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Table decoration according to Lagom, the secret of Swedish happiness

After Hygge (the Danish philosophy for being happy, comes Lagom, the Swedish secret for feeling better. Diet, table decoration and the home in general, how we organize our time… are some of the aspects in which we can apply small changes to enjoy our day-to-day life more.

After Hygge (the Danish philosophy for being happy, comes Lagom, the Swedish secret for feeling better. Diet, table decoration and the home in general, how we organize our time… are some of the aspects in which we can apply small changes to enjoy our day-to-day life more.

What is Lagom

The literal translation of Lagom would be something like “neither a lot nor a little”, “just the right amount”. In fact, everyone knows that fairness is one of the fundamental pillars (and most envied) of Swedish society.

The origin of the word is old. A popular myth states that it is a shortened version of “laget om” (“around the team”) because during the Viking era everyone drank an alcoholic drink from the same horn, and they must have drunk their just share. Another version explains that the concept comes from the meals in the old agricultural society, in which everyone would share pot and glass, and the rations had to be enough for all.

In contrast, according to the dictionary of the Swedish Royal Academy, Lagom is an old declination of the word “lag” (law), which means “in accordance with the law”, understood as the habitual and correct.

Whatever the origin, there is no doubt that Lagom is a cry for moderation, sustainability, the “golden mean” that Aristotle spoke of in the 4th century BC. The fact is the classical philosopher already understood the virtue as the intermediate point between two extremes that would be vices.

Thus, if Hygge encourages us to enjoy the small pleasures and find comfort and wellbeing in our everyday lives, Lagom invites us to always find balance in everything we do. In some aspects they coincide…

How do we practice Lagom in our daily lives?

The aim is clear: to seek balance, to avoid excesses. To achieve it we must put into practice small changes and always tailor-made to each person and their circumstances, since the perfect balance is not the same for everyone. Each one must find their own Lagom.

Below we give you some ideas for starting to try out table decoration since the choice of one or other placemat and cotton napkin can help (or hinder) the feeling of balance and wellbeing during the meal.

Table decoration according to Lagom

Whether for everyday use, or on special occasions, it is always a good time to prepare a harmonious table, in which all the diners will feel relaxed and can enjoy their meal even more.

  • Neutral colours: to decorate tables 100% Lagom we must renounce placemats and cotton napkins that are too brightly coloured. In contrast, we should go for more sober models and neutral colours, which does not mean looking for “boring” fabrics but rather just the right touch of colour 😉 So if we were talking about the decoration of a room, according to Lagom we should paint just one wall with an outstanding colour, not the whole room.
  • Less is more: welcoming and pleasant fabrics are of no use to us if we then cover the table with diverse crockery and other elements of table decoration. It is important to only lay the table with what is essential and always present it in an ordered way. The visual balance will give us peace and quiet.

  • A detail for emotion: order and minimalism in table decoration does not mean a cold and impersonal space. We can choose an object, a flower, a piece of fruit, which we like and brings back happy memories. It is a way of providing personality to the space, but without overloading it.

With all this in mind, we suggest some collections to you of placemats and cotton napkins that you can use for the table decoration in your next Lagom event 😉

Geometric lines, pure balance

Rectangles and squares are the geometric forms that, visually, offer more stability. This is why the outline of placemats and cotton napkins with these shapes (and always well presented on the table), will already suggest this sensation of harmony we are seeking.

If, moreover, we use fabrics with geometric patterns for table decoration, we will highlight this feeling even more.

The Abstract collection, of light tones and straight lines, reminds us of an abstract painting in which order and creativity are two compatible concepts. A subtle and elegant background, perfect for our more formal meals.

If, on the other hand, we want a table decoration with a Little more colour, we can use the Bloc collection, a design of rectangles that mixes White, terracotta and black, achieving a proportioned pattern, yet with a hypnotic touch.

You can combine with terracotta cotton napkins, or black or grey, in order to achieve different combinations according to the occasion.

The balance of the borders

For being a decorative element that is shown cyclically, borders are also a good ally when achieving Lagom table decoration.

One option is to use placemats with a border in the way of a frame, which appears at the ends of the placemat, or one of them) and contrasts with the rest of the fabric. This is the case of the Christmas Jumper collection, with small red illustrations of a flower that reminds us of the popular cross stitch border. Perfect if you are looking for table decoration with balance and warmth.

Another possibility are placemats and cotton napkins with borders that are repeated all over the surface, as in the Noel collection. Here the background is red and contrasts with the lighter colour of the borders of flowers and small geometric figures that are placed all over the tapestry. Ideal for more festive celebrations.

Recycled cotton. Environmental balance

In a previous article, we spoke about “slow food”, a way of eating and a way of life in which the pace and natural time, the environment and our own health are protected. Can there be anything more balanced, more Lagom?

Recycled placemats and cotton napkins are manufactured with the fabrics remaining from other manufacturing processes and, generally, used cloths. A sustainable commitment for table decoration and which enables us to continue enjoying the same touch, appearance and quality as conventional cotton napkins. Once again, the “golden mean” that Aristotle spoke of …

The Veggie and Ocean collections are manufactured with 100% recycled cotton and for their designs (cotton napkins with delicate illustrations of market produce and marine animals) are a veritable homage to our land and oceans.

The placemats, in English green and petrol blue, provide this note of sober and elegant colour that contributes to a welcoming and equally balanced atmosphere.

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