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Although we think that their only use is to discreetly clean our lips and hands after eating, cotton napkins are an essential element for the table. However, what do the MY DRAP cotton napkins have that make them so special?

Although we think that their only use is to discreetly clean our lips and hands after eating, cotton napkins are an essential element for the table to look attractive, whether for a formal or informal meal.

Today there is a great variety of cotton napkins, from patterns or sizes to different textures, and choosing one can be harder than you think.

However, what do the MY DRAP cotton napkins have that make them so special and different?

Advantages of MY DRAP cotton napkins

  • They come in a pre-cut roll and are seamless. They are practical and occupy little space, so you can have them ready at home for those more improvised gatherings.
  • They are environmentally-friendly. As well as being reusable, in their manufacturing process we take the question of sustainability into account: they are not produced with chemical products.
  • They are absorbent and pleasant to touch. They are made with 100% cotton, 50% linen or recycled cotton, a material that is extremely environmentally friendly.
  • They are hygienic. They can be single-use only or washed at home and reused.
  • Extensive catalogue. There are a variety of sizes, formats and colours that you can combine with the MY DRAP placemats from the same collection of other shades. You choose!
  • You can customise them!

And if you want to know the differences between paper and cotton napkins, just read our article “An alternative to paper napkins?”.

Create unique cotton napkins

Have you got a wedding, baptism, communion or anniversary coming up? With MY DRAP you can give a personal touch to your table and amaze your guests with customised cotton napkins.

The process for customising them is very simple! You just have to enter the “Personalisation” section of the MY DRAP web page, choose from among three sizes of fabric available and enter a text with the font and colour you like most and/or choose from among the pre-designed images that we offer you. You will mark the difference!

How to choose the size of the cotton napkins well

MY DRAP has a variety of sizes for cotton napkins: 11x11cm, 20x20cm and 32x32cm. However, what size should we use if we are organising a cocktail? And for more informal gatherings?

  • The 11x11cm napkins are ideal for cocktails and aperitifs or as coasters in both formal and informal gatherings.
  • If you are in a professional meeting, family gathering, with friends… the 20x20cm napkins are perfect for giving our table this elegant and formal touch.
  • For dinners and suppers, or for more formal and special events at home, the 32x32cm napkins are ideal for these occasions.

In our article “Cotton napkins: how to use them on the table” we explain in a detailed way how to choose the size of the cotton napkins and how to use them correctly.

Fabrics for each occasion

At MY DRAP you will find 100% cotton napkins and placemats such as our Basics Cotton collection.
Of high quality, the cotton can absorb dampness slowly and store it. The cotton thread also has a certain elasticity, making it easy to iron and to maintain the fabric.

If you prefer to give personality to your table, linen napkins will be a safe bet when choosing how to dress the table. It is a natural, quality fabric, pleasant to touch and with a unique presence, because one of the main features of linen is its ability to absorb a certain amount of water without feeling damp.

You can find napkins and placemats made with this material in our Basics Linen collections.

Find out about this fabric in our article “Linen napkins, a touch of elegance on the table”; go ahead and try it!

Finally, we present our recycled cotton napkins. At MY DRAP we think the environment is very important, and this is why in our latest collection we have added more products of this type of fabric.

Colours to amaze your guests

If you want to impress your dinner guests, MY DRAP offers you a variety of colours and patterns on your cotton napkins that you can combine with the placemats from the same collection or with other shades and give this touch of personality on your table.

The purest colour on your table

White undoubtedly creates a good impression, transmitting pureness and calm on the table. The Cream colour Basics cotton napkins collection offers us an infinite number of combinations to create a most sophisticated yet spontaneous atmosphere.

At MY DRAP you can find natural colour cotton napkins in two different fabrics: 100% cotton or 50% cotton and 50% linen. Ensured success for your more formal and elegant gatherings!

Calm and harmony with blue shades

For a more relaxed atmosphere, the Foggy Blue will send you this peace and harmony that recalls the blue of the sky.

You can combine it with placemats from the same collection or choose different colours such as plain, natural, or the variants of blue that MY DRAP offer you.

If you prefer freshening up the atmosphere, our green colour collections will be the ones to choose. And if you want to create a serious and elegant space, then black or grey shades will be your allies.

The boldest pattern

If you are a daring person, the Animal Print recycled cotton napkins have one of the patterns with most personality.

They are ideal for a special meal with your friends and for those gatherings or events of a more formal nature.

Achieve different combinations matching the black or curry colour cotton napkins.

Geometric elegance on the table

To achieve an elegant touch on your table, the linen napkins from the Vivo collection with a meticulous design of golden lines of dots that form geometric shapes will give you this warm atmosphere you are seeking.

You can combine them with other napkins from the same collection, with napkins of different sizes and colours from the Basics collection, or with this year’s MY DRAP design collections.

Discover our whole range of colours, fabrics and sizes in our cotton napkins and placemats on our web page!

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