Cotton napkins for non-conformists like you

Do you want to amaze your guests at a lunch or dinner that you have prepared at home? Do you like decorations and fancy giving your table a different look …

Do you want to amaze your guests at a lunch or dinner that you have prepared at home? Do you like decorations and fancy giving your table a different look when you get together with your family or friends? In this post we would like to introduce some of our most striking, fun and natural cotton napkins and placemats collections available to you. Let’s get started!

What are the advantages of cotton napkins and placemats?

Before introducing our product designs, we would like to emphasise the benefits of a cotton napkin compared to a paper napkin:

  • You can use them as many times as you want.
  • They, without a doubt, absorb better than paper napkins, no matter how many layers there are in a paper napkin. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about taking out a whole packet, as one napkin for each guest will be enough. Moreover, even if you eat food with sauces or sticky food, you can clean your hands and mouth very easily and with good results.
  • They are also much more elegant because they dress up your dining table, as well as being soft to the touch and giving a feeling of cleanliness when you use them.
  • There are many designs available so you can match them with the other table decorations.

Cotton napkins and placemats for demanding individuals

This is the most interesting time to talk about our 100% textile products. They can all be washed at 40ºC, are seamless and, obviously, can be reused as many times as you want. So, hopefully, with this information, you will be encouraged to browse our website and try the products in the collections that catch your eye the most.

Newspaper Collection

We know that some people prefer small cotton napkins and others prefer larger ones. This is why this collection has two different sizes, 11×11 and 20x20cm. It is more than likely that you have eaten breakfast or lunch many times while reading the newspaper. With this collection, you will feel like you are sharing original and informative decor. When placing these cotton napkins on the table, everyone will love the idea of reading some of the food-related texts and discussing them with others.

You can choose to buy a 50-piece cotton napkin roll (11x11cm) or a 12-piece cotton napkin roll (20x20cm).

Vivo Collection

If you want to create a cosy and informal atmosphere, this Nordic style collection will be perfect for you. In this case, this collection is based on geometric shapes spun in golden tones and superimposed on a cream base. Linen napkin rolls are available in 50, 12 or 6 pieces, as well as packs for 12 diners consisting of linen napkins and placemats. We recommend you choose this pack for 12 diners if you are setting up a table for your guests

White Plaid Collection

Do you like the traditional tablecloth design with perpendicular lines of different thicknesses? Now you can choose to capture these decorative details on your cotton napkins or placemats for formal and informal meetings. The mixed colours are English green, petrol blue and curry. Do you know these particular colours? Visit the relevant section and take a look at the different designs!

You can choose cotton napkins in rolls of 12 or placemats in rolls of 6, but you can also go for the 12-pack, of course.

Animal Print Collection

You’ll find products available in curry, black or Animal Print,  which is currently very trendy. Therefore, depending on the occasion, you make different combinations with them. No matter which design you choose, this napkin collection will amaze your guests and dress your table with a touch of personality.

You can choose to buy cotton napkins from this collection in 12-piece rolls (20x20cm) or 6-piece rolls (32x32cm). However, you can also choose the pack Animal Print for 12 dinners and combine cotton napkins and placemats in curry or black (for placemats) and animal print (for cotton napkins).

In summary, both cotton napkins and placemats are the perfect complement to decorate your table so that it is eye-catching and full of detail. We are sure that once you try placing them next to plates in an innovative shape, more than one guest will be fascinated by the decoration and designs. What’s more, by using these products you will show that you care about rising to the occasion and will delight all those present.

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