5 outdoor dining collections

Cotton napkins are the perfect accessory for outdoor dining. They’re not just handy things to have around when you head out for a picnic or a snack; they also add …

Cotton napkins are the perfect accessory for outdoor dining. They’re not just handy things to have around when you head out for a picnic or a snack; they also add a touch of class that everyone wants.

A different design for every occasion

These accessories are made with high-quality materials and finishes: they are made with cotton and linen. They are also available in different designs so you can choose depending on what you want to use them for.

They are washable, which is great if you want to reuse them over and over as well as being better for the environment. Every range is available in two sizes, 11×11 and 20×20, so you can choose whichever suits you best.

Do you want to see the best collections for outdoor dining? Read on!

Tea Flowers

This cloth napkin range is perfect for use as you enjoy a mid-afternoon snack. Take a tea or coffee break and enjoy some cookies, sweets, savoury snacks or some other light bite. These cotton napkins offer a simple but elegant design in the most classic tones for this relaxing time of day.

The foggy blue colour and the flower design on this lovely collection’s cotton napkins are the best things to have by your side at this time of day. Perfect for when you stop to catch up with loved ones somewhere in nature or wherever you choose to go. The cotton napkins in this collection are pre-cut in a roll and made of cotton.

Blue Night

What could be better than something a bit more formal to add a touch of elegance to your terrace or garden table. These are designed to sit alongside your after-dinner drinks. Their blue hue will transport you to the comforting scenery of the beautiful sea. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy a lovely evening with your nearest and dearest, sipping your favourite drinks or cocktails.

These cotton napkins look wonderful at this time of night. They are also very absorbent and have a pleasant warm touch. What more could you want?

Vermut & Tapas

Aperitif o’clock is one of the best times of day and that means you should have a few different cotton napkins on your outdoor table. These will be the best thing to sit alongside the vermouth and tapas that you will serve your guests. This collection is different from the others with its more informal design, made especially for this time of day.

They will also give everyone somewhere to clean their hands after enjoying the snacks you’ve shared. Because these cloth cotton napkins are seamless, they are perfect for stopping a build-up of germs.           


This style is especially good for more informal dinners, where anything can happen and you want to be able to surprise your friends. This design stands out for helping to create a truly welcoming atmosphere for everyone, prioritising detail over everything else. They are decorated with words associated with food and company at these sorts of events.

They will certainly get your guests talking and everyone will have something to say about their unique design. Choose a special occasion to decorate your table with a collection of beautiful cotton napkins in two different sizes that will be great for this kind of get-together.

Picnic Gingham

Outdoor meals and picnics are something everyone looks forward to. This is why they need different and very traditional cotton napkins, like this design. These cotton napkins have a very characteristic pattern. They are beautiful and exactly the kind of thing you would associate with these occasions: the pattern known as vichy. They are designed with the unmistakable red and white squares that we all know and love. So this collection is perfect for adding a country vibe to your table, whether you are out in the fields somewhere or in a garden.

This collection comes in two sizes to suit these casual events. Their pleasant feel will also add something to your day outdoors.

Now that the good weather is on its way, we are keener than ever to reconnect with our loved ones and make new happy memories with them. To make sure everything goes to plan, remember the little details. These cotton napkins are just wanted you need.

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