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MY DRAP, also on the table of the professional

They are the perfect solution for daily and special meals at home, but did you know that the MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins originated in the professional sector? A wide variety of single-use fabrics that can be customised for hotels, restaurants, catering and all types of events.

They are the perfect solution for daily and special meals at home, but did you know that the MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins originated in the professional sector? A wide variety of single-use fabrics that can be customised for hotels, restaurants, catering and all types of events.

In fact MY DRAP offers the only single-use fabric in the market, perfect for coasters, napkins for events, table napkins, placemats and table runners.

In fact, and as we will also explain in this article, the very history of MY DRAP comes from this desire to respond to the concerns and needs of the hotel and catering industry’s professionals. It was later when it adapted the product for the home sector.

MY DRAP for professionals?

On many occasions we have spoken about the characteristics of the MY DRAP fabrics: 100% cotton, recycled cotton or linen, of a single use, pre-cut and seamless. Can you imagine being able to benefit from all this and more in your business? Moreover, you can choose from among a great variety of colours, patterns and fabrics, which you can customise in the way you want.

Advantages of using MY DRAP

  • MY DRAP placemats and cotton napkins are absorbent and pleasant to touch. They are made with different types of fabrics, which you can choose according to your preferences and needs: linen, classical cotton, ottoman cotton, recycled cotton, air cotton.
  • To sum up, we are speaking of elegant table linen, with a presence and quality feel, and of a single use. With the advantages that that involves: practicality, hygiene, and saving in time and laundrette costs.
  • We deliver the napkins for events and table napkins to you in the way that suits you best: in a practical pre-cut roll, flat or in different types of fold (triangle, half, quarters, cutlery holder or squared). Ready to place on the table!
  • Customisation: turn your table napkins and napkins for events into a powerful marketing tool. We have more than 20 colours available in which you can include your corporate image or the design you want and how you want it (in the centre, in a corner, with border…). Enter our web page and find out!
  • You can choose the format and the amounts that most suit your needs. We have different sizes of napkins for events and coasters, table napkins placemats and table runners. Combine them to create a unique and special atmosphere!
  • A unique product. With the MY DRAP table linen you will definitely amaze your clients.
  • Respect for the environment. Criteria of sustainability are taken into account in the manufacturing of the MY DRAP textiles.

Napkins for events

Due to their characteristics, versatility of sizes and designs, the MY DRAP textiles are perfect for accompanying a great variety of events. They will become the detail that marks the difference for sure!

The napkins for events are available in a wide range of sizes: 10x10cm, 10x20cm, 11x11cm, 15x30cm, 16x16cm, 20x20cm and 25x25cm. The napkins for events are perfect for aperitifs and as coasters in more formal settings, while the larger or rectangular ones are particularly designed for coffee breaks at conventions, lunches and other celebrations.

Among the more than twenty colours of napkins for events you can choose the more classical ones such as Natural or Black, or be bold with more daring palettes such as Caribbean Green, Curry or Pistachio, among others.

Table napkins

In the table napkin category you will also find different sizes and formats, in order to choose the one that most meets your needs and characteristics of your establishment.

As well as the classical square table napkins (of 32x32cm and 40x40cm) at MY DRAP we have created the smart napkins, table napkins in a rectangular shape (of 20x40cm and 25x50cm) that bring benefits to the client and the professional alike:

  • On being rectangular, these table napkins are perfect for placing on the lap practically and comfortably.
  • On being produced with less fabric than the square table napkins, we can manufacture a product with lower costs, and without losing functionality!
  • They can be folded easily to create a practical and elegant cutlery holder. In fact, MY DRAP can deliver the table napkins ready-folded like this, or in other presentation formats, whatever is most convenient for you!

For table napkins you also have a wide palette of colours available: from the lightest (Natural, Sand or Pearl Grey) to others with more presence and character (English Green, Bordeaux or Carmine Red), among many others.

Placemats and table runners

As well as napkins for events and table napkins, at MY DRAP we also offer an extensive catalogue of placemats and table runners, a practical and elegant solution for the table decoration in hotels and restaurants.

You can also customise them as you wish: choosing the type of fabric, colours, sizes, and if you want, add a design or corporate element.

In placemats you can choose from three different sizes: 40×30 cm, 48x32cm and 50x30cm, while the table runners measure 40x100cm. Both options give you great versatility and speed when laying and clearing the table, at the same time giving a touch of elegance and personality to the space.

Once again, you have a wide range of colours available to you with which you can create unique and stunning combinations!

The origins of MY DRAP, 4 generations dedicated to textiles

It all began in 1917, when Maria Bou and Antonio Guasch started up a family business in textile finishes in the old industrial district of Poblenou (Barcelona). Antonio’s premature death made Marta one of the first women entrepreneurs of the time.

Their sons, Cinto and Monti, grew up inside the family business. The eldest, who learnt continually and was completely self-taught, applied changes to the production processes that made the factory more flexible.

This capacity for adaptation and specialisation were also the keys in later overcoming the oil crisis or that of the explosion of Asian production, which destroyed other companies at the time.

Quite the opposite with Mercerizados Guasch, established in Monistrol since the 1980s. Thanks to its commitment to research into technology, the company saw a new product emerge: the first seamless textile cloths in a roll in the market.

Under the brand name of ROLL DRAP innovative seamless cotton cloths on a roll were presented, which guaranteed the maximum level of hygiene.

Then came MY DRAP, cotton napkins and placemats, also presented on a roll and seamless. It is a product you can find in top shops and emblematic hotels in cities such as Paris or New York. They are now available in our e-commerce shops for professionals and individuals.

Thus, the great-grandchildren of Maria Bou and Antonio Guasch continue working so that TEXIA continually evolves. This desire for progress is what enables the company to celebrate, today, more than 100 years of experience in the textile sector, always with a commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability.

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