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September is usually a time of changes. It is the month when school, work and the daily routine start again. Some of us also take the opportunity to think about …

September is usually a time of changes. It is the month when school, work and the daily routine start again. Some of us also take the opportunity to think about new challenges and ideas. We invite you to discover our wide range of colours. Be bold and change your regular placemats!

As the Spanish saying goes, “para gustos, los colores”, or as we say, “each to their own”. We know that every person, every circumstance and every celebration is different, so at MY DRAP we offer a wide variety of placemats: so that you can always find the perfect fabric and create the atmosphere and setting you are looking for 😉

Psychology of colour

Colours can change our perception, alter our senses, excite us… Professionals from different spheres have analysed extensively the meaning of colours and, although there is a margin for subjectivity and the memories of each person, the truth is that every range of colours has the power to evoke certain feelings.

How are you feeling today? What type of meal are you organising for next week? In our cotton Basics collection you can choose from among more than twenty different shades!

White, pure and calm


Peace, calm, a space where everything is waiting to be done and everything is possible. White placemats are used to create a good impression, since it is a pure and neutral colour.

From a more formal point of view it is without doubt the colour par excellence in all types weddings (check out our article “Table decoration for country weddings”), and even in more formal or work settings. On the other hand, and due to its neutral character, it also offers an infinite number of possibilities when combining it with other shades, which enables you to also achieve a more fun-loving and spontaneous atmosphere.

At MY DRAP we have Cream colour in cotton and linen. A safe bet for your more formal occasions and yet a basic element to play with all types of combinations at home 😉

If you prefer brighter fabrics, but with a more greyish tone, you can also choose between Pearl Grey and Grey. You will also achieve this elegant atmosphere, but with a touch more of personality.

Reds and oranges, love and vitality


Manteles individuales y servilletas de tela con mucho color_naranja

They are the antithesis of white, since they are shades that quickly attract one’s attention and bring personality to the space. While red is linked clearly with love and passion (“How to dress the table for a romantic supper”), orange is energy and extravagance.

At MY DRAP you will find intensely-coloured placemats (such as Orange or Carmine Red), but you can also use more nuanced versions such as Terracotta, a perfect choice for calmer meals in which you also want to provide a touch of colour and originality.


Pink, sensitivity and innocence


Manteles individuales y servilletas de tela con mucho color_rosa

Considered by some as red’s little sister, pink is also linked to love, but in its more delicate and innocent variant. Pink placemats are perfect for decorating the table in a romantic supper or in spring, but can also be used, for example, for a children’s party.

As well as the classical pastel Pink, at MY Drap we offer Fuchsia, a very daring and bright option for those who want to create a more festive atmosphere and with an extra boost of personality.



Blue, harmony and serenity

Manteles individuales y servilletas de tela con mucho color_azul

Blue is many people’s favourite colour. Perhaps this is due to its capacity to transmit the peace of a calm sea or a clear sky. Blue placemats are used for relaxing encounters with Friends and also for table decoration in seafaring meals.

There are different types of blue and at MY DRAP you can choose between: Sea Blue (softer), Royal Blue (more intense and lively) and Petrol Blue (darker and more sober). Check our extensive palette of colours!



Green, freshness and tranquillity

Manteles individuales y servilletas de tela con mucho color_verde

Along with blue, green is the colour of nature par excellence. Generally speaking, we associate it with the leaves of the trees, the grass, health, hope…

Green placemats are perfect for refreshing the atmosphere (“How to dress a spring table”) and designing a 100% natural table (“Table decoration for a happy moment”).

At MY DRAP we also offer a wide range of Green placemats: Caribbean Green and Aquamarine (of softer and turquoise shades), Pistachio (pure vitality) and English Green (darker and more elegant).


Brown, character and warmth

Manteles individuales y servilletas de tela con mucho color_marrón

Perhaps, at first sight, it is one of the colours that least attracts us, although with the suitable shade and well combined with other fabrics it can be a perfect option to create a warm atmosphere with personality.

In MY Drap placemats you will find it with lighter and brighter variants (such as Sand). Be bold, try them and create your combinations this oncoming autumn!




Black, pure elegance

Manteles individuales y servilletas de tela con mucho color_negro

Whether or not black is actually a colour (there is a debate about this), it is a fact that it is one of the basic ingredients in any fabric collection. It is one of the most functional and easily combinable colours, with its own personality and is a safe bet when creating a sober and elegant space.

Although it may be a bit of a surprise to use black on the table, at MY DRAP we invite you try our Black placemats. They are ideal for combining with placemats and napkins of other colours and for creating a unique space, whether at home or in more professional settings 😉

In this article we have only looked at the MY DRAP Basics collections: remember we have a wide variety of patterned collections with unique designs in which we play with these shades, and much more!

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