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Texia changes its production to manufacture masks in less than a month

Texia has adapted to the situation, making the most of its industrial capacity, and has changed its activity in record time to manufacture 4 different models of hygienic, fabric reusable masks for universal use. Two of its models of masks are already on the market!

Part of the Catalan industrial fabric has changed its activity speedily to provide society with protective material in order to decrease the propagation of the virus.

Texia is a centenary, family-run textile industry, founded in Barcelona in 1917, which manufactures and commercialises textile products for the hotel and catering sector with a unique technology under its MY DRAP, ROLLDRAP and DAY DRAP brands.

It has in fact been these sectors – catering and tourism – that have been most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, due to the unprecedented drop in tourism, events and social life in general. And, as a consequence, Texia’s activity has been affected negatively.

For this reason, Texia has adapted to the situation, making the most of its industrial capacity, and has changed its activity in record time to manufacture 4 different models of hygienic, fabric reusable masks for universal use.

Its fabric masks work in a complementary way to health and hygiene and social distancing measures, helping to prevent and reduce infections in those spaces where the recommended minimum distance cannot be complied with. All the models comply with the strictest hygienic regulations, although they have different features to adapt to the different situations and needs of the setting.

Two of its models of masks (Basic and Protect) are already on the market:

Basic masks

  • They are sold in packs of 5 units, in a double layer of 100% cotton.
  • These masks are reusable since they can be washed at high temperatures and be disinfected without losing their original properties.
  • To make them accessible to the whole public, they are accompanied with instructions to assemble and adjust them for their use.

Protect masks

  • The Protect model of masks extends the features of the Basic and includes an antibacterial finish that prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
  • It also includes a water repellent that protects from infection due to splashing of saliva or other liquids.
  • This model has been certified by the ITEL laboratory in compliance with the UNE-0065 standard with a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of 96%.

The sale of these first two models of Texia masks is currently through the chemists’ distribution channel.

“In these recent weeks, from the textile sector we have shown our high response capacity manufacturing textile products with guarantees, which provide solutions and make the day-to-day activity of society easier, thus attending to the huge need for this product as a result of the health crisis” stated Marcos Guasch, Managing Director of Texia.

Moreover, the company is producing a third model of hygienic, antibacterial and water repellent mask, which once manufactured, will shortly be marketed through its own sales channel to professionals from the hotel and catering sector.

Texia continues investigating and innovating and is currently developing a fourth model of masks that will include an innovative antiviral treatment.

Responsibility towards the environment

With the aim of maintaining it corporate commitment to sustainability, the company has endeavoured to minimise the impact of the massive use of masks, both in the production and development of the product itself. Its masks are manufactured with renewable material and with separable elements, mainly recyclable. They are washable and therefor reusable, prolonging their use and reducing waste.

They are produced in their entirety in the Texia factory, located in the Barcelona province, and at the time of writing 700,000 have already been manufactured in less than one month, maintaining local industrial production and complying with the quality and environmental standards applicable.

Although we are still in a difficult and exceptional situation, this family-run company has maintained its defining values in order to provide a high-quality product at a competitive and affordable price for everyone.

In this sense, an extraordinary effort is being made to ensure the price is appropriately maintained in all the points of sale and thus avoid unjustified increases. Because its chief aim is protection against the coronavirus reaching the maximum number of people.

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