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5 decoration ideas for your events

With normality on its way and on the rise, a return to certain activities we had put on hold, due to the pandemic, is envisioned. Events are one of them. …

With normality on its way and on the rise, a return to certain activities we had put on hold, due to the pandemic, is envisioned. Events are one of them. And what better than to visualize them again thinking about how the first one we have might be after such a hard time: table decoration, flowers, cutlery, cotton napkins, plates, etc.

At MY DRAP we are aware of the importance of an event for your company or any personal matter. Celebrating the joy of something good happening is necessary, especially in these times. That’s why in this article we recommend five ideas that you should take into account when you do them. Let’s get started!

5 tips for your events

Planning and designing an event is not an easy task. In fact, there are many professionals who prepare for months to have everything perfectly calculated and to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. So if we aren’t professionals and we want to do our own events, what should we take into account?

1. ¿Indoor or outdoor?

There are many possibilities but, of course, everything has its pros and cons. For example, during this pandemic period, it is recommended to hold an event outdoors, as the probability of infection is lower than in an enclosed space.

But, of course, doing it outdoors means being subject to the weather. For example, you should take into account that it can rain and create too much humidity or, on the other hand, it can be too hot. The key points to this decision will especially be in the months of the year you choose for your event.

If, on the contrary, you decide to do an event indoors, the climate matter takes a back seat, although ventilation and lighting are very important. You also won’t have problems with the wind or even the dust that comes from the trees. Of course, the security measures will be greater and even the capacity might be affected.

Another important aspect is whether it is done during the day or at night. In this respect, the weather will play a big part, as well as other factors such as lighting, humidity, and even insects. It will all depend on the type of event you will carry out.

2. Event theme

The event theme is one of the most varied aspects. There are all kinds of themes: business, personal, integration of work teams, product promotion, associations, etc. We advise you to follow the ‘less is more’ precept so as to not overdo it and allow the attendees to move and interact freely.

If you are preparing a children’s event, it is important that the colors, textures, and dynamics prevail. If it is a business thing, then a sober tone should prevail. If it is something personal, like a wedding, for example, the surprising element and the neutral tones of the arrangements and the decoration should be the protagonists.

3. Cotton napkins for events and placemats

Details make the difference. If there is a common element in all events, it is the table. As such, the key elements that will mark a decorative concept should be placed on the table. This is where cotton napkins and placemats can become the difference you are looking for. And, at MY DRAP, we are well aware of this.

There are many types of cotton napkins for events and placemats:

  • Depending on the tones: there are so many kinds that they will perfectly adjust to any event, such as pastels, neutrals, darks… They can also be personalized to be the primary colour used in the rest of the decoration.
  • Textures: cotton napkins for events and placemats can also be personalized using various textures or patterns. As there are so many possibilities, the design and choice of cotton napkins must be perfectly adapted to the needs of each one of them.
  • Personalized: if there is a key point in this tip, it is personalization, as it allows you to obtain the detail you are looking for. It will no longer be necessary to rummage and walk around the whole city.

4. Props on the table

As a complement to the previous point, the elements on the table are also common at any party. Choosing those that are in harmony with the general decoration is also possible. Our advice: use resistant, durable and very practical elements so that you can reuse them whenever you want.

5. Event personalization:

One of the advantages of being able to organize an event is personalising it. There are so many possibilities that you just have to let your imagination run free or look for ideas on some Internet sites and applications to find the final result. Nothing like being able to visualize an idea.

Keep something in mind: everything or practically everything you want for your event can be personalized in one way or another, so don’t look for any excuses.

And yes, our MY DRAP cotton napkins can also be personalized without any problems or minimum quantity.

At MY DRAP we believe that the difference and the richness are in the details. Our personalizable cotton napkins for events are an example of this. As they are perfect for any theme, they will be a safe bet for your event to be a success.

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