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Autumn collections, which ones do we recommend?

The end of summer is getting closer, and so is the beginning of a new season. It’s time to gather momentum and face the challenges of this new season. A …

The end of summer is getting closer, and so is the beginning of a new season. It’s time to gather momentum and face the challenges of this new season. A perfect way to do so is to change the decoration of your home and choose a new collection of cotton napkins. Thus, you’ll start this new season with enthusiasm and inspiration. This will also help you to approach this new season as an opportunity to do things differently. And it will be easy with MY DRAP collections!

Autumn is also coming to home decor. Give your cotton napkins a new look!

Who said that cotton napkin decoration must be boring? You’ll find various occasions during autumn and winter where you can combine some of your dishes with our cotton napkins with exclusive designs. They will be an essential part of your presentation, as they have two different functions:

  • On one hand, they’re practical at the table, as they can be used to clean ourselves comfortably without needing to use paper serviettes. Our cotton napkins can also be used in everyday life by reusing them.
  • On the other hand, they play an aesthetic role, as they add a colourful and stylish touch to the room, they’re put in. The shade of the cotton napkins and their pattern can be combined with the curtains, tablecloth or cushion covers.

Get your cotton napkins ready for autumn and choose sustainability!

There’s one more reason to pick one of our collections for the coming season: sustainability. We’re living in a world full of disposable products and having cotton napkins at home which can be washed and reused is essential if we want to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s one of those small steps we can take at home to reduce unnecessary consumption. You could also save your cotton napkins and use them again next year, without the slightest damage. This is because they’re made from quality fabric, which guarantees their durability.

The autumn mood and our collections

We call that state of mind we feel in autumn that we can’t explain the autumn mood. Suddenly we feel like being at home, sheltered in a cosy place. We’re also more interested in laid-back plans, nature, and enjoying the beauty of this season. This determines the decoration, where the main colours become more neutral, the lights warmer and the fabrics more organic. The change to placemats and cotton napkins is essential to enjoy this autumn mood also in the comfort of your home.

Taupe Collection

This collection is part of Basics, which includes different models of cotton napkins and placemats. This is a very elegant series, which is available in 22 different shades to adapt the collection to your autumn decoration, whatever it may be. The Taupe collection focuses on single colours and dark brown variations. This is the perfect colour for elegant meals, which is perfect for the brightest times of the day due to its dark tone. You will enjoy combining it with the other colours available in the Basics series.

Curry Collection

Just like the rest of the Basics collection, this collection is made of 100% cotton and contains a selection of different sizes of cotton napkins, as well as placemats. It’s made of good material and is very easy to clean. Its tone fits perfectly with the definition of autumn mood. It’s a light colour, close to gold, which adds a distinctive look that makes it perfect for special, unforgettable evenings. It can also be part of fun combinations with other pieces from the Basics collection. Curry is a very versatile colour.

Terracota Collection

The Terracota collection is also included in the Basics series. The colour of this collection is a russet colour between dark orange and light brown. It’s a very special tone, which can become a defining factor in decoration if combined with grey and blue tones. It’s a very versatile collection but it will especially stand out at intimate dinners if combined with more elegant tones such as burgundy.

Sand Collection

This collection has a very elegant tone, slightly more than an off-white or stone colour, but without reaching beige. Its elegance is perfect for special evenings. Despite this distinction, its neutral colour adapts easily to any time of day.

Discover the benefits of using these cotton napkins at home and start enjoying their great aesthetics. Get autumn off to a good start by encouraging yourself to customise your home, by including MY DRAP cotton napkins and placemats!

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