Preparing your home for the winter cold?

Winter is coming and we have to prepare our homes for its arrival… Blankets, duvets, optimal heating… Do you want to get your home ready for the new season? Here …

Winter is coming and we have to prepare our homes for its arrival… Blankets, duvets, optimal heating… Do you want to get your home ready for the new season? Here are some top tips to help you with the task.

How to prepare the house for winter

If you don’t want the cold weather to sneak up on you at home, follow these simple guidelines. Decorate your home to feel warm and cosy!

1. Be sure to check your heating system

First, you should check if the heating or stoves at home are working. They will probably be full of dust. Clean them very well before turning them on again. If they fail, fix them or buy new ones before the cold weather sets in.

2. Check windows and cracks

Do your windows not close properly or do you have a crack in the wall through which air is escaping? Check that everything is perfect by inspecting your house from top to bottom. If you can’t do it yourself, find a good professional.

3. Get your winter bedding ready

Take out all your winter bedding and wash it. This means your flannel sheets, blankets, thickly woven cushion covers, etc… Leave them in a visible place for when the cold weather sets in. And don’t forget to buy new ones if you feel that your old ones are not as warm as they used to be.

4. Don’t forget the carpets

Carpets help insulate against the cold more than you think. If your house is particularly cold and you can’t afford to overuse the heating, get a couple of rugs to put in the rooms of the house where you spend the most time, such as the living room, for example.

5. Change the curtains

Another way to increase the warmth in your home without having to keep the stove on all the time is to replace your light curtains with thicker ones. You will notice the extra warmth in the rooms.

6. Sort out your sofa

The sofa is our haven of peace and calm after a hard day’s work. Don’t forget to put a blanket on the armrests. And if you want to be able to find them, but it’s not cold yet, put them under the sofa cushions. You can also keep some thick socks ready under the sofa at all times.

7. Candlesticks and candles

Candlesticks and candles create a sense of comfort and warmth when the cold weather arrives in winter. Get some and turn them on in the afternoon or evening when you’re at home relaxing on the sofa watching TV or reading a book.

8. Avoid certain plants

There are certain plants such as the ficus or the bamboo palm that provide coolness and are perfect for the summer. Replace them in winter with warm or artificial ones. It may seem silly, but you will notice the difference, and drastically!

9. Cover your walls

Did you know that the more bare walls are, the colder they get? Cover them with pictures. And if you have shelves and they are somewhat empty, cover them with books. You will see what a simple way it is to bring warmth into your home.

10. Make the most of the sun during the day

Let the sun flood your rooms during the day. Open the curtains and let the sun warm the house. Believe it or not, the heat will come into the house and stay there all day long. However, avoid opening doors and windows to prevent it from escaping.

11. Prepare the kitchen

Were your kettle, cups and mugs neatly stored on the kitchen shelves? Well, take them out again. Is there anything better than warming up with a good cup of tea or coffee?

12. Dress up your table with MY DRAP cotton napkins

Don’t forget to decorate your table according to the season. A table in the winter needs a table centrepiece with elements of nature, candles… No one will be able to resist your dinner invitations. And don’t forget the placemats and matching cotton napkins from MY DRAP.

But why choose MY DRAP? Because they are very elegant and reusable; because they are easy to store thanks to their roll-up format and because they are environmentally friendly.

Among our models you can find: the natural recycled, a model that thanks to its cream colour goes well with everything; the green tartan, a beautiful model inspired by the well-known tartan print in a very elegant English green colour; the veggie model, beautiful recycled cotton napkins with 4 vegetable designs, and the grey model for more special dinners.

Don’t forget. If you want to be comfortable at home when temperatures start to drop, follow all our tips.

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