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New MY DRAP collection! Placemats and cotton napkins with more recycled cotton

There’s not long to wait until spring starts and with it the explosion of colour and joy. Without doubt, it is a good time to show you the new MY DRAP collections for 2019-2020: placemats and cotton napkins with fresh and original designs. Discover them and you’ll be amazed!

There’s not long to wait until spring starts and with it the explosion of colour and joy. Without doubt, it is a good time to show you the new MY DRAP collections for 2019-2020: placemats and cotton napkins with fresh and original designs. Discover them and you’ll be amazed!

Whether for a special celebration or for your everyday meals, MY DRAP brings you the latest trends in table decoration. Along with your favourite collections you can now have new patterns and colours to create a unique space.

All this without giving up the naturalness of MY DRAP: placemats and cotton napkins 100% cotton or linen, in practical pre-cut rolls and washable. Moreover, loyal to our commitment to sustainability we have incorporated more products manufactured with recycled cotton. Haven’t you tried them yet?

ANIMAL PRINT collection

To the popular Veggie and Ocean collection, with illustrations of garden produce and marine animals, we add the Animal Print collection, also in recycled cotton. This time we come across the classic animal pattern in black and curry shades on a raw background. You can create different combinations matching with plain-coloured placemats and cotton napkins, in black or curry.

The Animal Print collection is ideal for:

  • A special meal with your friends.
  • Combining with a white or black crockery, depending on the atmosphere you want to create.
  • Discovering recycled cotton, soft and pleasant to touch, as well as being respectful to the environment.

SUNNY DAYS collection

Another novelty in recycled cotton is the bright Sunny Days, collection, with a natural background and patterns with fine lines and dots of curry and blue colour. It is a visually balanced design but without losing that craftsman’s touch that will provide your table with warmth. You can also complete the table decoration with matching cotton napkins, in curry or petrol blue colour. The Sunny Days collection in recycled cotton is especially recommended for:

  • Rustic, wooden tables and with natural local ingredients
  • Bringing brightness and cheer to the meal
  • Enjoy it throughout the year: depending on the combination with curry or blue colour napkins you can give a warmer or fresher touch, according to the moment 😉

WHITE PLAID collection

We continue with ideas for placemats and recycled cotton napkins, this time on a white background. It is the White Plaid collection, an elegant combination of lines in three colours (curry, petrol blue and English green) on a white background, as we said. An original and sophisticated check that you can accompany with English green or petrol blue cotton napkins from the MY DRAP Basics collection.

A good occasion to use the White Plaid collection for the first time?

  • A business meeting, in an elegant but relaxed atmosphere.
  • Your parents’ or grandparents’ birthday: they will love this more classic pattern, now available in recycled cotton 😉
  • An open-air meal in which you want to surprise everyone with a different check to the classic red and white.

GREEN TARTAN collection

If you a fan of cheques and green we have the perfect collection for your more special celebrations: Green Tartan, placemats and cotton napkins with a new version of the classic Scottish pattern on a background of English green. The Green Tartan collection is perfect for:

  • Celebrating Father’s Day, whether it is on the 19th of March or any other time 😉
  • The decoration of Christmas tables: the combination of the green with curry and red are perfect for these days!
  • In brief, for dressing an elegant table with a touch of distinction


More collections to celebrate a special occasion? Silver Wood and Golden Wood, inspired by the marking of the tree bark and the knots in the grain of the wood. A texture of natural origin that you will find in silver and gold, always over a distinguished white. A perfect contrast between rustic and elegant, a unique design to amaze your guests with original placemats and cotton napkins!
Don’t hesitate in using the Silver and Golden Wood collections for:

  • Impressing your partner in a romantic supper
  • Celebrating a unique day: do you dare to organise a country wedding?
  • All those special occasions you can imagine: weddings, baptisms and communions, New Year’s Eve, Christmas…

VIVO collection

If you like bright colours, don’t miss the new VIVO collection either, with a meticulous design in gold on a raw colour background. This time they are placemats and linen napkins, to achieve an even more elegant touch on your table.

The Vivo collection is what you are looking for if:

TEA FLOWERS collection

Let’s forget the special days for a moment and focus on achieving a unique everyday meal. How? With small details such as the cotton napkins from the Tea Flowers collection, one of the more classic flowery patterns, now in a gentle and attractive misty blue, another of our novelties!
When can you use the Tea Flowers collection?

  • To enjoy a few hours chatting calmly with your friends.
  • For an afternoon tea indoors or in the fresh air.
  • To amaze your guests, including those that turn up by surprise.

MISTY BLUE collection

As we explained, another novelty is the Misty Blue, which you can enjoy in plain colour placemats and cotton napkins. A good bet if you like mono-colour table decoration, or if you want to match shades with other products from the Basics collection.
[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Some colours to go with the new Misty Blue collection:

  • Natural, with recycled cotton to create a relaxing atmosphere and 100% “slow food
  • Petrol blue, to achieve an elegant contrast of blues.
  • Raw, with linen napkins, if you are seeking a different detail on your table.

PALE PINK collection

It is precisely in the Basics collection that you will find another of our new ideas: Pale Pink, placemats and cotton napkins that you can also combine with other shades or use for a mono-colour table with character and personality.
As we explain in our article about the psychology of colour , remember that Pale Pink is perfect for:

In this article we have shown you only the new collections for 2019-2020. If you want to discover our entire catalogue of placemats and cotton napkins, enter our website now! You can find the products that best suit your need with filters for uses, colours or types of fabric, among other options.

And if you haven’t done it yet, try our suggestions in recycled cotton, a sustainable commitment and with the same feel, appearance and durability as conventional napkins!

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