Do you consider yourself classic or daring?

Have you ever noticed the napkins your family or friends put on the table when you have dinner at their house? What are they usually like? Do you like their …

Have you ever noticed the napkins your family or friends put on the table when you have dinner at their house? What are they usually like? Do you like their design and colour? Are they cotton napkins or another kind? Although you may never have thought about it, napkins are a very important element when you sit down at the table to eat.

If you plan to host an evening or celebration of any kind soon, you should pay attention to these details which make all the difference. This will make the occasion a success. In this post, you’ll find many ideas you can be inspired by. Find out about them!

Cotton napkin styles for all occasions

Maybe when you think of the napkins you put on your table, those made of plain coloured fabric come to mind. You normally choose white, although sometimes you go for cream, grey and other light tones, which seem to avoid being the centre of attention.

It’s very likely that you only break this habit on special occasions such as Christmas. Then you surely choose more striking designs, where colours such as red, green and gold dominate.

At MY DRAP we have a wide range of proposals with which you can accompany the menus you prepare from now on. You’ll find designs for every occasion, combined with matching placemats. Here are some of these creations divided into five different collections.

1. Celebration collection

In honour of its name, this series of cotton napkins is ideal for celebrations where you surround yourself with your relatives to commemorate special dates. It has a dozen patterns, such as the following:

  • Silver Wood. These cotton napkins are one of the most elegant. They’re inspired by tree trunks, reproduced in silver on white. There’s also an identical version in gold.
  • Pine Cone. The traditional Christmas pinecones are the stars of this proposal designed in red and gold. Without a doubt, it’s the ideal choice for the Christmas holidays.
  • Silver Stars! Made of 50% linen and 50% cotton, they have a pattern based on silver snowflakes which stand out against an ecru background. Its design is as delicate as it is striking.
  • Green Tartan. English green colours the background of an original Scottish-style checked pattern. Can you picture them at the next family dinner?

2. Formal food collection

Dare to take Ocean recycled cotton napkins to your table to show off these unusual drawings like those of animals which live in the ocean. How about choosing an octopus that majestically moves its tentacles?

If you prefer, you can substitute this pattern for our Veggie design so your table has its own personality. There are other prints that will charm you, such as the Animal Print, the Ola (based on waves) or the Seafood one whose axis is patterns repeated over and over again in an almost hypnotic way.

3. Casual food collection

Originality is the hallmark of this collection, which contains updated classics. Red and white squares, like those of any summer picnic, compete with the essence of tapas bars.

You’ll be fascinated to see a newspaper turned into a napkin, with news included, although always of a gastronomic nature. Try to read and discuss them with the rest of the guests. No more talking about food.

4. Cotton basics collection

You will find them in every colour of the rainbow. Choose a basic cotton napkin which has been made 100% in cotton or recycled cotton, and choose from about twenty different shades.

Colours range from ecru to black, through carmine red, pale pink, misty blue, pearl grey, pistachio, petrol blue, etc. The biggest problem will be keeping only one.

5. Linen basics collection

Our classic linen napkins are perfect for every occasion. They’re available in a total of four truly delicate shades:

  • Linen Cream.
  • Linen Water Green.
  • Linen Natural.
  • Linen Intense Grey.

Customize your napkins to make them unique

It’s an idea which will allow you to give a more personal touch to your table. It will be the most original. At MY DRAP we offer you the possibility of customization the cloth napkin of your choice in order to obtain an exclusive design.

Start by selecting the format and quantity. You decide the colour and the design you want it to have. In three easy steps, you’ll have completed the process. You’ll be ready to use them for the first time!

Cotton napkins will start being noticed thanks to the suggestions we put at your fingertips in MY DRAP. How do you consider yourself to be? Classic or daring? Let your personality decide when choosing your favourite napkins and set a date for their first appearance in your dining room.

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