick red, royal blue, Caribbean green… 

This collection is also a great option for celebrating birthdays with the little ones: you need only choose dark colours (black, petrol blue or English green) and you won’t have to spend days getting rid of stains. 

I want something different

Don’t think twice, choose our Linen Basics. These linen napkins and placemats are special because although they have a handmade and casual look, they lend your table the elegance it needs. These linen napkins and their earthy tones are ideal for accompanying outdoor meetings and enjoying a lunch laid out on a wooden table in the middle of nature. Would you like to know more about linen napkins? Remember this article, in which we tell you all about them. 

Breakfasts with your best friend, afternoon snacks with the children, birthdays and romantic dinners…with a little luck, it’s not so long until you can fill your table with guests. Are you ready to come back better than ever? At MY DRAP we want to help you.

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