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Paper or cotton napkins? MY DRAP is the solution

Paper or cotton napkins? Convenience, hygiene, quality, elegance and respect for the environment do not have to be surrendered. Although some people are very convinced about the distinction between both types of napkin, we think that the ideal thing is to get the best out of each one.

Paper or cotton napkins? Convenience, hygiene, quality, elegance and respect for the environment do not have to be surrendered. Although some people are very convinced about the distinction between both types of napkin, we think that the ideal thing is to get the best out of each one.

Paper napkins

They were invented at the beginning of the 20th century and in recent years have experienced a golden age. Today we have a great variety of models: different sizes, layers, degrees of absorption, textures, colours, designs… An endless supply of paper napkins to meet what are considered “current needs”.
It seems that in modern times, in which values such as speed, flexibility or practicality are priorities, paper napkins and their system of “use and discard” are the best solution.

First thing in the morning, a coffee and sandwich to take away? With paper napkins.
At lunchtime, a quick meal in the office, while we continue working? Paper napkins.
At night or weekends, an improvised gathering with friends at home? Easy: paper napkins for everyone.

The fact is that one of the main virtues of paper napkins is that they are always ready to use. They do not occupy space and need no type of “maintenance”. We use them at that moment and that’s it. The present in the purest state.

Cotton napkins

Cotton napkins, however, have much more history, in fact their past dates back to ancient Greece (we explain this in our article: Cotton napkins: a long-standing history).
This must be why cotton napkins are associated with another pace of life: the warmth of the home, traditional recipes (made without haste), the exceptional nature of special celebrations … Values which, although they may seem old-fashioned, are once again in vogue.

What else is behind “slow food”? Sustainable eating, respecting the environment and natural processes.
Or what is the secret of Danish happiness? To take a short break from our daily lives, and know how to look for the small pleasures in life.

Moreover, we all agree that the table decoration for these occasions cannot be with paper napkins. We use cotton napkins because, for their feel and appearance, they evoke calm and quality.

Paper napkins vs. cotton napkins

Based on what we have explained until now, it seems that there is a very clear limit between paper and cotton napkins. Something along the lines of “tell me how you dress the table and I’ll tell you how you think”. If you use paper napkins then you prioritise practicality and hygiene; if you use cotton napkins then you are more meticulous and seek to create a cosier setting.
However, as we said at the beginning, perhaps the distinction between paper and cotton napkins is not so obvious. Perhaps we can bring together the virtues of each one to enjoy an even better product: the MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins.

Why use MY DRAP fabrics in your table decoration?

  • Absorbent and pleasant to touch placemats and cotton napkins. They are made with 100% cotton or 50% linen.
  • You also have collections manufactured with recycled cotton, a material that is even more respectful to the environment.
  • Cotton napkins presented in a practical pre-cut roll, and seamless. They take up little space and you can have them at home always ready, as if they were paper napkins.
  • Hygienic. They can be used just like paper napkins (of a single use) or machine-washed conveniently at home.
  • Presence. Napkins with a good appearance and quality feel, perfect for formal and informal gatherings.
  • Extensive catalogue. As well as choosing from different materials and sizes, you can choose from a great variety of designs and colours, matching your placemats. We regularly renew our collections in order to make original and modern models available to you.
  • Respectful to the environment. Not only are they reusable, as we have said, in their manufacturing process they also have criteria of sustainability.
  • A unique product. With MY DRAP you will break with the paper vs cotton napkin dilemma, and you will surely amaze your guests!

Below we show some situations in which you might think about using paper or cotton napkins. Remember though that you don’t have to choose, you can go for the advantages of both of them with MY DRAP!

An improvised afternoon tea: paper or cotton napkins?

You are sitting quietly at home and at tea-time some friends or family turn up unexpectedly. Or maybe it’s the other way round, and you decide spontaneously to go out and enjoy the fresh air with your loved ones.

It seems the most logical thing to do in both cases would be to take out the paper napkins from the cupboard. An easy, convenient and instant solution. But wouldn’t it be better to amaze everyone with some practical cotton napkins, without sacrificing the feel and quality of the cotton?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we said, the MY DRAP cotton napkins are available in a practical pre-cut roll, always ready to use wherever you are or wherever you want to go. You can choose, from among many others, the Picnic Gingham Red collection, with the traditional red and White check pattern, or the more sophisticated Tea Flowers, perfect for a calmer afternoon tea with friends at home.

A cocktail with friends: paper or cotton napkins?

Let’s now imagine that you are organising a cocktail with friends, you want to lay on a finger buffet and something to drink in comfort at home, without too many complications. Some would say that paper napkins with pretty colours would serve for such a celebration, but are you sure you don’t want to mark the difference with a special detail?

Las servilletas de la colección Blue Night, con un diseño de degradado en azul y negro, son perfectas para ello. Te permitirán crear un ambiente relajado y con un punto de sofisticación, ofreciendo un producto de calidad a tus invitados y, al mismo tiempo, sin enredos para ti. Puedes usarlas como servilletas de un sólo uso o, si lo prefieres, lavarlas cómodamente en casa para una siguiente ocasión.

A special celebration: paper or cotton napkins?

For the table decoration of a special celebration there is indeed general agreement: no paper napkins, always cotton napkins!
However, what do we do if we have a large number of guests and we don’t have enough table linen at home? A good solution is MY DRAP table linen: without giving up the quality of cotton or linen, and with the most elegant designs (such as the VIVO collection), they provide you with great value for money.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]They are cotton napkins that you can use just for this celebration or you can wash and keep them at home for other similar gatherings (they occupy little space ;)).

Apart from the circumstances we have mentioned, we are certain that now you know MY DRAP you will think of many more occasions in which you can use these convenient and practical cotton napkins. Check our catalogue of colours and designs on the web page.

If you want to find out more about the extensive world of napkins, check out our previous article Napkins: variety is the spice of life, in which we share some guidelines to choose the napkin most suited to each occasion.

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