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Placemats: for special occasions and everyday use

We have seen that placemats can be the perfect allies for Christmas table decoration, to dress a romantic table or for an informal meal on the terrace. And for everyday use? We show you different types of placemats that fit your needs according to the moment.

We have seen that placemats can be the perfect allies for Christmas table decoration, to dress a romantic table or for an informal meal on the terrace. And for everyday use? We show you different types of placemats that fit your needs according to the moment.

Let’s start at the beginning though…

Why use placemats?

We live in a period of constant changes, which the prestigious sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman called “liquid times”. We are not only speaking of instability in the world of work, or the constant changes in technological questions, but that feeling of acceleration is also reflected in our daily habits. We have left behind the idea of “lasting for life”.
Think about the last supper with friends. Or family meals. How many times has the final number of diners changed at the last minute?
And your dining room table, do you like it having the same appearance or do you prefer those small changes that help you renew the atmosphere with regularity?

Placemats are the perfect solution for these types of situations. Years ago grandmas kept the tablecloths for special occasions under lock and key. No longer. We need to save storage space, we want to enjoy each day as if it were unique, we seek flexibility and versatility.

And, as we said, placemats fit our current needs

  1. They are easily changeable. They adapt to all types of tables (shapes and sizes), it doesn’t matter how many diners there are or if there are last-minute changes.
  2. They enable us to create a great variety of spaces and atmospheres (elegant or more informal). There is a wide range of placemats (plain and patterned), which you can combine in a different way on each occasion.
  3. They are extremely practical: they make it easier to lay and clear the table, as well as the washing and ironing, and occupy less space.

Placemats for special occasions

It is obvious that it is not the same preparing the table for the daily meal as dressing it for a special celebration. We would use a different tablecloth for each occasion, and we do the same with placemats.

The MY DRAP placemats are perfect for those moments in which we are looking for something different, that detail that will bring something extra to the meal. It doesn’t have to be a big celebration but simply a moment in which (for whatever reason) we want to spoil ourselves and our dinner guests.

In previous articles you will find specific ideas of table decoration for these types of situations:

And all this with the possibility of combining it with the matching cotton napkins!

Also remember that the majority of MY DRAP collections are manufactured in 100% cotton, but we also have linen placemats and napkins, in which both textiles of plant origin are combined for a more crafted and elegant result.

In both cases, the MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins are presented in a practical pre-cut roll (it occupies little space) and they are washable.

Non-stain placemats for everyday use

Today we want to show you the DAY DRAP non-stain placemats that, as the name indicates, are designed for our everyday meals. Without losing the details of the design, they provide more advantages for those moments in which we are looking for practicality:

  1. The placemat is covered with a non-stain and impermeable layer, which allows it to be used repeatedly without having to use the washing machine. In this sense, and to achieve maximum cleanness, we recommend using a disinfectant product and then a damp cloth. Also, if we iron the non-stain layer occasionally we recover its properties and prolong its use.
  2. On the back, non-slip layer to adhere the placemat to the table, which avoids minor incidents during the meal, as well as making them easier to use and wash later with a damp cloth.
  3. The central layer is manufactured with recycled cotton, an ideal material for reducing environmental impact.
  4. And all with a wide variety of plain colours and patterns, which adjust to all types of decorations.

The result is non-stain placemats of 45×32 cm, as attractive as they are functional. On its website you will find the full catalogue of DAY DRAP collections:

  • The Basic collection includes Natural and Sand colour placemats, practically plain, with two subtle series of dots on the sides. A sober and welcoming idea easily combinable with cotton napkins from the My Drap Basics collection.
  • The Textile collection, also with elegant stripes on the sides, brings us a pleasant texture to the table, fabrics with more depth than a simple plain colour and available in Dark Brown, Terracotta, Grey-Green and Black.
  • The Materials collection is inspired by some of the most familiar textures to us. In the image, the Marble placemats, one of the most common materials in our kitchens. A bright, clean and elegant design, which combines perfectly with a large variety of crockery.
    DAY DRAP also has non-stain placemats with the Granite design, darker and bolder. Or, if you prefer warmer tomes, we recommend the Raffia or Wood collections.
  • We also find non-stain placemats with patterns and different colours combinable with each other. You can choose between the Stripe model (elegant vertical stripes), Soft Wool (warm representation of knitwear stitch), Polka dot (psychedelic circles and stripes) and Tartan (the classical Scottish checks). They are available in Grey, Blue, Green, Red and Pink, so that you can create your favourite combinations.

As you can see, an extensive offer of placemats for your more special events, and non-stain placemats to make your everyday life easier!

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