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How to care for MY DRAP cotton napkins

Placemats and cloth napkins are essential for decorating the table with style and elegance. They’re ideal for filling your table with glamour at important family events such as Christmas and …

Placemats and cloth napkins are essential for decorating the table with style and elegance. They’re ideal for filling your table with glamour at important family events such as Christmas and other celebrations. Of course, it’s important that you take proper care of them so they look as good as new for years. Do you want some basic tips? We’ll show you in the following post.

How to care for MY DRAP cotton napkins and placemats

MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins are a modern alternative to traditional ones and furthermore to paper ones. Light, comfortable and reusable, they’re perfect for lovers of a well-set table, but without much sacrifice. These products don’t need too much looking after to have them as good as new again after washing them.

If you want to keep your MY DRAP cotton napkins intact just like the first day for a long time, follow these simple tips:

Wash them at 40 degrees or in cold water

Our cotton napkins are made of cotton, so you can wash them without any problems. It’s important to remember that you have to do this at a low temperature, 40 degrees, or in cold water. Remember that due to being a 100% cotton product they will shrink by 5%. But don’t worry, you can continue reusing them without any problems.

Wash them straight away

The longer you take to wash a stained placemat and cotton napkins, the harder it will be to remove the stains. If it is a difficult stain, apply a specific product for this, following the instructions. Remember that many of these products specify a simple hand wash after application and before putting them in the washing machine.

Detergent and a little fabric softener

Cotton is a noble fabric, so you can use any detergent without problems. Use a fabric softener since cotton wrinkles very easily; a small amount is enough. For colored napkins, you can use a specific detergent this.

Dry them outside

After taking your placemat and cotton napkins out of the washing machine, let them air dry well stretched so that they lose wrinkles and return to their original shape. Don’t put them in a dryer, as the edges can be damaged, and don’t worry about putting them in the sun. If you don’t leave them there too long, they shouldn’t fade.

Iron them at the right temperature

Remember to put the iron in “cotton” mode. If the panel of your iron isn’t for fabrics but instead for temperatures, iron at between 140 and 210 degrees with fast passes to avoid them burning. If you don’t usually iron at these temperatures and feel a bit unsure, put a soft cloth on top of the napkin to iron it. And if you’ve personalized your MY DRAP cotton napkins you can iron them on the back.

Store your cotton napkins with care

To keep your cotton napkins looking new for longer, store them properly. MY DRAP napkins can be stored as they are, without needing to fold them. If you want to keep them folded, don’t fold them over too many times so they don’t get marked.

If you don’t have space in a wardrobe, put them in a well-organized drawer and that’s it. Avoid putting metal or other objects on them, as they can stain or leave marks on them. However, wherever you keep them, remember that it needs to be a place free of humidity.

Benefits of reusing MY DRAP products

Reusing MY DRAP products has many advantages for you and for the planet. To begin with, by doing so you are choosing a very elegant option versus paper napkins.

On the other hand, thanks to their quality fabrics, they stay like new for a long time, prolonging their use and avoiding the purchase of disposable products such as paper napkins.

Plus, using fabric products like ours will help you take care of the planet. Firstly, because you’ll save a lot on paper napkins and also on fabric. Remember that by avoiding the use of the paper you’re respecting the environment.

And last but not least, by reusing products like ours, you’re doing your part about the importance of taking care of our planet.

Now you know how to properly care for MY DRAP cotton napkins, don’t hesitate to do so and keep them intact for a long time. Comfortable, practical, easy to clean, and beautiful. What more could you ask for? Get yours now!

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