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Decoration with napkins for celebrations

In this article we explain some ideas and tips so that the decoration with cotton napkins and placemats gives a warm and special touch to the table. With just a few simple steps you will amaze your family and turn your table into a cosy place. Jot it down!

With the arrival of autumn, the days are shorter and the heat becomes less intense. The fact is that autumn is a season that invites us to spend more time indoors in order to seek the warmth of the home and our loved ones.
In this article we explain some ideas and tips so that the decoration with cotton napkins and placemats gives a warm and special touch to the table.
With just a few simple steps you will amaze your family and turn your table into a cosy place. Jot it down!

Cotton napkins to create a cosy atmosphere

The colour of the cotton napkins is undoubtedly a key element to provide this touch of autumn we are seeking. At this time of year the predominating colours are warm tones such as browns, ochres, raw colours and oranges…

To represent this atmosphere at home, you can combine table elements of 2 or 3 harmonious colours, such as some Sand colour and brown cotton napkins together with white crockery. This way the coloured cotton napkins will stand out and make the table bright.

As well as offering many advantages such as being absorbent and pleasant to touch, decorating the table with cotton napkins will give an elegant and sophisticated air to the atmosphere.

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Decoration with MY DRAP napkins

For all those celebrations that you want to hold in autumn, MY DRAP has collections manufactured in 100% cotton and with 50% cotton and 50% linen napkins and placemats with which you’ll be able to make an infinite number of combinations.

To represent autumn on your table, you can opt for a decoration with napkins and placemats in the following tones:

  • Cream: as well as being apt for all types of celebrations, this colour enables you to dress the table most elegantly and brightly.
  • Sand: based on the colour of the land, it will give you a touch of light and warmth to the table decoration. Ideal for enjoying a relaxing meal in a cosy atmosphere.
  • Natural: this shade is perfect for giving a touch of distinction and creating the autumn atmosphere we are seeking.
  • Curry: it will give an exotic, intense and elegant nuance, setting off a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Taupe: an elegant brown that will be very easy to combine and which interprets autumn to perfection.
  • Water green: to enjoy a good supper in a relaxing way, this colour will help us create a setting of calm and wellbeing.

Decoration with napkins for a unique soirée

As we have mentioned earlier, autumn is a perfect moment to spend more time with our loved ones. And what better than to prepare a romantic supper at home and surprise your partner.

To dress a unique and spectacular table, you can combine the Natural linen napkins (or others with lighter shades such as sand or cream) with darker napkins such as taupe. You can even go for lipstick red, the colour of love and passion!

Moreover, you can choose some placemats of the same colour as the lighter napkins. There is an infinite number of possible combinations!

To create a more romantic atmosphere without ignoring the concept of autumn, you can add details such as some candles to add a touch of warmth and even cover the table with dry leaves.

And if you want more tips to create an exceptional soirée, check our article “How to dress the table for a romantic supper”.

Decoration with napkins for a Halloween party

Are you going to celebrate Halloween at home?
Without doubt, the colours that predominate in this celebration are orange and black. Amaze your guests with a decoration using cotton napkins and placemats from the Terracotta collection together with details such as black crockery and cutlery.

If you prefer, you can choose black placemats and combine them with the Terracotta cotton napkins. You can even interchange the colours of the fabrics!

You can include the pumpkin as a decorative element. This vegetable is the main symbol of Halloween. There are many varieties, shapes and sizes of pumpkin, so we can choose a big one and place it in the centre of the table, or select smaller ones and place them in the corners.

You can also give the table atmosphere with candelabras and even decorate the room with spiders and bats. The kids will love decorating it!

Decoration with napkins for a family meal

A dinner or supper is a great opportunity to come together and spend some quality time with your loved ones. And there is no better place than gathering around a table with a pretty and welcoming decoration.

Go for a decoration with cream colour napkins, combining them with curry colour placemats. You will create a warm, intense and affective atmosphere.

Add autumn details on the table such as chestnuts, the seasonal dried fruit. You can scatter some over the placemats or place them in the centre of the table. You can also place a glass jar with fallen branches inside. Amaze the family with a pretty decoration!

Design your own tables

Mixing the colours is a good way of giving the table this touch of personality. You can dress it with a decoration using cotton napkins and placemats of the same colour or play with the different colours offered by the MY DRAP collections.

There is a variety of options to decorate the table:

  • You can combine the cotton napkins with one colour and the placemats with another.
  • You can try creating a decoration with napkins of different sizes.
  • Match placemats and cotton napkins of different colours. You can create a set of colours of the similar shades or look for a contrast.
  • You can alternate the colours of the fabrics: while some diners have, for example, cream colour placemats and curry colour napkins, the others can have the reverse combination (curry colour placemats and cream colour napkins).

For a birthday party, anniversary or even a romantic soirée, be bold and design your own tables. For all types of celebrations, decorate the table how you like!

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