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Recycled cotton: the perfect complement for your “slow food” moment

“Slow food” promotes sustainable nourishment, respecting the natural pace of life and times, the environment and our own health. Discover the cotton napkins made with recycled cotton, we change the world starting with the table!

“Slow food” promotes sustainable nourishment, respecting the natural pace of life and times, the environment and our own health. How, then, can we enjoy what is on the table in a responsible way? Discover the cotton napkins made with recycled cotton, we change the world starting with the table!

The fact is, luckily, for some years now environmental awareness has grown and there are increasingly more initiatives that seek balance: meeting our current needs without compromising future generations.

Recycled cotton napkins: a sustainable commitment

Did you know that recycled cotton napkins are manufactured from the remains of the manufacturing process and other used fabrics? They are ground and mixed with other types of fibres (to improve their resistance) and then spun again to obtain a new fabric, with the same characteristics as conventional cotton.

It is a circular production process in that it makes use of what was once considered as waste. In this way, it is not necessary to cultivate so many cotton surfaces, which reduces:

  • Water consumption,
  • The use of chemical products for fertiliser,
  • The emission of greenhouse effect gases.

Thus, with the use of cotton napkins (and other articles) made with recycled cotton you can contribute to a better care of the environment and the health of the people who live in the areas of cultivation.

And all with the same touch, appearance, quality and durability as conventional cotton napkins!
If you want to find out more about the cotton and linen we use at MY DRAP check our article Cotton Ottoman: new material for the new MY DRAP.

How to dress a sustainable table, and with style

The MY DRAP cotton napkins and placemats offer a great variety of colours and patterns to dress your table, whether for day-to-day use or for special occasions. We now offer three collections made with recycled cotton and, aware of the importance of respecting the environment, we will soon be enlarging the catalogue.


Veggie, a homage to the land

Veggie-Recycled cotton: the perfect complement for your “slow food” moment

Urban allotments, or the boom in organic food shops, are signs of the growing interest to recover the ingredients that make up the basis of our diet.

If you love everything that is natural, the Veggie collection is your best ally to dress the table. Made in recycled cotton, it includes an elegant green placemat and cotton napkins with delicate illustrations of garden produce. The perfect complement for a healthy meal in good company. Moreover, you can choose cotton napkins of different sizes: those of 20x20cm have four illustration designs whereas those of 32x32cm include two models. A perfect detail so that each diner can show off a unique cotton napkin 😉

The tip: decorate the table with wooden complements to emphasise this organic and 100% natural setting.


Ocean, the origin of life


71% of the planet’s surface is covered with water. The oceans are the essential source of food and energy resources, while also serving as climatic regulators. Without them, there would be no life on our planet.

With the Ocean collection we bring the sea to our tables, with a relaxing blue placemat and cotton napkins with attractive and varied drawings of marine animals. Ideal for a seafaring meal in which you can also choose cotton napkins of different sizes. With those of 20x20cm you’ll be able to enjoy four unique designs, while those of 32x32cm offer two patterns that you can alternate to dress a table in the most original way.

The tip: give a special touch to the table with a floating candle in small glass holders, as if they were lighthouses on the coast 😉


Christmas Jumper, the value of the traditional


The “slow food” movement, which emerged in Italy at the end of the 80s as a rival to “fast food”, promotes, among other things, the recovery of regional gastronomic traditions. The recipes, the ingredients, the pace and wisdom of our grandmothers.

A good way of accompanying a “slow” meal is the Christmas Jumper collection, with placemats and cotton napkins that remind us of the cross stitch, one of the most popular forms of embroidery. Especially recommended if you want to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. As well as the cotton napkins of 20x20cm and 32x32cm, you also have the 11x11cm, ideal for aperitifs or as coasters.


Tips for sustainable eating

The statutes of the “slow food” association in France and Italy speak of “the practice of a distinct quality of life, based on respect of the natural pace of life and times, of the environment and the health of consumers”. Below we offer some tips to put it into practice in day-to-day life and thus enjoy healthier and more environmentally friendly meals:

  1. Prioritise in your diet products of a vegetable origin: fruit, vegetables, cereals, tubers, nuts and pulses. Foods of an animal origin have a greater impact on the environment (and on our health), so that they should be included in a more moderate way.
  2. Plan the shopping basket: you will achieve menus that are more balanced and avoid buying excess food that you cannot eat later.
  3. Buy seasonal products and from local suppliers
  4. … If you go to the local shops, don’t use the car to go shopping. You therefore also reduce the impact on the environment 😉
  5. Cook your own dishes whenever possible. You will help maintain the culinary traditions of your area!
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