Placemats for a perfect picnic

The good weather comes and we feel like getting out of the house, enjoying nature to the full. Organising a picnic is a very good way of mixing fun, fresh air and fine food. Do you dare? We share the best placemats for picnics and other practical tips for an unforgettable day with friends and family.

[The good weather comes and we feel like getting out of the house, enjoying nature to the full. Organising a picnic is a very good way of mixing fun, fresh air and fine food. Do you dare? We share the best placemats for picnics and other practical tips for an unforgettable day with friends and family.
Meals in the country have always been one of the most common leisure activities for all social classes. From the more popular and improvised teas in the country with the family to big banquets in attractive gardens, which require more complex planning.
Today there are also a many types of picnic, but they all have two elements in common: the food and the fresh air, the space where we organise it. It is precisely the fact of decontextualizing the gastronomy from its usual setting (dining rooms) that makes the experience particularly attractive, although it can also bring us the odd headache.
Placemats for picnics are in fact one of the best solutions for enjoying the meal in the utmost comfort and, at the same time, not having to give up the elegance and style with which we want to customise our day out.

Placemats for picnics, a safe bet

As we explain in an earlier article (Paper or cotton napkins?), the MY DRAP cotton napkins and placemats allow us to enjoy maximum practicality and hygiene without giving up the presence and style of more traditional fabrics.
In the case of organising a picnic, the advantages of using MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins are even more obvious:

  • Absorbent and pleasant to touch placemats and cotton napkins. Made with 100% cotton or 50% linen, we enjoy the meal to the utmost. For their feel and appearance they can be used in informal picnics but also in more formal gatherings (if you have doubts, check our article “Table decoration for country weddings”)
  • Placemats occupy little space, are light and easy to carry. The cotton napkins come in a practical pre-cut roll, and seamless.
  • The placemats are versatile and functional: they adapt to the number of diners in each meal. No need to worry about the size of the tablecloth or the type of table. The fact is, when we go for a picnic, we don’t always know what type of table we are going to find.
  • Hygiene: placemats and cotton napkins can be used for a single use (you don’t need bring them back home), or if you prefer you can wash them and keep them for another time.
  • Variety. You have an extensive catalogue of placemats and cotton napkins, with a great variety of designs and colours.
  • We take care of the environment. Going on a picnic means enjoying nature but always showing respect. The MY DRAP fabrics are not only reusable, as we mentioned, but also in their manufacturing process criteria of sustainability are taken into account.

Choose the placemats for each occasion

As we mentioned, there are a great variety of types of picnics or country meals. It depends on the degree of formality (planning), the space in which we organise it, the diners, the food… Below we suggest some collections of placemats for different types of de picnics.

Placemats for a picnic by the sea

If you are thinking of organising a picnic by the sea, whether on the beach or in a nearby spot, we recommend you use marine colour placemats, such as blue and white.

At MY DRAP you have two collections with abstract patterns that are just perfect: Muslin (with thin light blue stripes on a white background) and Seafood (with placemats and napkins that alternate the series of navy blue and white dots).

If you like more figurative designs you can choose the Ocean collection, made from recycled cotton: the placemats are petrol blue and the cotton napkins show attractive illustrations of marine animals. The kiddies will simply love them!
If you want more details about decoration and ideas for organising a seafaring meal, check our article: Placemats for a seafaring meal.

Placemats for 100% recycled picnic

Another MY DRAP collection manufactured in recycled cotton is the Veggie, the perfect fusion between nature and gastronomy. In this case the placemats are in an elegant English green and the cotton napkins have patterns of different vegetables.

For colour, theme and type of fabric, it is a perfect collection for decorating a country meal. If you want to enjoy your “slow food” moment to the maximum, in total harmony with the rhythms of nature, check out Recycled cotton: the perfect complement for your “slow food” moment, in which you will also find tips for preparing a 100% sustainable meal.

Placemats for a traditional picnic

For the more classical occasions, there is no doubt the ideal option is Picnic Gingham Red, with the mythical red and white check. You can combine the cotton napkins from this collection with placemats from the Basics collection, in natural or red. An essential touch for your outdoor meal!

Furthermore, the cotton napkins from this collection are also perfect for giving a rural touch to your sandwiches.

Remember that you can check out all the designs of MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins on the web, where you will also find an extensive catalogue of basic colours to make your own combinations 😉

Tips for organising a successful picnic

Beyond the placemats and napkins, there are other aspects that you should take into account to ensure that the desired relaxing meal in the fresh air does not become a time of stress and frustration.

  • Choose the place carefully. Especially if there are small children, or if you are carrying a lot of weight, ensure that it is easy to reach and that there is enough space. The fresh air has many virtues but can also mean inconveniences: too hot, insects… also think about this to avoid unpleasant surprises 😉
  • Think about a balanced menu, easy to prepare and carry: sandwiches, salads and other ingredients for tasty starters (cheeses, pickles, cured meats…), your favourite bread (today there is a great variety available!).
  • For dessert the best thing is fresh fruit: grapes, strawberries, berries, apples… Assess whether it is necessary to bring it in a cooler so that it is more attractive and kept in better condition.
  • Trust in the most natural drink possible: water, the best option for staying hydrated. Wine (or even a bottle of champagne) will give a special touch to your outdoor meal.
  • Choose light crockery, which will not break and can be reusable (to take care of the environment). Don’t forget to take a couple of good knives, rubbish bags and a blanket to sit on the ground (if the case).

So, with all this info, go and enjoy your picnic!

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