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Decoration with cotton napkins for a unique birthday

30, 40, 50… You don’t have to wait for a round number to enjoy a special birthday. Every 365 days we have the perfect excuse to gather friends and family, and celebrate life. In this article we invite you to discover how the decoration with different cotton napkins can […]

30, 40, 50… You don’t have to wait for a round number to enjoy a special birthday. Every 365 days we have the perfect excuse to gather friends and family, and celebrate life. In this article we invite you to discover how the decoration with different cotton napkins can give a special touch to your party.

How to organise a birthday party

The guest list, the detail of a gift for the guests, some fun invitations, the decoration of the space… are some of the aspects that we usually think about in detail when organising a party for the youngest members of the family. But what about us? Do we confine ourselves to a supper, and if we are lucky, to blow out the candles of the cake?

Quite the opposite. Adults are increasingly deciding to celebrate their birthday in an original and surprising way. And to do so we don’t have to have a big space, or lots of free time. Just by playing with the decoration using cotton napkins we can create a great variety of atmospheres!

Here are some ideas so that you can find the decoration with cotton napkins that most fit the personality of each birthday boy or girl.

But… cotton napkins for a birthday party?

It is very common to use paper napkins in celebrations with a large number of guests: for convenience, easiness of use and hygiene. However, many of us also miss the touch, absorption and elegance of cotton napkins on these occasions. So why choose between one type or the other?

As we mentioned in a previous article about the alternatives to paper napkins, the MY DRAP fabrics have numerous advantages:

  • They are available in a practical pre-cut, seamless roll. They take up little space and are always ready for use.
  • Absorbent and pleasant to touch. You can choose between 100% cotton or 50% linen.
  • Hygienic. You can use it as single-use cotton napkin, or if you prefer wash them conveniently at home.
  • Versatility: Unique designs and colours so that the decoration with napkins matches your preferences and all types of meals. Attractive collections to combine with placemats.

For all these reasons, the MY DRAP cotton napkins can be the ideal solution so that in your birthday party you can create your decoration with cotton napkins. Take note!

Decoration with cotton napkins

We already know it, placemats and cotton napkins are the main dressing of the table. And the table is the centre of the majority of celebrations … Obviously the decoration with napkins of one type or other will help create the desired atmosphere at each event. Here we suggest some ideas, but do not hesitate to check out the extensive catalogue of collections and colours to find your cotton napkins.

Hygge birthday party

If you feel like organising a relaxed encounter, in a warm, family atmosphere, you can inspire yourself in Hygge, the concept of wellbeing promoted in Nordic countries such as Denmark. An idea that can be extended to all regions because it is no more than an attitude, a way of living which prioritises the small pleasures, and values time spent at home. Spending a day at home, a cosy space and in which we can also enjoy great times.

Hygge also connects us with our ancestors, with nature. In short, and especially for the colder months, it is a very good way of sharing the famous “quality time” with your loved ones.

How do we organise a hygge birthday party?

Although each person will have their own idea of happiness and wellbeing, we suggest some aspects to take into account:

  • Only invite those people who you really want to share this day with. In a hygge party quantity is not synonymous with quality.
  • Buy natural ingredients and enjoy preparing the dishes. Don’t complicate things excessively… Recover some old family recipe or present a tasty cheeseboard and a good wine.

  • For the table, use a decoration with cotton napkins with light tones, nothing loud, which help us create a relaxing atmosphere. You can use plain colours from the Basics collection such as natural, sand, pearl grey… or patterns such as the Veggie collection (in which fruit and vegetables feature) or the Christmas Jumper collection (with small flower illustrations that imitate knitwear, a border that recalls out childhood and possibly the tasty meals at our grandparents’ homes ;))
  • Use natural light, lamps with soft lighting or, even better, candles. This will help us create a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere in which conversations can flow comfortably.
  • For the after-dinner table talk, nothing better than some old family photos or a board game that guarantees fun for young and old alike. And if any of the guests have musical skills, get the guitar out and some of our favourite songs.

The sixties birthday party

If, on the other hand, you are thinking about a more festive and lively atmosphere, why not inspire yourself with the nineteen-sixties? Bright colours, sinuous patterns, flowers and lots of happiness. The fact is, precisely for being the most colourful and rebellious period, it has become one of the regular themes for birthday parties, whether for people who were born then or for those who have breathed in its essence through films and emblematic songs.

If you want to recover a little of this hippy and rebellious atmosphere, in your birthday party, we suggest the following decoration with cotton napkins:

  • Ola collection: inspired by the movement of the wind on the sea and the sand. Dynamic and hypnotic blue and white lines (cotton napkins), or browns and whites (placemats).
  • Flowers collection: the classic liberty pattern of pink tones will help you fill your birthday party with cheer and naturalness. Because any time is good to recover the spirit and optimism of spring!

And to accompany the decoration with sixties-style cotton napkins, make sure you have artists such as The Beatles or The Beach Boys 😉

Cocktail-style birthday party

Another option is to organise an informal gathering that does not last too long and without complications: a cocktail-style birthday party. In this type of celebration the guests don’t usually sit down to eat, which simplifies the logistics of the space as well as the preparation of the meal (which might range from a more sophisticated finger buffet to some tasty and simple sandwiches).

For the very nature of the gathering, the decoration with napkins should be done with smaller-size fabrics, of 11×11 cm or 20×20 cm, ideal for using as coasters or to accompany aperitifs.

If it is a night-time gathering, we recommend the Blue Night collection, patterned with an elegant blue and black fade.

Daytime cocktails are usually organised before the main meal (at midday or in the afternoon). With cotton napkins you can use brighter and family-friendly designs such as the Vermut&Tapas, Newspaper or Picnic Gingham Red collections.

Birthday party… of colours!

Another tendency that is all the rage is the thematic colour party, in which all the elements have to be in the chosen colour: garlands, crockery, cotton napkins, costumes (or simply an item of clothing that the guests must wear of this colour), even the menu can be planned in harmony with your favourite shade of colour.

If you are not sure which colour to feature, remember that in an earlier article (Placemats and cotton napkins with lots of colour) we explain the meaning of each colour and the feelings you can cause with one or other.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]If you are still not sure, you can check out our catalogue of the Basics collection, more than twenty different colours for your decoration with plain colour cotton napkins to have character and personality.

Have a great birthday party!

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