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MY DRAP, an elegant alternative to paper napkins

We normally associate paper napkins with quicker and informal gatherings and cotton napkins with more traditional and formal meals. Nevertheless, can we have a table set and ready without using paper napkins?

We normally associate paper napkins with quicker and informal gatherings and cotton napkins with more traditional and formal meals. Nevertheless, can we have a table set and ready without using paper napkins?

In this article we want to explain the differences between paper napkins and the MY DRAP cotton napkins. Elegance and practicality in the same concept. Carry on reading!

Paper or cotton napkins?

The main advantages of paper napkins is that they are of a single use, you don’t have to wash, fold or iron them and they occupy less space than conventional cotton napkins. However, we use cotton napkins to give a more perfectionist and welcoming touch, due to their feel and appearance, transmitting calm and warmth.

MY DRAP has brought together the practicality of paper napkins with the quality of cotton ones to create a unique product. The fact is that the MY DRAP cotton napkins are:

  • Pleasant to touch. You can choose between cotton, recycled cotton or linen.
  • Seamless. They are in a practical pre-cut roll and seamless, so they occupy less space. They are ready to use, since they are perfectly ironed.
  • Environmentally friendly. Not only are they reusable, but they are also not produced with chemical products.
  • Aesthetic and versatile. There are a great variety of colours, textures and sizes with which you can dress the table to your taste. Moreover, you can make the most of them with a twofold use: customise notebook covers and even decorate Christmas trees with your favourite fabrics. You will find more ideas in our article “Creative ideas with your cotton napkins”.
  • They are customisable. With the MY DRAP cotton napkins you will be able to customise them and give a personal touch to your table. You will amaze you guests!

MY DRAP for each occasion

After knowing the main features of paper and cotton napkins, we suggest different times when you will be able to use the MY DRAP cotton napkins and placemats. Take note!

Napkins for special moments

Are you thinking of preparing a meal with friends?

The Animal Print collection is one of the patterns with most personality. Its napkins are soft and pleasant to touch and they are also manufactured with recycled cotton.

You can obtain different combinations matching with the cotton napkins and placemats in black or curry colour. If you prefer, you can try alternating the colours of the fabrics: half of the diners with curry colour placemats and the other with the black placemats.

This collection is ideal for combining with black or white crockery. You will thus create a formal and elegant atmosphere while turning your table into something quite unique. Your guests will be charmed!

Napkins for a special supper

For a special celebration, forget about paper napkins.

With the MY DRAP Vivo collection you will be able to create a warm and elegant atmosphere for your table. It has a detailed geometric design in gold on a raw colour base. It is perfect for a special supper with your family or partner.

Both the cotton napkins and placemats are made from linen, a natural quality fabric, pleasant to touch and with a unique presence. You can combine them with other napkins from the same collection or match them with the Basics Cream Linen collection.

You can decorate the table with candles and use gold colour cutlery to harmonise with the colour of the collection.

Napkins for an afternoon tea in company

The most logical thing for an afternoon tea at home is to use paper napkins. But why not mark the difference with some cotton napkins?

With the 100% cotton Tea Flowers collection, one of the most classical patterns with the Blue Mist background, you will create a unique table.

For those seeking a quiet moment to chat with your friends and family, these cotton napkins are an absolute must for afternoon tea.

Napkins to celebrate Christmas

Although there is still some time to go until this very special day, it is important to get things ready in advance, since the Christmas table is unique in the whole year.

As we have mentioned before, for special celebrations it is fundamental not to use paper napkins. Amaze your guests with the Silver Stars! Christmas napkins. An interesting pattern with silver snowflakes on a raw colour that will be subtly noticeable. Manufactured with linen fabric, this collection is ideal for people looking for napkins to use throughout the winter.

You can find rolls of napkins of different sizes. For this very special day, we recommend you use all the Christmas napkins:

  • Napkins 11x11cm: for their size and design, they are perfect for using as coasters or for the bread plate.
  • Napkins 20x20cm: you can place them below the cutlery. They will give the table this elegant and formal touch.
  • Napkins 32x32cm: ideal for this very special occasion, you can place them between the charger and the soup dish.

Combine this collection with other Christmas napkins, with napkins of different colours from the Basics collection or with the MY DRAP Christmas collections such as Silver Wood, with which you will offer a stylish design and amaze your guests.

Did you know that the napkins also form a major part of the table decoration? Finish by giving this touch of elegance to the table by choosing Christmas placemats that match the napkins or with a more abstract pattern.

In fact Christmas placemats have many advantages:

  • They are original and elegant.
  • They enable a more perfectionist and customised decoration.
  • They make it easier to lay and clear the table.
  • There are different designs with which you will be able to provide the atmosphere we are seeking for the table: from red, green or golden Christmas placemats to patterns with snowflakes.

You have the possibility of alternating the colours of the placemats and Christmas napkins and including elements such as candles, mistletoe and pine cones scattered around the table. You can even highlight the silvery details of the Silver Stars! napkins with red details on the table. You will create a magical Christmas atmosphere!

If you want more ideas for decoration, don’t hesitate to check out our article “Ideas for the Christmas table decorations”.

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