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Cotton napkins for your summer meals

For many people summer is the best time of the year. Most of us enjoy our well-deserved holidays and, even working, there are many attractions that brighten up our days. More daylight hours, good temperatures, free time… Today we explain how to enjoy your summer meals to the utmost.

For many people summer is the best time of the year. Most of us enjoy our well-deserved holidays and, even working, there are many attractions that brighten up our days. More daylight hours, good temperatures, free time… Today we explain how to enjoy your summer meals to the utmost.

As we said, summer is a special time. It is a time when special rules apply or, rather, we should say that it is characterised precisely by the absence of routines. This is also what in fact conditions our eating habits and the type of food we are going to share with family and friends.

Cotton napkins, are you sure?

As we said, summer is improvisation, lots of improvisation. Meeting up with friends for a drink in the afternoon and in the end deciding to have supper together. We go the beach, get home tired and we don’t know what to eat. We wake up and it’s a lovely day: why not organise a picnic outdoors?

Some people might think that the most convenient and practical solution for eating in these situations is paper napkins (we always have them ready, they occupy little space, they are hygienic, and of single use…). It doesn’t have to be the case, however.

If you were still not aware, you should know that MY DRAP cotton napkins combine the best of cotton and paper napkins:

  • Absorbent and pleasant to touch. They are made from 100% cotton, recycled cotton (a material even more respectful to the environment) or linen. Moreover, due to their appearance and quality feel, they can be used in formal or informal meals. You don’t have to give up your style 😉
  • They are cotton napkins but seamless, which are available in a practical pre-cut roll. Thanks to this, they occupy little space and are always ready for use.
  • Hygienic. You can use them like paper napkins (of a single use) or wash them conveniently at home.
  • Variety. We have an extensive catalogue of cotton napkins and placemats for matching. You can choose from among different sizes, designs and colours, all highly original.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Not only are they reusable, as we mentioned, but also in their manufacturing process they follow criteria of sustainability.
  • A very special product. MY DRAP is a unique fabric in the market that will surely amaze your most demanding guests.

And if you still have doubts, check our previous article: Paper or cotton napkins? MY DRAP is the solution. So, this summer start to enjoy the advantages of single-use cotton napkins!

The best cotton napkins for this summer

We have already seen that, due to their characteristics, MY DRAP cotton napkins can also be the perfect option for our summer meals. But which designs or colours are most suitable for these months?

To counteract the high summer temperatures, the best idea in table decoration is to go for cooler and lighter colours such as blues, greens, whites… shades that will also help us create relaxing and easy-going atmospheres.

From the MY DRAP Basics collection we recommend the Foggy Blue (softer), Royal Blue (deep and lively), Caribbean Green (ideal for turquoise lovers), Cream (the classic that always works), Sand (the name says everything ;)), Pearl Grey (an always elegant touch) cotton napkins… Enter the web and you will find more than twenty colours and shades to choose from!

If you want to learn more about the psychology of colour you will find more information at Full colour placemats and cotton napkins.

Also remember that as well as 100% cotton fabrics, at MY DRAP we also have colours and collections made with linen. Linen napkins are fresh and elegant, so you can also use them to give a touch of distinction to the summer table decoration.

Your designs for a seafaring meal

If you like patterned table linen here we offer you some models also inspired by the beach and the ocean, the unquestionable stars of this time of year.

Ocean collection, marine animals

Crabs, octopuses, lobsters… on the plate and/or in the table decoration. The Ocean collection includes cotton napkins with attractive illustrations of marine animals and Petrol Blue placemats.

In this case, it is a collection with recycled cotton napkins, a pleasant and absorbent fabric, as well as being a 100% sustainable option.

Seafood and Ola collection, seafaring atmosphere

If you prefer more abstract and suggestive patterns for your summer table decoration, we suggest you discover:

  • The Ola collection: dynamic, inspired by the movement of the wind over the sea and sand. Navy blue waves on cotton napkins and in natural colour on the placemats.
  • The Seafood collection: more balanced and elegant. Blue placemats with an elegant border in white, while the cotton napkins have the same design but with the colours in reverse.

Muslin collection

A light and easy-going option, perfect for giving a touch of freshness to your summer meals. The Muslin collection includes placemats and cotton napkins patterned with a criss-cross of blue lines on a white background.
A more original design, ideal for indoor meals or, even better, terraces or gardens!

Sunny Days collection

While we are talking about bright and lively designs, we cannot forget the Sunny Days collection, new this year and also made in recycled cotton! Placemats and cotton napkins with a natural background, patterned with thin lines and curry and blue coloured dots. Visual balance with a craft and more informal touch.

Combine them how you like with cotton napkins of different sizes in Curry or Petrol Blue!

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