Table decoration

Table decoration for a terrace or garden supper

With the heat and the holidays, summer inspires us to spend more time outdoors. A supper on the terrace or in the garden at home is one of the best ideas for having a good time with your partner, family and friends, and enjoying the freshness of the night to forget the heat of the day.

With the heat and the holidays, summer inspires us to spend more time outdoors. A supper on the terrace or in the garden at home is one of the best ideas for having a good time with your partner, family and friends, and enjoying the freshness of the night to forget the heat of the day.

The fact is that having supper outdoors, whether alone or accompanied, has its advantages, such as:

  • Breathing fresh air. It helps relax us and is perfect for our health.
  • Eating calmly and without haste favours the digestion and we enjoy the meal more.
  • We change our setting and disconnect from the routine.
  • Attractive decoration invites us to spend more time at the table.

For all the above, we want to give you different ideas for decorating your table and enjoying a pleasant supper outdoors. Dare to amaze your guests!

The importance of table decoration

Did you know that you don’t need a garden or a big table to create attractive decoration? Sometimes we don’t notice that the small details are those which create a welcoming atmosphere. Playing with the choice of placemats and cotton napkins can create this much-sought after ambience.
Apart from achieving a good image to show your guests, you’ll be able to reflect your personality and creativity when choosing the designs, fabrics and colours with which you will decorate the table.

Having said this, the good times are those that you share in company and surrounded by attractive decoration. We therefore suggest some of the collections to dress the table and spend a lovely night on the terrace or in the garden according to the occasion.

Table decoration for a formal supper

Cotton napkins and placemats from the White Plaid collection, 100% recycled cotton, will bring pure freshness to your table.

You have white as the base colour, with a design of irregular lines combined with each other in 3 different colours: curry, petrol blue and English green.

Ideal for creating an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. You can celebrate your parents’ or grandparents’ birthdays. A classical pattern they will surely love.

Choosing floral adornments in the centre of the table will give us an original and formal touch. White plates with this collection will give us a sophisticated effect.

You can choose just the White Plaid placemats and combine them with the Petrol Blue and English Green cotton napkins from the MY DRAP Basics collection to give a colourful touch to your table.

If you are thinking of organising a birthday in a warm and family atmosphere we suggest some ideas in our article “Decoration with cotton napkins for a unique birthday”.

Table decoration for an informal supper

What better than having an informal supper with friends? The Newspaper collection is the best option for supper in company. Thanks to the printed newspaper articles on the 100% cotton napkins, interest will be aroused and the diners will start chatting. A different way to accompany your meals!

You can also create perfect harmony using a wooden table and chairs with outdoor cushions to enjoy the supper as comfortably as possible.

Sandwiches or tapas are the perfect formula to please our guests. They are easy to eat, to share, and we all love them! From combinations of cheeses, potatoes and mini pizzas to fresh dishes such as Russian salad to combat the summer temperatures.

If you want to combine it with placemats, the Basics Black or Basics Natural will be your best allies, since you will create continuity in colour with the cotton napkins.

Table decoration for a special occasion

Do you want to impress your partner with a romantic supper? The original 50% cotton and 50% linen placemats and napkins of the Silver Wood collection offer a stylish design that will amaze as well as dress your table in a distinguished way at special moments and celebrations.

They are inspired by the drawing of the tree bark and the knots in the wood. A texture of natural origin in silver over a distinguished white. If you want to add a point of light to your celebrations, you can go for the Golden Wood collection, with the same pattern but in a perfect gold colour.

For this occasion, candles are your great allies. They provide a warm and tenuous light, perfect for relaxing the atmosphere and making it intimate and calm. You can also cover the table with some rose petals that will give it the romantic touch we are seeking.

Remember not to overload the table. Go for simplicity, so that everything is more intimate. This time, less is more. 😉

In our article “How to dress the table for a romantic supper” we give you other details and table decoration tips to achieve a really romantic atmosphere.

The MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins have many advantages:

    • For their size, they occupy little space at home.
    • They can be placed on the table very quickly. You will have a perfect table decoration in an instant.
    • You will be able to choose from different fabrics and measurements and choose from a great variety of designs and colours. Ideal for each occasion.
    • A placemat for every guest. You won’t have to worry about the size of the table or if the tablecloth hangs too much over the sides.
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