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Placemats for decorating Christmas tables

When do we start organising Christmas dinner? Christmas is one of the events of the year, for quantity and quality, and requires good planning. We usually gather a large number of diners, invest much [...]

When do we start organising Christmas dinner? Christmas is one of the events of the year, for quantity and quality, and requires good planning. We usually gather a large number of diners, invest much more than usual in food, take meticulous care of the table decoration… We want the Christmas dinner to be perfect so it is obvious that the best thing to do is organise it with time to spare and thus avoid unforeseen events and last-minute rushes..

Although the food during these days captures a lot of our attention, we should take into account that to enjoy a good banquet the best thing is to accompany exquisite recipes with a warm and festive atmosphere. And the decoration of the table is a key factor for creating this magical and special Christmas atmosphere..

Moreover, the decoration of Christmas tables is perhaps one of the questions we can deal with more in advance. Although we don’t have the number of guests confirmed, although we haven’t yet decided on the recipes we are going to serve, it is recommendable to imagine, with calm and time, how we want our Christmas table to appear.

What does the Christmas table decoration consist of?

Although some years ago it seems that there had only been one Christmas celebration possible, with a menu and table decoration that was the same year after year, the fact is that in some families the tendencies have changed.

AThus, while in some homes they continue with the traditional white tablecloth, crockery for special occasions and a centrepiece the bigger the better, others go for tables with simple but sophisticated lines, and in harmony with all the elements of the table to customise it in accordance with our tastes and needs..

The Christmas table, like any other special event, has many pieces that must work so that everything fits together:

  • Fabrics: cotton napkins, placemats, table runner.
  • Service: cutlery, crockery, glassware.
  • Centrepiece.
  • Individual details for each diner.
  • Other decorative elements: candles, Christmas figures, glitter…

As we have mentioned in previous publications, fabrics have a key role in decorating the table: they are the main dressing and base on which to place the other decorative elements.

Below we focus on the use of placemats to design a modern, elegant and functional Christmas table..


Placemats for the Christmas table?

The use of placemats has many advantages from a practical point of view but also aesthetic: they are versatile, practical to wash and iron, lighten the table and give a different and personal touch. Moreover, today there are a great variety of designs that make them a very good option for formal events and special celebrations, such as Christmas dinner.

Greens, reds, golds and whites are a must on the Christmas table. The placemats with Christmas patterns combine these shades with the more typical figures of these holidays, such as fir trees and snowflakes. They are different and fun designs that will surprise all the guests, young and old. Another alternative are the plain colour placemats and cotton napkins that also achieve an elegant and Christmassy atmosphere.


Placemats with the Christmas tree


The fir is the typical Christmas tree, a symbol of life. An original way of introducing it onto the table is with placemats and cotton napkins decorated with small fir trees. We suggest the Xmas Tree collection, with a sober and elegant pattern, where the white of Christmas also dominates, with which you will bring brightness to the table.

If you want to customise the table to the maximum you can place, beside each diner, a small detail in the form of a gift package, a star, a Christmas ball… Let your imagination run free and, if you have time, surprise your guests with a unique art and craft work to accompany this so special tree.



Placemats with golden splashes

Manteles individuales para la decoración de mesas de Navidad

Symbol of abundance, riches and power. Gold has historically been the colour of the gods and today we associate it with parties and glamour. Despite its beauty and elegance, an excess can be overpowering, so a good solution is to decorate the table with the Golden Splash collection, with mainly white placemats and cotton napkins but with splashes of gold. They give you a more modern and fun touch!





Placemats with snowflakes


Beyond its religious meaning, red is undoubtedly the colour of love and prosperity. A warm and cheerful note for the cold winter days. And if what you really want to do is reflect the contrast of temperatures on these days in the decoration of the Christmas table, you can do it with the Snowflake collection, placemats and patterned cotton napkins with snowflakes on an attractive red background.






Placemats with the most traditional pattern of Christmas

Colección Tartan

Scottish tartans are another essential fabric at Christmas. We can present them on the table with the placemats and cotton napkins from the Tartan collection, a safe bet for lovers of what is classical and those passionate for vintage designs.








Combining placemats of different colours

 width=Beyond the patterned fabrics, another possibility to decorate the Christmas table is to choose plain placemats from the Basics collection. Elegant colours and just like Christmas, such as cream and pearl, or shades with more character such as reds or greens.

The more creative hosts can play with different tones in placemats, cotton napkins or coasters, although we recommend prudence with the combinations and suggest colours close in the chromatic palette and which match well.

With this mind, we also recommend using the double placemat: superimposing one over the other, so that we dress the table even more, giving it a more sophisticated touch.

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