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We know that planning an important event requires a great deal of attention and very good organisation. In this article you will discover what the MY DRAP cotton napkins for events are like and find the answer to why they are the perfect choice for more formal celebrations. Make a note!

We know that planning an important event such as a wedding, baptism or company anniversary, requires a great deal of attention and very good organisation.
To achieve this unique and personal setting at each event we must take care of all the aspects, down to the smallest details.

But each client is different and each event has its own peculiarities. If we organise events for clients, we will need to have a wide range of colours or sizes to be able to provide the most appropriate fabric for each need. However, bringing this value with conventional napkins is costly, and if we choose paper napkins, we lose in elegance and presence.
This is why it is important to be able to provide napkins for events that combine practicality, elegance, less cost and, why not, variety and colour.

In this article you will discover what the MY DRAP cotton napkins for events are like and find the answer to why they are the perfect choice for more formal celebrations. Make a note!

What are the MY DRAP napkins for events like?

You can’t have a formal or important event without cotton napkins. Beyond their function of the discrete cleaning of the lips and hands after eating, they provide elegance, presence and distinction, so they are a fundamental item for table decoration.

But how do the MY DRAP napkins for events differ from manufactured ones?

Manufactured napkins vs MY DRAP cotton napkins

Manufactured cotton napkins have always been used in special celebrations due to their characteristics: elegance, resistance and absorbance. Their main advantage is that they are multi-use napkins, but must be washed and ironed to be able to use and present them properly on the table.

This is why MY DRAP reinvented the napkin, in order to offer a unique and exclusive product for all those people and companies that have to organise an event that does not leave the guests indifferent. The combination of quality, touch, appearance and elegance of cotton napkins with the practicality and flexibility of paper ones results in the single-use cotton napkin.

Therefore, both the MY DRAP cotton napkins and their placemats are characterised by the following aspects:

  • They are single-use, seamless and pre-cut in a roll for maximum hygiene and practicality. They will always be ready to be placed and will not have to be washed or ironed. Although if you want to reuse them, they can be.
  • They are absorbent and with a pleasant feel: they are manufactured with different kinds of materials so you can choose depending on your tastes and preferences: cotton, linen or recycles cotton.
  • They occupy less storage space: they allow you to save in laundry costs and operations.
  • There are a variety of colours, sizes and pretty designs so you can choose those that most fit your needs.
  • The napkins are customisable, so you can create your own design: you can put the corporate image of your company and turn it into a powerful marketing tool, or the names of the bride and groom at a wedding or the name of the child at a baptism. There are an endless number of options!

You can find more information about the advantages of MY DRAP cotton napkins in our article “MY DRAP, the cotton napkins that mark the difference”.

Measurements and sizes for each occasion

We all agree that according to the nature of the event, the size of the napkin is going to have a key role. And not only the size. The colours too! A table for a wedding with a 1960s theme with natural-coloured linen napkins would be quite unthinkable, wouldn’t it?

There is currently a large variety of sizes and designs for cotton napkins. For their characteristics, sizes and colours, the MY DRAP napkins for events will be the perfect allies for all those special celebrations.

Choosing one or another size depends specifically on two factors:

  • What type of event is it? More or less formal, a professional meeting, a banquet at a baptism, communion or wedding…
  • Are we going to eat standing or seated at a table?

For the more formal meals seated around a table, the napkins should be larger in size. In contrast, the smaller napkins for events are perfect for aperitifs and as coasters in more formal settings.

At MY DRAP we supply napkins for events in sizes of 11x11cm, 20x20cm and 32x32cm, available in cotton, recycled cotton or linen. Although in our web for the professional sector, there are more options.

There are more than twenty colours from the Basics collection to choose from and different patterns with which you’ll be able to mark the difference.

Below, we suggest different examples according to the occasion.

Cocktail napkins

For those coffee breaks at business meetings, corporate events or cocktails in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, the, cocktail napkins sized 11x11cm and 20x20cm will be the best option.

Unlike washable napkins, these cocktail napkins are small, manageable and bring elegance to the event.

The Blue Night collection is perfect for a night-time cocktail party. This matching pair of cotton napkins of 11x11cm and 20x20cm, ideal for use as coasters or accompanying aperitifs.

Made from 100% cotton and seamless, with a pleasant feel and absorbent, this collection is noted for its distinguished fade between black and blue.

To create a more sophisticated atmosphere, you can combine with the 11x11cm cockail napkins from the Basics Black collection or, in contrast, match with a brighter colour, to create a more festive atmosphere.

Restaurant napkins

The elegance of the table decoration must be in harmony with the meticulous presentation of the dishes of restaurants. This is why the table napkins for restaurants will bring a touch of distinction and delicateness to the business.

There are an infinite number of combinations of cotton napkins and placemats to do, from light shades such as white to more daring colours such as orange.

The more traditional colours are natural which gives a classical and elegant touch to the table, sand which evokes a cosy setting and pearl grey that brings brightness, so it is perfect for dressing elegant tables.

Moreover, you can have customised napkins including the logo of the restaurant. This feature is a great instrument for differentiating your restaurant from the competition and, at the same time, bringing value to the business, something that the clients will notice and appreciate.

Baptisms, communions and wedding napkins

At an event as special as a wedding, baptism or communion, planning is essential as is taking care of the table decoration.

To dress a unique banquet, linen and cotton are fabrics par excellence, perfect for these celebrations.

Linen is a natural material, of quality, pleasant to touch and with a more irregular and artisanal appearance. Without doubt, it will provide an elegant, personal and natural touch to the table.

Regarding colour, there are more than 20 to choose from! Light and bright shades such as the cotton napkins from the natural linen or water green collections. Or bolder colours such as dusty pink or curry. And now that theme weddings are all the rage, don’t hesitate to combine colours for a table decoration that is completely in line with the theme.

You can find more information about table decoration for weddings in our article “Wedding decoration: cotton napkins that mark the difference”.

Placemats, a different proposal

Without the slightest doubt, the MY DRAP napkins for events are a great choice. However, the placemats are also a key element in table decoration.

They give us great versatility and speed in laying and clearing the table while also giving a touch of elegance and personality to the space. They are also functional: they adapt to the number of diners present at each meal.

Due to their size, 48x32cm, they are a perfect solution for dressing the table in restaurants and in special celebrations.

Discover the whole variety of napkins for events and placemats in our web page!

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