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Christmas is a time of tradition, personal encounters and commemorative feasts. Careful, functional and attractive table decoration is a decisive differentiating factor. To this end, our cloth napkins and placemats …

Christmas is a time of tradition, personal encounters and commemorative feasts. Careful, functional and attractive table decoration is a decisive differentiating factor. To this end, our cloth napkins and placemats are the perfect solution to achieve that exquisite ambience that helps you to enjoy every family meal to the fullest.

Do you prefer to stick to the usual Christmas approach or are you more of an innovator and break the mould year after year? When it comes to aesthetics, both are valid. That’s why MY DRAP has two main lines of cotton and linen collections: the classic series and the innovative series. In both cases, they come in a pre-cut roll, are washable and allow you to accompany your dishes with care, reflecting your personality and tastes.

Here we are going to focus on the traditional classics of our Christmas Collection, which will allow you to experience the Christmas of a lifetime , with table decorations that Father Christmas and the Three Wise Men would wish for in their homes. Take a look at each of them, you’ll fall in love with their prints and textures!

Green Tartan

Do you like plaid? They always invoke an expressive force full of intensity, discretion and elegance. Here, the napkins and tablecloths included in this series bring new life into the British aesthetic with a very charismatic and groundbreaking touch.

On an English green background, the Green Tartan squares are superimposed with great vibrancy, lines of differing sizes and attractive colours such as yellow, orange-red and dark green. It’s a very British style!

It is a pattern that is both discreet and attractive. With plain crockery in soft shades of white, cream or pastel yellow, you will achieve an impeccable and distinguished table that would not look out of place in an Anglo-Saxon embassy in any corner of the world. Your guests will admire the elegant, subtle and slightly conservative result of this decoration and, of course, the lovely softness of these high quality textiles.

Pine Cone

However, if you prefer a more youthful, cheerful and colourful approach, Pine Cone cloth napkins and placemats will make you fall in love at first sight. Think of a Christmas tree in two colours, classic, bright, attention-grabbing. You will probably have conjured up a fir tree decorated with gold and red balls. Why? Because these are the two most emblematic and popular colours for this festive season.

This is why this colour combination is unrivalled when it comes to dressing up your table in a traditional but at the same time dazzling and lively way. The deep red background, as bold as Santa’s outfit, is evenly dotted with a fine gold-toned print that represents those moments of happiness and light that the Christmas season usually brings.

If you have children in your home, they will love this evocative decoration that fills your Christmas table with charm, magic and colour.

Always Christmas

We have more inspiring and visually stunning options to dress your table. One of our most established series, which is always a Christmas hit year after year, is Always Christmas. This is a very distinguished pattern to set the scene for a dinner or a meal during the festive season.

It has the additional special feature that, in a single series, it combines two or four different Christmas designs, depending on the size chosen. Which one do you like best? In any case, the ornamental superimposition of the gold arabesques on the bluish-black background, very elegant and powerful, achieves a spectacular effect when the table is dressed.

If you complete this ensemble with white tableware, the effect will be magnificent and exquisite. However, if you want to project an even more sophisticated and voluptuous image, look for gold-toned plates and the sense of exclusivity, luxury and wealth you will achieve will be powerful.


We end with this series whose name could not be more expressive. Its design is inspired by the traditional Christmas Eve flower and the red colour that has always symbolised Christmas. In this intense, passionate and striking colour scheme, the borders are foliage that have a certain mandala-like character, giving it a fantastic hypnotic power. Your guests will be stunned, as they notice these tablecloths and napkins!

In addition to an appealing ambiance, they provide relaxation, balance and harmony, because the gradient red tone of the motifs creates a nice effect of continuity in the overall visual perception.

They also have the added attraction of being made from recycled cotton, which allows you to raise your eco-awareness at dinner. Noel is, in short, an admirable, homely, colourful and effective choice to get it right, with simplicity and visual richness.

What do you think of these cloth napkins and placemats that, Christmas after Christmas, continue to shine at a large number of celebrations? It creates the ideal homely atmosphere to get together with your loved ones. Fill your tables with tradition and beauty.

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