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Placemats for a seafaring meal

With fish and seafood we can prepare a great variety of the tastiest and most appealing recipes. If we also accompany the meal with placemats inspired by a seafaring theme, we will create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for enjoying this summer with your loved ones. Today it is very easy to find an “excuse” to organise your own seafaring meal.

With fish and seafood we can prepare a great variety of the tastiest and most appealing recipes. If we also accompany the meal with placemats inspired by a seafaring theme, we will create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for enjoying this summer with your loved ones.

Traditionally the fishermen were those with most expertise in seafaring meals, often cooked in the high sea, on the very deck of the boat. Luckily, however, you don’t need to sail halfway across the ocean to enjoy its flavours and atmosphere.

From seafaring weddings to themed anniversary parties, or simply a meal with friends in which the main star is the sea, with all its beauty and splendour. Today it is very easy to find an “excuse” to organise your own seafaring meal, whether close to the sea or evoking its charms from inland areas.

Table decoration with placemats

If you are still not convinced of the virtues of placemats when dressing the table, whether for everyday use or for a special celebration, we will remind you of some of the advantages:

  • A placemat for each diner. You don’t have to worry about the size of the table, or whether the tablecloth hangs too much or too little, if a surprise guest comes at the last minute…
  • More scope in the table decoration. You can alternate between different placemat designs and combine them with cotton napkins as well. You can also give a different and more modern touch to the meal.
  • They make it easier to lay and clear the table. You quickly place them on the table in the way you want, whether for practical or aesthetic reasons.
  • They occupy little space in your home and, for their size, are more practical to wash and iron. In a moment you can wash only those that need it.

To sum up, placemats are a practical and aesthetic solution, since we currently have a wide range of colours and patterns to dress the table how you want.

Placemats for a seafaring celebration

The sea has been a source of inspiration for a great many writers, musicians and poets. It should be no surprise to us that the sea is calm and movement, a line on the horizon but also all the depth you can imagine. The sea is infinite, hypnotic, the sea is life.

All these sensations can be transferred to the table in not only the ingredients and flavours of fish and seafood, but also with placemats inspired by this so very magical universe.

Ocean collection, attractive illustrations

The Ocean collection is one of the most explicit suggestions when bringing the sea to our tables. Relaxing blue placemats and patterned cotton napkins with drawings of marine animals (four designs in 20×20 cm and two different ones in cotton napkins of 32×32 cm).

 width=It is also a collection with recycled cotton napkins, a pleasant, absorbent and attractive fabric which will give a different touch to your celebration. On being a 100% sustainable proposal, it strengthens this commitment to nature and care for the environment.

This collection is perfect… for a family seafaring meal, where the youngsters will have fun with the drawings of the napkins, creating their own stories, drawing their favourite animals…

A good idea is to… encourage the youngsters to see if they can fold the cotton napkins as if they were boats 😉





Seafood collection, elegant and sober

 width=The Seafood collection has a more abstract pattern but undoubtedly also evokes a totally seafaring atmosphere. It includes blue placemats with an elegant stitched edging in White, while the cotton napkins maintain the design with the colours reversed.

If you prefer, you can also combine the placemats with cotton napkins from the Basics collection in blue or natural.

This collection is perfect… for a more sophisticated seafaring meal.

A good idea is to… place the darker placemats on a white or light-coloured table, to provide brightness and produce a contrast of colours and materials, also very maritime.




Summer Muslin collection, light and fu-filled

 width=If what you are looking for is to refresh and atmosphere, enjoy and informal and cheerful meal, one of the most ideal collections is the Summer Muslin, with an intertwining pattern of blue lines on a white background, perfect for a gathering of family or friends. In this case, the placemats and cotton napkins have the same design, creating a harmonious whole on the table.

This collection is perfect… for an improvised open-air meal.

A good idea is to… serve the meal in glass recipients of different sizes, to contribute to this ethereal and graceful atmosphere.





Ola collection, the attraction of movement

 width=Surfing fans, whatever the discipline, will find the power and movement they like so much in this design. The Ola collection reproduces the fascinating effects that the wind created, whether on the sea (with the navy blue pattern of the cotton napkins) or in the sand (represented by the natural colour of the placemats).

This collection is perfect… for those who feel nostalgia for the sixties and their more psychedelic designs.

A good idea is to… decorate the table with glass recipients rolled up in raffia and with flowers or candles inside…, the raffia combines perfectly with the tonality of the placemats 😉





Basics collection

 width=As we explained in a previous article about table decoration for terraces and gardens, another formula to create a refreshing atmosphere is to use plain placemats and cotton napkins, especially with blue and green shades.  

If you like light and bright colours, with a touch of turquoise, we recommend you take a look at the Aquamarine, Caribbean Green or Sea Blue collections. If, on the other hand, you prefer fabrics with more presence you can go for darker shades such as Royal Blue or Petrol Blue. In any of the cases you can combine your favourite colours of placemats and cotton napkins to alternate shades and create an even more personalised table.





Ideas for your seafaring meal

Now we have bought the placemats and the cotton napkins for the table, we have also thought about some decorative details to surprise our guests, the only thing missing now is… serving the food! If you don’t have experience in seafaring meals, we suggest some recipes below to start inspiring you: seafaring potatoes with cuttlefish and prawns, sauté of chickpeas with octopus and mussels, tuna croquettes, sardines in spicy sauce, the classic seafood casserole… Without doubt, the list is endless, the only requisite is having seasonal fish and seafood and if it can be local, you are ensured better quality. Enjoy your meal!

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