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Table decorations to enjoy your Hygge (happy) moment

Denmark, together with Norway and Iceland, is one of the happiest countries in the world according to a UN report. Its secret? Some people attribute it to the Hygge, their …

Denmark, together with Norway and Iceland, is one of the happiest countries in the world according to a UN report. Its secret? Some people attribute it to the Hygge, their way of enjoying the home and sharing life with their loved ones. We explain to you how to organise a Hygge meal to be happier!

What is the Hygge?

The Hygge concept, which has no translation into other languages, is related to personal wellbeing, with feeling comfortable and relaxed. It is an attitude, a lifestyle focused on small pleasures, on knowing how to leave obligations to one side.

 width=We could say that the Danes have made virtue necessity. In winter, when there are only 4 hours of daylight and average temperatures of 0º C, they spend long days at home and perhaps that is why they take special care of home decoration and the ways of entertaining at home.

Now that many of us are busy in New Year’s resolutions, in the day-to-day routines (The Christmas holidays are a long lost memory!), it might be a good time to slow down, spoil ourselves a little and look for those moments of happiness in the small things.

Because you don’t need such adverse weather conditions to learn how to enjoy our Hygge moments!


Table decorations for a Hygge meal

Hygge is comfort, wellbeing, small pleasures … Gathering around a table in good company and enjoying our favourite flavours is a very good formula for being happy.

Below we explain to you how we can include some elements of Danish philosophy into table decorations. The aim? To create a 100% happy and welcoming atmosphere in a meal at home.


Table for how many?

We are talking about devoting time to do something that makes us feel good, whether with friends, our partner or by ourselves. So the first question we should ask ourselves before organising a Hygge meal is: what do I really feel like? It means inviting those people who we sincerely want to share some time with, nothing to do with obligations or “I think I should…”.

Although it depends on each person, and their circumstances, it seems easier to achieve a Hygge atmosphere if we bring together a small gathering rather than hold a big party, so we can fully enjoy the conversation and the guests. Quantity is not always synonymous with quality 😉


Placemats and cotton napkins for a welcoming atmosphere

Fabrics are our grand allies for a Hygge table decoration. It doesn’t matter if we want to enjoy breakfast alone, if we are organising an intimate supper or with friends, the cotton placemats adapt to all occasions. Together with the cotton napkins, they offer us a pleasant and welcoming touch. And to strengthen the feeling we should tend towards light, neutral colours, that help us create a bright, relaxing atmosphere free of stress.

A good option is to use placemats and napkins from the Basics collection such as natural, sand, pink or pearl grey, among others. Made in 100% cotton or linen, they are two natural materials perfect for drawing a warm and cosy atmosphere.

 width=For table decorations you can also use patterned placemats and cotton napkins that transmit this feeling of warmth.

In this sense, beyond light colours, we can also dress the table with traditional check of red, white and grey lines, which gives us this traditional and welcoming touch. The Veggie collection as well, which takes us back to our origins giving a leading role to fruit and vegetables.

If after the meal we want to continue enjoying the company in a Hygge atmosphere, we can have sofa and armchairs ready, also decorated with cushions and plaids with similarly soft textures and shades. Board games, a relaxing soundtrack or simply just getting comfy with a cup of tea can be true-style Hygge activities.



Candles, the essential accessory for a Hygge meal

As we said, the Danes are the happiest people in the world. Did you know that they are those who use most candles? The warmth and feint light of candles must surely contribute to creating this Hygge corner.

In table decorations, and at any time, candles help us lower the tension and pace of our day-to-day lives. Turning off the light means disconnecting from our routine, from the frenetic pace of the office, from those obligations that require our attention. Lighting a candle, in contrast, is opening a door to relaxation, to their hypnotic power, to doing things naturally, to intimacy…

Apart from the candles, to attain a Hygge lighting it is best to have a room with natural light or, if that is not the case, place several lamps with soft lighting in different parts of the room.


Other elements for table decorations

To favour relaxation and our wellbeing there is nothing better that connecting with nature. In table decorations we can include natural elements such as wooden candleholders, a wicker basket, table mats of natural fibres…

It may also be a good idea to place a fresh flower o the table or a room with plants, whether hung from the ceiling, in the windows, small tables…


A Hygge menu

Enjoying a Hygge meal is not just sitting around the table, but also choosing the menu, buying the ingredients (preferably natural) and preparing the dishes. Doing it alone or in company, according to your preferences, but what is clear is that we should also enjoy the process.

So, if you fancy, look for a family recipe that reminds you of your childhood, because the Hygge also has a lot to do with nostalgia, with remembering ancestors and evoking those flavours that have a sentimental meaning for us.

If you don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen, or think that it might make you nervous (in case the result is not what you hoped for), you can buy some delicious cheeses and a good wine, and eat and drink by candlelight. This combination will almost certainly make you feel good and improve your levels of happiness!


Other tricks to enjoy your Hygge moment

Comfort, simplicity, naturalness… are some of the factors that contribute to this relaxed and happy state of mind. So if you want to enjoy a Hygge meal don’t forget to:

  • Avoid distractions and everything that breaks the harmony (switch off the mobile phone, avoid conversations that may cause arguments, don’t talk about work…).
  • Recognise the moment, and enjoy it. If you are feeling really good, be aware of this feeling and share it with the people you are with.

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