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Cotton napkins and placemats for the most-awaited gatherings

In the last few months, how often have we thought about when we will be able to meet up again with our family and friends? What we saw as being so far away, is now a reality. Why not amaze the much-awaited guests with a pretty decoration with cotton napkins and placemats?

In the last few months, how often have we thought about when we will be able to meet up again with our family and friends? Since the state of alarm was announced we have not been able to see our loved ones at home.

Gradually, however, the rules are changing and the restrictions are being eased off, the much-awaited gatherings becoming increasingly closer.

Small gatherings, big details on the table

There are thousands of things we have not been able to do because of this health crisis. What was a regular family get-together at home has become an impossible event for over two months.

We have coffees and aperitifs with friends, cook family dinners, celebrate birthdays… But what we saw as being so far away, is now a reality. In many homes in Spain it has been possible to have family reunions for some days —but with less than 10 diners, of course! —. So we should not forget that the table has always been of the utmost importance. Because the table is the centre of the meeting and the very best moments take shape around it!

With this in mind, why not amaze the much-awaited guests with a pretty decoration with cotton napkins and placemats?

Choose single-use cotton napkins and placemats

Having the convenience of paper napkins with the quality and elegance of conventional cotton napkins is possible. The MY DRAP single use cotton napkins provide these features!

Moreover, the firm’s placemats are much easier to store and remove from the table than traditional fabric tablecloths.

On being of individualised, single-use we are guaranteed 100% hygiene and safety for our health.

All you have to do, then, is lay them, use them, and throw them away! This way we do not run the risk of being in contact with germs and bacteria.

At MY DRAP we are respectful to the environment. This is why our products are manufactured in cotton, recycled cotton or linen, following environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Because now more than ever, hygiene and cleanliness play a very important role. That is why both the MY DRAP cotton napkins and placemats have big advantages:

  • Although they can be reused, they are noteworthy for being hygienic and their capacity to be used just once. This will avoid an accumulation of germs.
  • That are ready to use. They come perfectly ironed, so you just have to lay them on the table and amaze your guests.
  • They come in a practical, pre-cut roll. Pleasant to touch, they are seamless, so they occupy less space than conventional cotton napkins and tablecloths.
  • There is an extensive catalogue of designs, sizes, fabrics and colours available. From cotton, recycled cotton or linen placemats to cotton napkins with animal patterns!

Special reunions with MY DRAP

There is nothing better than sharing our time with family and friends. And how we have missed it during all this time! We never imagined that the only way of seeing and speaking to our loved ones would be via a screen.

It is just like the famous saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone “. After many weeks confined at home, we have been longing to recover these simple, regular things of daily life that we took for granted, and which make us feel so good.

Because being with the ones we love the most brings us many benefits! It has a positive effect on our health, as well as disconnecting and avoiding all the worries that we may have in these times of uncertainty.

The garden, terrace, balcony… In times of confinement, any corner of the home that is outside is most welcome.

Additionally, have you noticed that in the cities you can distinguish sounds that were concealed before by the noise of the traffic and hustle and bustle of people? These noises to which we were accustomed were replaced by the sound of the wind rustling the leaves and birdsong, enabling us to once again have contact with nature from our homes.

Wherever this much-awaited reunion takes place, the important thing is to enjoy a great moment in the company of you and yours and make the most of the time we have been unable to spend with them.

For all the above, we suggest some table decoration ideas to celebrate these much-awaited gatherings!

Sunny Days collection: breathe in the colours of summer

Summer is coming, and with it, the good weather. Why not prepare a family meal in your favourite spot?

Without doubt, organising a gathering outdoors will be a good way of enjoying the sunshine and breathing fresh air without leaving home.

You can of course do it in the dining room of your home. Open the windows and let the sun brighten up your home and bring life and joy to the table. It will also be a good opportunity to fill the room with laughter again!

Fine lines and dots, combined with Curry and Petrol Blue colours, define the design of the Sunny Days collection. Formed of cotton napkins and placemats, this collection will bring a warm breeze to your table.

You can match the colours of the design with the Sunny Days placemats with the Curry cotton napkins for half the guests, and the Petrol Blue cotton napkins for the other diners. The combinations are unlimited!

Vermut & Tapas collection: vermouths on your terrace just like the bar

The long-distance aperitifs are over! After being weeks having snacks with our friends and family by video conference, the time has come to meet up again.
For a small gathering at midday with our best friends, vermouths on the terrace might be a good idea.

We can have the mythical design of the traditional bars in our home, but with cotton napkins thanks to the Vermut & Tapas collection.

Made in 100% cotton, this collection comprises cotton napkins available in two different sizes: 11x11cm and 20x20cm.

Perfect for accompanying vermouths, tapas or small dishes at home, this collection will help us feel as if we were in our favourite bar with the best company.

Ocean collection, the sea at your table

With the increase in temperatures in the last few days, who doesn’t miss those days we spent on the beach with our loved-ones?

The sun, the beach and the heat suggest we enjoy a lovely, relaxing meal with sea views. With the unknown factor of when we will be able to spend these days on the beach again, have you thought of organising a seafood meal at home?

The Ocean collection, made up of cotton napkins with attractive drawings of marine fauna and relaxing Petrol Blue placemats, will combine with your recipes and bring the sea and freshness to your table.

The Ocean cotton napkins have different illustrations of marine animals on the same roll: those of 20x20cm include 4 designs (octopus, crab, lobster, prawn) and those of 32x32cm, 2 designs (octopus and crab) which will provide a really original table decoration.

Moreover, they are recycled cotton napkins, a pleasant to touch and absorbent fabric, and a 100% commitment to sustainability. In our article “Recycled cotton: the perfect complement for your slow food moment” you can find information about the advantages of this material, as well as some of our collections manufactured in recycled cotton.

Cotton napkins and placemats, also on the table of the professionals

The hotel and catering sector has been one of the most affected by this health crisis. To continue with the safety measures, some so common aspects such as the menu or the table linen will have to change.

According to the State Gazetteer, from now on priority must be given to single-use napkins and placemats and, if this is not possible, the use of the same tablecloth with different clients must be avoided, choosing solutions that make it easy to change between services.

At MY DRAP we offer the only single-use fabric on the market, perfect for coasters, napkins for events, cotton napkins, placemats and table runners. On being single-use it becomes a more hygienic product, being now more than ever perfect for the restaurant trade.

It is therefore single-use table linen with numerous advantages:

  • All the fabrics are practical and hygienic. On being single-use and coming pre-cut, maximum cleanliness is ensured for both the clients and the establishment itself. They also occupy less storage space and allow for cost saving and organising laundry.
  • Seamless, pleasant to touch and high absorption.
  • In order not to lose the essence and style of the bar or restaurant, all the cotton napkins, napkins for events and placemats are customisable. In the “Customisation” section of the MY DRAP PROFESSIONAL web page you can find the different colours in which you can include the corporate image of your business. It will be a powerful marketing tool!

From MY DRAP we want to thank all the essential groups that are working and fighting on the front line to get us out of this so very exceptional situation.

Because we will soon once again fill the terraces of the bars and restaurants with life, and organise events and celebrate at home all those pending get-togethers.

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