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Linen napkins, a touch of elegance on the table

Do you want to give character to your table? Linen napkins have that more irregular, hand-crafted aspect that we like so much. It is a textile of plant origin, of quality, with character and elegance, which will help you dress the table with a touch of distinction and authenticity. Go on, try it!

Do you want to give character to your table? Linen napkins have that more irregular, hand-crafted aspect that we like so much. It is a textile of plant origin, of quality, with character and elegance, which will help you dress the table with a touch of distinction and authenticity. Go on, try it!

Cotton is undoubtedly the most used textile in table linen, so for those occasions in which we look for something different a good alternative may be to begin changing the table dressing. If a few months ago we introduced you to cotton ottoman, in today’s article we focus on linen napkins, a complement that may help us obtain much more scope when dressing the table.

What are linen napkins like?


Linen is a textile fibre of plant origin: the stem of the plant (linum usitatissimum) is used to make the fabrics and the seed for flour and oil. It seems that it was the first plant fibre that was accepted in the textile industry and, before the knowledge of cotton and until the 18th century, was the most important in Europe after wool.

Unlike cotton, with more regular threads, in linen the diameter of the threads is more irregular, with some knots or thicker parts. This provides it with this unique and hand-crafted character for linen napkins.

Another feature of this fabric is that it can absorb a certain amount of water without feeling damp. In summer it is a perfect solution since it absorbs the heat without sticking to the body, and evaporates the water quickly. This is what gives it that touch of freshness that now we can pass on to our tables.  

To sum up, it is a
natural fabric, of quality, pleasant to touch and with a unique presence. In order to make the MY DRAP linen napkins, we mix 50% linen and 50% cotton while maintaining the same characteristics:

    • high absorption
    • seamless
    • convenient pre-cut roll
    • of single use or reusable (easy to wash at home)

Linen napkins, a design for every occasion

Once we’ve decided to go for linen napkins, we should choose from one or other collection according to the atmosphere we want to create. We should also take into account combining linen napkins and placemats with other elements (functional and decorative) of the table and the space. At MY DRAP we offer different ideas in plain colours and prints.

Silver Stars! Collection

 width=Linen napkins and placemats printed with silver snowflakes on a white background. Although it might seem like a collection just for Christmas, the abstract design of the snowflakes and the brightness of the textiles make them ideal for any time of the year. The Silver Stars! collection is a versatile option, which you can accompany with a more formal or day-to-day decoration.


Colección Splash!


Also in silvery colours on a white background, the Silver Splash! collection conjures up fun-filled and creative splashes perfect for accompanying a relaxing meal without surrendering a morsel of glamour. A refreshing and festive design, ideal for your night-time celebrations.

The same pattern is also available in Golden colours, with the Golden Splash! collection, although perhaps we would recommend you save these warmer shades for Christmas gatherings, where we are looking for a cosier atmosphere.


Basics collection

If you prefer more sober textiles, with a more formal air and with which you have a greater margin for the decoration, we recommend you use placemats and linen napkins in plain colours. We provide you with a variety of shades:
 width=Basics natural linen: un color claro y acogedor que nos conecta con la tierra y nuestros orígenes. Una colección de servilletas de lino y manteles individuales especialmente indicada para una comida al aire libre, en una mesa de madera y con una vajilla de color crema o crudo.

Basics cream linen: brightness and elegance to accompany our more classical celebrations. If you love cream colour but want to give the table a distinctive touch, you can combine your linen napkins and placemats with those of the deep grey collection. You will create a space with more personality 😉
 width=Basics water green linen: a subtle touch of colour that will help you refresh the summer celebrations. Placemats and linen napkins also perfect for enjoying on the terrace or in the garden.

Basics intense grey linen: a darker idea, a touch of sophistication perfect for combining with light-coloured crockery, creating an elegant contrast with character. Perfect for your more formal suppers.


Tips for dressing an elegant table

s well as the colours and patterns, if we want to surprise our guest or guests with a more distinguished table and with style, we should take the following points into account:

  • Placemats are our best allies. You don’t have to worry about the size of the table and placemats, everything fits perfectly and will help us give a perfect finishing touch to our celebration 🙂
  • When placing the crockery don’t forget the charger plate, matching the other pieces. It should be placed about 2 centimetres from the edge of the table.
  • For the cutlery: spoons and knives (with the blade facing inwards) to the right, and the fork to the left. The cutlery for the dessert is placed on the upper part: the spoon with the handle towards the right and, below, the fork in the opposite direction.
  • The glasses are always placed from the centre of the plate to the right, with the tallest in the inner part of the service. The champagne or cava glass is generally placed behind.
  • For the decoration you can look for something that helps you give personality to the table, but without overloading it. You don’t always need to use a large centrepiece of flowers; often it is better to use small recipients with fresh or dried flowers.

And if you are preparing a romantic supper, here you have more details about how to dress the table for this type of occasion 😉

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