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How to dress the table for a romantic supper

Do we need a special date to celebrate love? With just a few days until St. Valentine’s Day we are reminded that, beyond celebrating February 14, perhaps we should include …

Do we need a special date to celebrate love? With just a few days until St. Valentine’s Day we are reminded that, beyond celebrating February 14, perhaps we should include a little more romanticism in our lives. Preparing a romantic supper at home is a very good formula for surprising and enjoying it with your partner.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to flirt or you’ve been together years. Neither is it necessary to spend all day in the kitchen. Or fill the house with hearts. No. Or yes. Whatever you prefer. What really matters when preparing a romantic supper is that to be able to enjoy it you must create a special atmosphere but in accordance with your preferences.

Below we go through some of the aspects that may help you create an intimate and special atmosphere. Because in a romantic supper the five senses are important, so we must take care of every single tiny detail.

Romantic placemats and cotton napkins

We have mentioned before that the table linen, the table’s dress, plays a crucial role in the decoration of any event. Relating to that, and especially in the case of romantic suppers, have you ever thought of the importance of the size of the table? It should be big enough to have space for the cutlery and crockery and serving dishes, but the diners cannot be too far apart from each other. It means creating an intimate and cosy space.

When dressing a romantic supper, placemats are a very good option, since they have many advantages:

  • They adapt to all types of tables, irrespective of their shape or size.
  • They offer many choices in the decoration of the table: two placemats of different colours can be superimposed over each other, combining with the napkins, changing the way they are arranged on the table…
  • They are versatile: we can use them for other occasions, since according to the decoration that accompanies them they can create a large variety of atmospheres.
  • They are more practical for washing and ironing and occupy less space. In just a moment you can wash only those that need it.
  • With a small layout we can buy some new placemats and surprise our partner without having to renew all the table linen at home.

When choosing the colours and patterns of the placemats and cotton napkins for a romantic supper, we should take into account the tastes of our partner and the other decorative elements of the room. Below we give you some ideas.

Plain colour placemats and cotton napkins

In the Basics collection you have a broad palette of colours that you can combine to dress a romantic table, unique and surprising.

Without doubt, the colour of love par excellence is red or pink. You can use them for placemats and cotton napkins and dress a pretty mono-colour table with them. Another possibility, perhaps more conservative, is to combine these shades with equally elegant colours such as black or white.

 width=For example, and as can be seen in the photo, a good idea could be to have on the table:

  • A placemat in a lighter colour (natural, sand or pearl grey, for example)
  • A lipstick red or soft pink cotton napkin, between soup bowl and plate
  • Combine the two previously used colours for the coaster or napkin where the cutlery is placed.

And beyond the classical red and pink, you can dress the table with your partner’s favourite colour or with the shade you like the best. Be bold and create your combinations!

Moreover, another possibility for decoration is to alternate the red, pink or whatever colour you fancy 100% cotton napkins, with fabrics from the Basics Linen collection, such as natural, manufactured in 50% linen. This way you can also match with different materials and textures, a perfect combination for the most elegant of tables!

Patterned placemats and cotton napkins

Another possibility is to dress the table with placemats and cotton napkins with a special and elegant pattern. One possibility is the Silver Stars! collection, with small silvery stars over a light background. It brings brightness to a table and easily combines with all types of cutlery and crockery.

If you like silvers and golds, also take a look at the Silver Splash! and Golden Splash! collections, with splashes that give a fun touch without giving up elegance. Also perfect for a romantic supper!

These collections are 50% cotton and 50% linen, which will also give a different touch to the table.

Details to give a romantic supper atmosphere

As we know, quantity is not synonymous with quality and romantic suppers are a good example of this. The only stars are you and, in fact, one of the advantages of celebrating St Valentine’s Day at home is to be able to enjoy the intimacy, without any type of interruption. With this in mind:

  • When having supper, remember to put away or turn off mobile phones.
  • When eating, you should not be in and out of the kitchen. If you are the one doing the cooking, prioritise recipes that you can leave prepared in advance.

In the same way, in the decoration we can also avoid elements that might distract our attention. If we overload the table, for example with a centrepiece that is too big, we minimise other details and can even impede a relaxing and open conversation, with those essential looks of complicity that make up a romantic supper 😉

In contrast, it may be a good idea to include in the decoration of the table:

  • Some rose petals, without covering the whole surface but placing them “spontaneously”.
  • Two or three fresh flowers, or even some pretty leaves, in an elegant glass recipient.
  • A romantic note in front of your partner’s glass.

 width=Without doubt, candles are also major allies in romantic suppers. They bring warmth and soft light, ideal for relaxing the day-to-day pace and helping to create an intimate and peaceful atmosphere. Although today we have a large variety of candles, we leave you with a few tips to take into account:

  • Do not place too many candles. Remember, less is better.
  • Prioritise candles with neutral and elegant colours, such as black or white. If you want to play with the colours, do so in a combination with the placemats and cotton napkins.
  • The romantic supper is not a good moment to try perfumed candles, which may become too sickly-sweet. Use them only if you know you both like this aroma.

Oh, and don’t forget to prepare your favourite soundtrack to give some atmosphere to the romantic supper!

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