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Friends, food and placemats for the table!

Eating with your friends is one of the best ways of disconnecting from the routine, relaxing and above all enjoying the company. These gatherings often arise in an improvised way. What menu can we offer you? And above all, how can we decorate the table?

Eating with your friends is one of the best ways of disconnecting from the routine, relaxing and above all enjoying the company. These gatherings often arise in an improvised way. What menu can we offer you? And above all, how can we decorate the table?

Without doubt, placemats are the ideal solution for these occasions. You can have a perfectly decorated table in an instant!

In this article we explain the benefits of having some placemats at hand and suggest different styles of table decoration according to the situation.

Turn your gatherings with friends into an unforgettable moment!

Benefits of eating with friends

Who doesn’t enjoy eating in company? There is nothing better than sharing our time with our friends, since it brings us certain benefits such as the following:

  • We disconnect from the routine. Eating in company is the best way of disconnecting, relaxing and not being wrapped up in other things such as work.
  • We are happier. Sharing the table with your friends is a positive influence on our health and emotional wellbeing.
  • We strengthen relationships. We leave the mobile phone aside and start having a conversation. We tell each other how our day has been, recall situations that made us laugh, make jokes… We share good times!

Placemats: a safe bet

Placemats are the stars of table decoration: they determine the aesthetic, fit your needs according to the moment and give you the chance to be able to reflect your creativity and personality.

Here we list some of their advantages:

  • They are very practical: they make the task of laying and clearing the table easy. They can also be placed following the distribution you want.
  • They are combinable: you can alternate colours of placemats, combine with cotton napkins, create an elegant or more informal atmosphere…
  • They adapt to the number of diners present at each meal, so that if a last-minute guest arrives you will have a placemat ready for them in a flash. Quick and easy!
  • There are a variety of colours, textures and patterns that enable a customised table decoration.

At MY DRAP you have a great variety of placemats available in different colours, patterns and fabrics to dress the table how you like.

Placemats according to each person’s taste

We all have our tastes, whims, likes, personality. We are all different, but we all like to have fun and feel good with our friends.

Can you imagine a table where each placemat represents each person? MY DRAP offers you a great variety of colours and patterns so that you can customise the decoration for each guest.

With the Basics collection you will be able to choose the colour that best adapts to each of your friends, and with the patterns you can discover their likes. It will be a surprise they will certainly not forget. You can also add an element that identifies your guest.

Do you think your friends would be able to guess which their place at the table is? Perhaps not all of them, but it would certainly be fun!

Placemats for a unique birthday

Do you want to invite your friends for your birthday? Surprise them with a different and ground-breaking decoration.

The placemats from the Ola collection are inspired by the movement of the wind on the sea and the sand. A fresh and elegant design that gives a festive and cheery touch to your table.

To complete the table, combine these placemats with the Ola cotton napkins (with a design of dynamic and hypnotic blue and white lines) or with the Petrol Blue 100% cotton napkins. They will help you give that special touch to your celebration and you will make a big impression on your guests!

Moreover, you can decorate the home with floral motifs and white, blue and/or golden balloons to match the table decoration.

You can find more ideas and combinations to decorate the table on this very special day in our article “Decoration with cotton napkins for a unique birthday”.

Placemats for an improvised meal

Have you decided to make an improvised meal at home?

Create an informal yet fresh look with the Muslin placemats. They are ideal to accompany these spontaneous meals with your friends. The thin navy blue threads are interwoven, creating a fine and vaporous fabric. It is a very smooth design that will give a light air to your table.

You can combine these placemats with the cotton napkins from the same collection or choose cotton napkins from the Cream Basics collection.

To create perfect harmony, decorate the table with white, plain crockery and glasses of different sizes. In this way you give the table this ethereal touch.

Placemats for a sophisticated meal

For those more formal gatherings, with the placemats from the Basics Natural Recycled collection you will amaze your guests. Not only for their tone, but for their 100% recycled cotton material. You can combine them with other colours from the Basics collection or with this year’s MY DRAP collections.

If you prefer, you can use placemats with a more formal design and thus create the most elegant atmosphere.

Did you know that it is important to take into account the time of year when choosing the colour of the placemats? In summer it is best to choose fresh and bright tones such as Caribbean green or pistachio. In contrast, in winter dark colours such as anthracite grey or petrol blue will bring a warm and cosy atmosphere to your table and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

To sum up, meet up with your friends as much as possible. Take care of them and amaze them with a pretty table decoration. Because the best moments take place around it!

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