A customised wedding with cotton napkins for events

Organising a wedding is undoubtedly one of the most difficult yet wonderful tasks that exist. With the tips we give you in this article you will discover how the MY DRAP napkins and placemats for events can turn a simple wedding into a unique and customised one.

Organising a wedding is undoubtedly one of the most difficult yet wonderful tasks that exist. More and more couples look to a team of experts to plan, coordinate and organise their coming together.

Although in a wedding the bride and groom are the main stars, with a decoration based on the tastes, preferences and ideas of the couple we can create a special wedding, quite different to other ceremonies.

The fact is all the details in this celebration are important: from the type of wedding, the thematic and aesthetic part of it, to the flowers in the decoration of the setting.

However, there are decorative elements that may seem to be irrelevant, but which in fact are the most important ornamental aspects. We are speaking of the table decoration made up of the placemats and cotton napkins.

With the tips we give you throughout this article you will discover how the MY DRAP napkins and placemats for events can turn a simple wedding into a unique and customised one.

Why napkins for events in a wedding?

Although it may not appear so, a good choice of table linen, as well as making the table stand out perfectly, will ensure that the wedding guests perceive a continued attention for detail.

In fact, the decoration is the first impression the guests have on seeing the table. Not only do the crockery, cutlery and glassware stand out, but also the placemats and cotton napkins.

Given the MY DRAP napkins for events not only have a practical use but also decorative, they will be the best choice for wedding decoration. Besides being elegant, there are is a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from according to the type and wedding and theme.

We should also be aware that they will be used throughout nearly all the banquet, so these napkins for events are practical, hygienic, absorbent and with a pleasant, warm feel.

There are also the placemats, which together with the cotton napkins enable an infinite number of combinations to be created, playing with colours from the same palette, seeking the contrast and alternating the different shades that the MY DRAP textiles offer.

Cotton napkins for all types of weddings

The weddings of today have become a ceremony where creativity and the power of the imagination of the lucky couple are present. Although many couples decide to have a classical and traditional wedding, others prefer to have a celebration with an atmosphere around a specific theme.

For this reason, theme weddings have become a common trend: an original and personal option where the couple can reflect their taste, style and way of being.

Whatever the type of wedding, the bride and groom want to have a memorable one. If you have to prepare a traditional or theme wedding, don’t miss the tips we give below about the table decoration according to the type of celebration. Read on!

Napkins for events according to the season

The season in which the wedding is held may also influence the choice of colour of the napkins and placemats for events. We can find different colours of reference for each season:

    • Spring. aquamarine blue and white in the placemats and cotton napkins together with a decorative element in lemon yellow will bring light to the table and give it this spring-like touch we are looking for.
    • Summer. Pink, fuchsia, caribbean green or foggy blue are some of the colours related to hot weather and summer. In order to balance the table, we recommend choosing the bright colours for the cotton napkins for events and the more sober shades for the placemats.
    • Autumn. In this period of the year, the most dominant shades the natural ones, oranges, browns and reds. Combining sand or natural recycled with taupe or terracotta will be a perfect choice to reproduce this autumn atmosphere on the table.
    • Winter. Colours such as white or greyish shades such as pearl grey or anthracite grey for the placemats in combination with lipstick red in the cotton napkins, will bring harmony to the table.

Napkins for events: weddings on the beach

Weddings held on the beach have a special charm. For those seeking an intimate wedding that is different to the traditional type, the beach is the perfect spot.

Taking as the landscape the sea, sun and sand, you don’t need much to decorate the atmosphere of the occasion.

Using cotton napkins for events and placemats from the Wave collection will add a fresh an elegant touch to the table thanks to their design, which simulates the fascinating effects that the wind has on the sea, which forms the waves.

Additionally, the Caribbean green napkins together with the white placemats will combine the blue of the sea.

You can accompany these fabrics placing small details such as flowers with pink tones, stones, corals or seashells.

Napkins for events: star-studded weddings

For movie lovers, the perfect theme weddings are those inspired by their favourite films and, why not, those adapted to the full Hollywood style.

As if it were an award-winning ceremony, the room decoration where the banquet is held will be dominated by black, white, red and gold.

Without doubt, decorating the table with white placemats and black cotton napkins, together with the golden crockery, will give it this exceptional atmosphere.

Moreover, thanks to the different colours that MY DRAP offers, there is a great variety of options to decorate the table: combine black placemats with the Golden Wood napkins or with the napkins for events from the Carmine Red collection. An infinite number of mixes that will create an Oscar-winning wedding!

Napkins for events: traditional weddings

Without doubt, the star colour in traditional weddings is white. The Basics Cream collection is perfect for this occasion. Made up of 100% cotton napkins and placemats. They will give a classical and elegant touch to the table.

And the best thing is that these napkins can be customised, so they will bring even more originality to the table! Write the name or initials of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding or a pretty sentence are some of the ideas that will make them unique and special, as well as amazing all the guests.

If you need a large number of napkins for events, a special fabric or a specific method of presentation, you can visit the MY DRAP PROFESSIONAL page, where you will find more customisation options.

The Basics Cream Linen collection is also ideal for wedding ceremonies. With a unique appearance, linen will provide elegance and naturalness to the table. Moreover, on being a natural fibre this fabric is pleasant to touch and of great quality.
Unlike cotton, the diameter of the threads of this fabric is irregular, with some knots and less thin parts, giving a more traditionally crafted look. If you want to give the wedding a more rustic yet elegant air, linen will be an excellent choice.

And for the couples who are environmentally responsible, the Natural recycled collection will be the perfect choice. The colour of natural recycled cotton, both the guests and the bride and groom will admire these placemats and napkins, not only for their shade, but also for their material.
At MY DRAP we value the natural resources and watch over for a more responsible world. For this reason, loyal to our commitment to sustainability, we present cotton napkins and placemats manufactured in this fabric. Because with the same feel, appearance, quality and durability as conventional cotton napkins, recycled cotton fabrics are the best sustainable option for contributing to better care for the environment.

If you want to find out about marine, intimate and literary wedding table decoration, you can read our article “Wedding decoration: cotton napkins that mark the difference”.

If you want to discover all the MY DRAP collections, don’t hesitate to visit our web!

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