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Party decoration: how to decorate the table for Carnival

Carnival is approaching, the festival of fancy dress and colours, lots of colour. While some people simply love to hide behind a character, others find the masked ball uncomfortable. Of …

Carnival is approaching, the festival of fancy dress and colours, lots of colour. While some people simply love to hide behind a character, others find the masked ball uncomfortable. Of what there is no doubt, however, is that whatever each person prefers, it is a good chance to organise a gathering of friends.

Carnival in Venice, Río de Janeiro, Gran Canaria… are some of the most popular celebrations of a festival that, in each place, has its own peculiarities and rituals. Perhaps the common characteristic everywhere is that of being a time of a certain permissiveness and chaos.

However, these circumstances should not allow us to relax. To enjoy an event at home, the best thing is to plan it in detail, whether it is a big themed festival or perhaps a more intimate celebration, but also with this element of fun.

Below we explain to you some aspects to take into account for the Carnival party decoration at home, and especially, how to decorate the table. The fact is that the choice of placemats, cotton napkins and other decorative elements will help us create the original and different atmosphere we are looking for.

How to dress the table for a Carnival party at home

Having surpassed the Christmas holidays, with a more marked protocol, decorating the Carnival table is our chance to be creative and let our imagination run free. In the decoration of Carnival parties there are no limits or rules. The only aim of the host is to create a fun atmosphere in which the guests can enjoy a relaxing moment in good company.

Beyond playing with balloons, garlands, streamers, masks, table centres and other party decorations, in this article we focus on explaining how to choose the best placemats and cotton napkins for your party.

Placemats in the Carnival  party decoration?

The use of placemats in Carnival party decoration is highly recommendable for both aesthetic and practical reasons:

  • They offer a greater margin in the decoration of the table: you have a large variety of colours, which you can also combine with each other.
  • They easily adapt to the number of diners and size of the table, as well as being practical for washing and ironing.

Even if you are thinking of organising a more informal meal, standing, the placemats can be placed on the table to distribute the different plates and trays. You will achieve an attractive and different table!

If you have a pretty wooden table, which is resistant and hardwearing, you can place the placemats directly on it. This way, you will show off the table while also giving a different and festive touch. If, on the other hand, you prefer to cover and protect the table, choose a large light or black plain tablecloth as a base for later multicolour combinations with the placemats.

Cotton napkins in the Carnival party

As we mentioned, the chaos and permissiveness of Carnival can never be synonymous with lack of care in the decoration. In some way, dressing the table for a celebration like this is like the famous “smart but casual” look: under the appearance of spontaneity are always hidden quality products, with a well thought out and studied presentation.

Cotton napkins, with this pleasant and warm touch, must be present in the decoration of Carnival tables. Moreover, we currently have a wide range of sizes, colours and patterns, which will enable us to select the model that most suits our celebration. With this in mind, remember that in another post we tell you how to choose the size of the cotton napkin.

3 theme parties for Carnival: 3 ways of decorating the table

Nineteen-twenties party: a touch of distinction

 width=Are you thinking of organising a party full of glamour and elegance? A good excuse is to recreate the roaring twenties, a period of economic prosperity and fun, with the birth of jazz as a musical style.

In the decoration of Carnival parties inspired by the nineteen-twenties, the star colours are white, black and red/maroon, as well as golds and silvers. So you can give a touch of colour to the table with the Lipstick Red collection combining its boldest placemats and cotton napkins with more sober but elegant colours, such as black or silver from the Pearl grey collection.

Other elements that can accompany the party decoration of this style are feathers, tasselled curtains and, logically, jazz music.



Sailor’s party

 width=Specially thought of for those with nostalgia for summer. Sailors’ and captains’ fancy dress, or fish, stars and other marine animals, are a good accompaniment to create a fresh and fun atmosphere at home.

Fish and seafood cannot be missing on the table. The placemats and cotton napkins must be in harmony with the occasion and tend towards plain colours, such as the classical blue or the sea green of Caribbean Green. If you prefer, you also have patterned models that perfectly match the theme of the party, such as the Seafood or Muslin collections.

Wooden tables are perfect for this type of party, giving a natural and authentic air to the event, as if we were eating on the boat itself;) As well as having the placemats and cotton napkins on it, you can decorate with a decorative fishing net, sails or a glass recipient with sand.


Unicorn party, childlike magic

 width=It seems that unicorns are back in fashion. These mystical and elegant creatures amaze kiddies (and not just them), and will be excellent stars of our theme party.

To decorate parties dedicated to unicorns we should go for bright and gentle colours, such as white, pink or pale blue, a soft purple, cream… In the placemats and cotton napkins you can play with one or more of these tones, and thus combine textiles from the cream collection, with the pink or light blue of Sea blue.

Balloons, diadems with unicorn horns, garlands, colourful flowers… are other elements with which you can play for the decoration of these parties.


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