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The Christmas holidays are coming! With this article we want to suggest different ideas for decorating Christmas tables, as well as the etiquette to show of an amazing Christmas table. Follow our tips and you’ll impress all your guests!

The Christmas holidays are coming! Days full of excitement, dinners and suppers with our family and friends… The table is undoubtedly the main star of these celebrations and is the place where the best moments take place around it. So, what better than astonishing your loved ones with a pretty Christmas decoration?

With this article we want to suggest different ideas for decorating Christmas tables, as well as the etiquette to show of an amazing Christmas table. Follow our tips and you’ll impress all your guests!

How to prepare a Christmas table

The Christmas table is unique in the whole year. As we mention in our previous article, as well as worrying about the perfect menu to serve our diners, we should not forget the table decoration. The fact is the decoration will be the first impression that your guests will have on arriving at our home.

That is why we must take into account the choice of crockery, cutlery, glasses and above all, the Christmas placemats and napkins.

Do you want a more formal style at the table or give it a more informal touch? With a perfect choice of these elements, as well as amazing everyone, you will be able to reflect your personality and creativity. Although your choice is very important, you should know how to place it.

So that everything goes smoothly on this marvellous day, we suggest how to place the cutlery and crockery and, above all, how you can organise the Christmas placemats and napkins.

The arrangement of the table elements

Should you place the fork on the left or the right? How many do you lay for each diner? For an elegant Christmas table decoration you should be aware that you don’t need to overload it with lots of cutlery and plates. Quantity is not always synonymous with quality!

As a good host, amaze your diners with the cutlery and crockery placed in the following way:

  • On the placemat, it is important to know lay a soup dish alone. So you should at least place a flat plate below.
  • Place the glasses in the part above the plate: the water glass to the left and the wine glass to the right. According to the diners’ preferences, we can ask who is going to drink wine or water. In this way we can remove the glasses that will not be used and have a more aesthetically pleasing table.
  • The order of the cutlery is simple: fork on the left, knives and spoon on the right, placing the one we use last closer to the plate. This way we will have the first items of cutlery we use on the outside.
  • The dessert cutlery is placed above the plate: the spoon and knife with the handle to the right and the fork with the handle to the left.

For more information, just check our article “How to place the cutlery and crockery on the Christmas table”.

The decoration with cotton napkins and Christmas placemats

To give it a modern and special touch, the Christmas table decoration must have some pretty cotton napkins and Christmas placemats. The fact is these fabrics have many advantages:

  • They are pleasant to touch and absorbent.
  • They are practical: they come in a pre-cut roll and are seamless, so they occupy little space.
  • They are versatile: they adapt to the number of diners seated at the table.
  • There are a great variety of textures, sizes and patterns with which we can offer a customised decoration.

So, let’s give you some tips about how you can place them to highlight an authentic Christmas table:

  • We suggest you place Christmas napkins of different sizes. The largest of 32x32cm between the soup bowl and flat plate (as shown in the image, with the Silver Wood collection as the main attraction). The 20x20cm napkins are perfect for placing to the right of the plate, beneath the cutlery. Finally, the 11x11cm size is perfect to place beneath the bread plate or as coasters.
  • For a more Christmassy atmosphere, you can place some napkins over the soup bowl presented in the form of a Christmas tree. In our previous post “How to fold napkins for the Christmas table” we explain step by step how you can transform the cotton napkins into an incredible fir tree. Go for it: give the table a different touch and brighten it up. There are a thousand ways of folding them!
  • To highlight the Christmas placemats, you can place them directly on the table, or use a large tablecloth below and lay the placemats over it for each guest.

Ideas for Christmas table decoration

Before starting placing the Christmas placemats and napkins, you should think about what type of atmosphere you want to create. Are you looking for a sophisticated table or a more informal atmosphere?

Don’t miss the great variety of styles, decorative elements and Christmas collections that we suggest. Carry on reading and you’ll discover great ideas!

Pine Cone, for a fun-loving and informal table

The design of the Pine Cone collection, formed by Christmas napkins and placemats, brings us the more traditional colours of this festival: red and gold. Gold polka dots as a detail in all the cotton napkins and placemats, over the classic Christmas pine cones which will give a welcoming and fun touch to your table.

To complete the Christmas table decoration with this collection, you can place some silver cutlery and white crockery, or we suggest you use gold cutlery, to match the polka dots and include decorative elements such as candles, pine cones or tree branches for centrepieces. As an example, you can see the image on the cover of this article, featuring the Pine Cone collection.

Vivo collection, for a pleasant and elegant atmosphere

If you want to create a warm and pleasant yet elegant atmosphere, the Vivo collection is perfect for this occasion.

Its Christmas napkins and placemats are made from 50% cotton and 50% linen, making a fabric that is pleasant to touch and highly absorbent. Its pattern has a raw-coloured background, with a geometric design in gold, a colour that will bring brightness to your table and which is also associated with Christmas.

You can present the cotton napkins decorated with a red bow and sprinkle some small twigs of mistletoe or holly berries, some of the plants most commonly used for Christmas decoration in homes. Another idea is to place Christmas figures.

Silver Stars, for a peaceful and intimate Christmas

If what you are looking for is to give the Christmas table decoration a relaxing atmosphere and with a touch of distinction, the Silver Stars! collection is the one for you.

Made with 50% linen and 50% cotton, its white placemats and cotton napkins with silver snowflakes will bring brightness and elegance to the table.

To contrast the silver details of the fabrics, you can introduce red elements to the table, such as candles, or even fold the napkins with some pretty bows. Your loved ones will be amazed!

Basics collection, a classic on our tables

Although there are different Christmas designs such as the Always Christmas collection (ideal for a sophisticated table) or the Green Tartan collection (for the more traditional), with the Basics collection, you can choose and match with cotton napkins of different colours to create your own Christmas table decoration.

There is a great variety of excellent combinations to make a Christmas atmosphere. Some examples we suggest are:

There is an infinite number of combinations with which you will leave your guests astonished. Let your imagination flow and create a unique decoration!

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