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Why do we make reusable products?

The reusable products that we make at MY DRAP can all be used to extend the life of our cotton napkins and placemats. By extending product life we save a …

The reusable products that we make at MY DRAP can all be used to extend the life of our cotton napkins and placemats. By extending product life we save a great deal of energy, as at the same time recycling is avoided. By reusing our cotton napkins or placemats, you are demonstrating your commitment to the environment, because you are not generating so much waste.

The raison d’être of our products

Making reusable products is in our DNA. This has been our commitment right from the beginning, a way of doing our bit for the planet. Therefore, extending the life of cotton napkins or placemats is not just a question of jumping on the bandwagon. On the contrary, it is something that we have always done. 

It has now been a hundred years since the founding of Grupo Texia, to which MY DRAP belongs, and we have always kept three main values very much in mind. These are innovation, quality, and sustainability. Reusing our products is our raison d’être in terms of sustainability, but without sacrificing innovation as times change. Likewise, quality is also important, and in this sense, we take into account the needs of the client.


We have spent over a hundred years perfecting each item we sell, always working on inventing new products, something we continue to do. For this reason, innovation is first on our list of values, as we always adapt to the realities of the times. We are firmly committed to improving, and because of this we have been able to constantly move forward.

  • Our products stand out from other types of traditional textile products.
  • Thanks to the adaptability and the particular features of our products, we have managed to weather the crisis in the textile sector.
  • Today, we market our products all over the world and can compete directly with Asian countries.


We make every effort to achieve excellence both in our products and in the services we offer. Quality goes hand in hand with innovation.

  • We take care of every last detail throughout the manufacturing process.
  • We create market-leading products thanks to our sense of duty towards the customer.
  •  We stand out in the main sectors we serve, such as hospitality, airlines, retail, and professional hygiene.


We look after the environment, and the fight against climate change is something we never forget. We assign the planet’s natural resources the importance they deserve. Perhaps this is one of the most important values that we have always developed and defended.

  • We have a modern purification plant on our premises.
  • We co-generate the energy we need for the manufacture of our products.
  • Natural fibres are used in the manufacture of all our products.
  • Recycled cottons sourced from our local suppliers are used in the manufacturing process.

How do we achieve this?

We are able to manufacture our products in accordance with our principles by ensuring that production is 100% local. We are located in Barcelona, Spain, and this allows us to control the whole of the manufacturing process from start to finish to make sure it meets all our standards. Local production has many benefits, such as:

  1. This sort of production promotes the responsible consumption of each product.
  2. We fight on a daily basis to preserve the values of our production model thanks to our focus on local production.
  3. We create a positive impact on society through all our commitments. 
  4. We save energy, and support proposals regarding consumption habits, such as the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  5. We support sustainable environmental, social, and economic development.

So what’s next?

We are nonconformists by nature, so our commitment to sustainability never ceases. We still have some outstanding issues and there are things we want to improve, such as the optimization of packaging, which is the main improvement we have in mind. Not only will we be able to improve quality and save time, we will also be doing more in our fight to protect the environment.

The optimization of packaging is part of the growing importance of the professionalization of design. Furthermore, it satisfies the urgent need to further enhance our branding. The striving for ongoing improvement puts us in the highest position on the textile market in terms of productive capacity.

Our reusable products are a response to concerns that have been part of our company for more than a hundred years: environmental, economic, and social commitment. Thanks to our local production chain and to the way that we work, we are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, in the process, we ensure that innovation is always aligned with social needs, and that quality is always maintained in every creation by means of improvements or new inventions.

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