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Table decoration for country weddings

Increasingly more popular, perhaps for their capacity to mix rurality, vintage and romance. We are talking about country weddings. The fact is, for such an important event there is nothing better than relying on the beauty, purity and strength of nature. We explain how to dress the table for the occasion! Although this involves creating a fresh and [...]

Increasingly more popular, perhaps for their capacity to mix rurality, vintage and romance. We are talking about country weddings. The fact is, for such an important event there is nothing better than relying on the beauty, purity and strength of nature. We explain how to dress the table for the occasion!

Although this involves creating a fresh and natural atmosphere, we cannot leave the decoration to chance. It is always important to take great care and plan all the details, in this case to achieve a unique and special setting, customized according to the wishes of the starring couple.

At a wedding there are many important spaces: the altar or the specific place for the ceremony, the tables for the banquet, the dance floor, the photo call… Below we share some ideas that can help you in the table decorations for country weddings in particular.

What type of tables?

The organisation and arrangement of the tables is without doubt one of the most common headaches for couples who are about to get married. One of the major plusses of country weddings is that, generally, you have more space for the supper or dinner, which saves problems when placing (or even selecting) the guests.

With or without top table, the most common distribution in country weddings are long tables, which provide some of the following advantages:

  • they offer a very sightly, attractive and symmetrical aesthetic,
  • they provide a familiar and relaxed atmosphere,
  • they are ideal for weddings with a large number of diners,
  • and provide the distribution of the diners by groups.

Regarding material, in order to give an authentic rural air to your day, the best option are wooden tables, perfect for creating a welcoming and natural atmosphere! In order to show them off and really achieve the desired effect we should use placemats that leave part of the table uncovered so we can combine the decoration with these colours and textures.

Country weddings: how to dress the tables

Cotton napkins and placemats

Fresh, soft, pleasant… linen and cotton, natural fibres par excellence, are ideal for an event of this type, in which nature also becomes a major player. Although the choice of one or other fabric is a personal one, if you are looking for something different, something special, we recommend you go for linen: with its more irregular, craft-like appearance, it will give you an even more elegant and extraordinary touch to the table. Perfect for dressing a unique banquet!

And if you have any doubts about which fabric to choose, you can check our article Cotton Ottoman: new material for the new MY DRAP.

In terms of colours, we recommend using placemats and cotton napkins in clear and bright colours, cheerful but without being too intense. It is important to combine them with the crockery and other elements such as flowers and table centrepieces.

 width=With this in mind, a safe bet is the Basics Cream collection, which brings us the colour of weddings par excellence. For country weddings, and on wooden tables, cream will give us a touch of elegance without taking too much away from the other decorative objects.

In linen, other similar shades, but with a subtle note of colour, are the Basics Linen Natural or Basics Linen Water Green collections. In cotton, you have a wide range of possibilities, being able to give lots of character to the table with soft colours such as Pink or Aquamarine, among others. Another possibility is combining placemats and napkins of a base colour, such as Cream, with others of these stronger shades.

If you want to find out more about how to convert the cotton napkins into a special element for the decoration of your wedding, check the article Wedding decorations: cotton napkins that mark the difference.

Crockery and cutlery

 width=As well as the placemats and cotton napkins, another element that will undoubtedly mark the table decorations and the enjoyment of the meal is the choice of crockery. In this sense, we should be very clear that country weddings are not synonymous with an improvised picnic. Although we are in the open air, it is important to dress the table with a point of distinction. We will choose the number and style of the crockery and cutlery according to the level of formality of the celebration, and our personal taste. We recommend them with some decoration but without overloading the table.

And if you want to give a special touch to your celebration, do not hesitate in recovering vintage crockery and glasses, and other more modern pieces that imitate this classical appearance. You’ll create a magical atmosphere!

In terms of the colours of the crockery. Once again white and cream are our best allies: bright, warm, functional, easy to combine and ensuring this touch of delicacy that the event requires.

Ideas for table decorations

The placemats and cotton napkins, as well as the crockery, form part of the main dressing of the table. This alone, however, is not enough. If we want to distinguish ourselves, to amaze our guests, to achieve a unique atmosphere for a special day, we should also take care of the small details. Because the dress is not everything. We must also choose our shoes, earrings or hairstyle well.

Flowers, flowers and flowers

If, generally, flowers are perfect to give a different air to the table, in country weddings they are absolutely essential. Whether in a glass recipient decorated with sacking and old-fashioned lace edging, in a small box or placed strategically on the table, they are the ideal complement for our celebration.

The most-used flowers in this type of wedding are wild flowers, small in size, such as lavender, wheat, baby’s breath or even green branches such as eucalyptus or olive. They offer many decorative possibilities!

Another common option at country weddings is to use, on auxiliary tables as well, bowls of seasonal fruit as an ornamental element: apples, blackberries, strawberries … they will give us a touch of colour!

Menus and bookmarks for the guests

 width=Traditionally they were made of paper with the wedding menu but today they have gained importance as another key element of the decoration, and in country weddings as well. Although they are an optional element, just like the bookmarks that show where each guest sits. However, if you decide to include them in your wedding they should match the other elements of the table and the atmosphere, so you can go for natural materials, such as recycled paper, craft paper, raffia bows or similar… perfect if they coincide with the style of the wedding invitations to create a common thread for the event 😉

To learn to fold cotton napkins in an original way, creating a pocket for the bookmarks, you can see our proposal for formal tables.

Detail for the guests

Lavender sachets made in raffia, pretty jam pots, bottles of oil… It’s as if you were condensing this so very special day into small recipients and giving as a gift to your guests (to take home) a little bit more of nature, colour, cheer and sweetness, the perfect ingredients to enjoy your country wedding!

You can place them in a pretty box, hanging from a tree or beside each plate with a customised label, another option to show the guests where they should sit.

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