Cotton napkins for every room in the house

Cotton napkins are not only used on the dining table, there is also a place for them in other areas of the house. If you want practical cotton napkins with …

Cotton napkins are not only used on the dining table, there is also a place for them in other areas of the house. If you want practical cotton napkins with a modern design and, above all, ones that are perfect for making every situation a unique moment, discover MY DRAP cotton napkins.

Cotton napkins for any occasion

A Christmas table, perfectly dressed guests, everything in place… and, of course, matching cotton napkins. We always associate these types of napkins with particularly special moments and leave the paper napkins for other occasions of the year. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Choose stylish cotton napkins that are perfect for any occasion and best of all… you can either reuse them or dispose of them.

So, if you have never used cotton napkins so you didn’t have to wash and iron them afterwards, MY DRAP has it all sorted. Reusable or disposable cotton napkins.

So, when can you use them? There is a MY DRAP cotton napkin for every moment: you can use them when having a drink on the terrace, in your home office, in the living room while watching a film or even in the bedroom.

Which design should you use for each occasion? We’re going to tell you right now. So, take note!

  • For the terrace or balcony

Enjoy the good weather before the summer is over or get ready for spring with the Vermut&Tapas collection.

These cotton napkins which imitate the legendary blue-line design that borders the whole napkin and that used to be part of the paper napkins used in traditional bars, are ideal for the terrace.

Put them with your vermouth, beer or glass of wine, some olives and crisps. You won’t need anything else to amaze your guests or just to spend a great time with your partner while you enjoy the sun.

They’re also great if you’re going on a picnic and want to prepare a really smart basket. Get yourself some of them if you like to take care of things down to the smallest detail, including for the countryside or the beach.

  • For your home office

Check out this collection if you love a mid-morning coffee or tea, or a cake with a sandwich or sweets in your home office, recycled cotton.

A must in terms of recycled cotton napkins that you should always have at home. In addition, its creamy texture and colour looks great on almost any occasion. Always keep them in your bottom drawer.

  • For your bedroom

Do you love breakfast in bed on a tray with orange juice, coffee, toast and a newspaper? Then choose the Natural Linen collection.

They are super stylish and are made of 50% cotton and 50% linen and are available in 4 colours. Perfect to complement a beautiful breakfast tray with style.

What do we recommend? Use a single colour or combine colours together to surprise someone on a special breakfast in bed day.

They are perfect for special breakfasts, surprise someone with a one-of-a-kind breakfast, with minimal effort.

  • For the living room

Do you love snacking in the living room while watching a film or your favourite series? We recommend the Lipstick Red collection.

An ideal collection to brighten up cold winter evenings and nights or to combine with the joy of summer. Besides, its colour and basic design adapt to any season of the year.

They are made of 100% cotton to dress your living room as it is meant to be. The result: elegant and comfortable cotton napkins.

They are perfect for tastefully dressing up a beautiful table in just a few seconds! If you complain about not having time for anything, choose them.

And if you are a fan of La Casa de Papel, these cotton napkins will go better than any other, while you watch the famous Netflix TV series.

What makes MY DRAP cotton napkins so popular?

These cotton napkins have their place in the market because they have endless advantages!

  • 100% hygienic and safe.
  • You don’t have to wash them (although they are reusable).
  • You can choose from several collections for every moment. For a romantic meal, a meeting with friends, one of your kids’ birthdays…
  • Environmentally The manufacturing process respects the environment and complies with legal and ethical regulations and certifications.
  • Practical pre-cut roll that you can easily carry around.
  • They take up very little space.
  • Very nice touch and highly absorbent.
  • Perfect to take them to the beach or the countryside, or even as a gift.

So, if you like cotton napkins, but you don’t use them because you don’t want to wash and iron them afterwards, check out MY DRAP cotton napkins.

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