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What and who is behind MY DRAP?

MY DRAP is synonymous with carefully treated textiles, cotton napkins and accessories specifically designed to dress your table with character. You may already know our product… But today it is …

MY DRAP is synonymous with carefully treated textiles, cotton napkins and accessories specifically designed to dress your table with character. You may already know our product… But today it is time to find out what is behind it at a business level. 

About us

MY DRAP is part of the Texia group, a textile business created in 1917 and located actually in Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona. We have been working for more than 100 years to bring our concept to customers all over the world. 

What started off as a small textile corporation is now a company with a large number of employees and international partners. We think that the secret to remaining at the forefront of the industry is based on three factors, which we have adopted as cornerstones of the business: quality, sustainability and innovation. Strongly interrelated, by following them we have woven a network that has allowed us not only to differentiate ourselves from traditional textiles but also to compete with products coming from Asia. 

Our values

These three pillars have become the values that define and guide our company’s activities. Let’s take a closer look at them. 


We want to be with you for at least another 100 years! This requires us to adapt to change, to make progress in our research and to perfect each of our inventions.

Texia can’t be understood without innovation. It is this principal which has allowed us to overcome the sector’s continuous crises, to expand globally and to become competent in the face of Asian manufacturing. 


We stand by innovation but always based on quality. Achieving excellence in each one of our processes, products and services has been the key to supporting our work, making us leaders. Whether it’s for the airline industry, professional cleaning, luxury hospitality or retail, we aim to capture our signature quality in every finish.


To maintain this tempo for more than a century, we know that the heart of the matter is to partner with sustainability. The most important step that we have taken in building this path is the installation of a modern treatment system with which we co-generate the energy needed to manufacture our products. 

We are also gradually integrating recycled cotton fibres from local suppliers into the production chain. Valuing and respecting natural resources and the environment is part of our philosophy. That’s why we make all of our products from natural fibres. 

Product production

At Texia we carry out all of our processes in Barcelona, with our production being completely Spanish. We use several methods to make our production means and items sustainable.

Energy cogeneration

With a 1,500 kW natural gas engine we get the electricity we need to operate. The high-temperature exhaust gases generated by this engine are reused to produce steam using a boiler. 

We also use water to cool the engine; this passes through an exchanger that raises its temperature to 90 ºC so that we can reuse it in the washing lines. Finally, we use the CO2 generated to neutralise the water from the treatment system. 

Treatment plant

Our biological and physicochemical treatment plant uses a specific process in which the waste is separated from the water in the form of mud. We give this waste to a recycling company that uses it for other purposes. Therefore we avoid having to dump wastewater into rivers. 

Chemical products

We have the following certification STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, which implies our compliance with their safety requirements. We want to offer you products that are functional, attractive, but above all, free of substances that are harmful to health.   We are also in the process of implementing new fabrics that are 100% recyclable.


The MY DRAP brand is included within Texia. Our goal is to accompany your dishes with interesting textile accessories and together, create moments to remember. Because a well-dressed table boosts relations with guests, don’t you think? 

We seek to combine practicality with originality and elegance in each of our completely reusable placemats and cotton napkins. Made from 100% cotton or linen, we work with a wide variety of dimensions, sizes and colours to meet the needs of our customers. With that in mind, every year we come up with new collections with versatile and cheerful designs, in order to cover different tastes and trends. 

We have been making individual cotton napkins for private and professionals for over ten years, but always understanding the requirements of the market and adapting to the situation. For example, we currently offer personalised single-use textile solutions in small quantities for several sectors: hotels, events, catering, restaurants, etc. 

At MY DRAP we want to be the detail that makes the difference. The main objective we pursue is to capture our idea in the product.

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