Environmental policy: our commitment to the environment

At TEXIA we are firmly committed to developing an environmental policy that respects the planet. We extend this aim to the different brands under which we market textile products for …

At TEXIA we are firmly committed to developing an environmental policy that respects the planet. We extend this aim to the different brands under which we market textile products for the hospitality sector through MY DRAP, as well as ROLLDRAP and DAY DRAP.

We invite you to take a detailed look at the keys to our environmental commitment, including the values that guide us, among other topics.

Our values

Since the company was founded back in 1917 as a small manufacturing plant in Barcelona, we have always stayed loyal to a series of values:

  • This is one of our priorities at each stage in the production of the items we manufacture. We try to reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible. To this end, we have taken on board the EU’s environmental policies, the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations.
  • We sell leading products that are the result of a process in which we pay attention to every detail in order to achieve the highest quality.
  • Creativity and innovation. These two factors have allowed us to set ourselves apart from our competitors. Our products move away from more traditional textile production, allowing us to conquer markets beyond Spain’s borders.
  • More than a century of accumulated experience serves as a guarantee of our good work. It also acts as a letter of recommendation to customers, to whom we offer a tailor-made service.
  • We are able to swiftly adapt to changes in the market or to the needs of our customers. This is the result of our know-how and the technology available to us. Our Seamless technology allows us to reduce energy consumption and the use of raw materials. It is unique and sustainable.

This is our vision and our mission

Since we started operations, our mission has been focused on creating and manufacturing products of indisputable quality. We sell them all over the world and we also produce textile finishes for other companies.

Our contribution to the textile sector is based on transparency and honesty, without overlooking the value and strength that we offer. We also contribute to making it more sustainable.

The growth of our company in its efforts to develop its own technologies and products is also sustainable. This is our vision.

Discover our commitments

We have made a number of commitments at TEXIA. Here we will introduce you to each of them:

1. Our commitment to renewable materials

This is a constant theme for us, as you can see in the following points:

  • Raw materials. The materials we use are 100% natural, such as linen and cotton. We improve the production of the latter, both in terms of the people who grow it and the environment, as part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). In addition, we will soon be incorporating recovered and recycled cotton into some of our products.
  • We use recycled cardboard to produce packaging that has a reduced impact on nature.
  • R&D&ECO. We design new items and update the classics in line with ecological criteria. This gave rise to aprons made of potato starch on cotton, masks, aluminium foil substitutes, etc.

2. Our commitment in production processes

We do this by:

  • Reducing water consumption.
  • Using 100% green energy certified by CNMC.
  • Performing ongoing carbon footprint
  • Promoting the circular economy.

3. Environmental management

This gives rise to the following activities:

  • In addition to our 2021-2025 sustainability plan, we also comply with environmental, industrial safety and occupational risk prevention laws.
  • Energy efficiency applied to water and steam generation.
  • Reduction of water consumption.
  • Annual emission controls.
  • Waste management based on recycling, segregation, etc.

The different certifications that we have obtained are the best endorsement of the environmental protection policies that we have been developing for years. Other certificates are already underway and will only serve to confirm the path we have embarked on to reduce our carbon footprint and become an even more sustainable company.

In short, our company’s commitment is multidimensional and is perfectly embodied in the sustainability strategy of the TEXIA GUASCH GROUP. It sets out our goals for the 2021-2030 period, which are ambitious but not impossible. They include reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30%, increasing this to 80% by 2030. Other targets will be to use 99% BCI cotton by 2025 and 50% organic cotton by 2030.

The MY DRAP brand, together with ROLLDRAP and DAY DRAP, will reflect the progress made by TEXIA. If you would like to find out more about our lines of work in the area of sustainability, please take a look at the document containing our environmental policy.

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