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Christmas placemats for an elegant table

Haven’t you decided about the Christmas table decoration yet? For these so very special days, laying some pretty fabrics and Christmas adornments will be key so that our guests take home a wonderful impression of us.

Haven’t you decided about the Christmas table decoration yet? For these so very special days, laying some pretty fabrics and Christmas adornments will be key so that our guests take home a wonderful impression of us.

With this in mind, in this article we explain how you can obtain an elegant and modern table with the MY DRAP Christmas placemats. Follow our tips and you’ll have a perfect atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying the company!

The importance of the decoration of Christmas tables

We often focus on offering a good Christmas menu to amaze our guests and we forget a very important element: the table decoration.

To astonish our guests, we must dedicate a little time to preparing the table. The fact is, for these special celebrations, the following elements are an absolute must:

  • Decorative adornments such as pretty candles, flowers, traditional Christmas figures, bells, mistletoe…
  • Attractive cutlery and crockery: golden knives and forks, glasses and plates will give you this Christmassy touch on the table.
  • Christmas cotton napkins and placemats, the essential fabrics for Christmas table decoration that will make it unique and special.

What do Christmas placemats give us?

Placemats are the main features of the table: they are the base on which we place the other decorative elements (cutlery, plates, napkins…). According to its design, it will set the aesthetics and tone of the meal.

MY DRAP Christmas placemats offer us many advantages indeed:

  • They are fabric placemats, pleasant to touch and absorbent.
  • They are manufactured in cotton, recycled cotton or linen, following environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.
  • They are versatile, adapting to the number of diners at the table.
  • They may of a single use, or reusable.
  • They are available in a practical pre-cut roll, so they do not occupy space and are always ready.
  • They allow us to have a more meticulous and personalised decoration, thanks to the great variety of Christmas designs and patterns.

Below we provide you with different ideas about how you can have a quick, pretty and elegant Christmas table decoration using napkins and Christmas placemats. Get reading!

Always Christmas placemats, for a sophisticated table

If you are looking for character and elegance, the Christmas placemats from the Always Christmas collection are ideal.

They are inspired by 2 designs (reindeer and mistletoe) in gold and meticulous in their detail, giving your table a sophisticated touch on a par with Christmas.

They are the perfect choice for decorating Christmas tables. You can combine them with the Christmas napkins from the same collection: those of the 11x11cm and 20x20cm sizes include 4 designs (reindeer, bell, fir tree and mistletoe) and those of 32x32cm have the same drawings as the placemats.

The entire Always Christmas collection is manufactured in 50% linen and 50% cotton, seamless, pleasant to touch and highly absorbent.

Due to its gold details, you can include decorative elements of the same colour such as the cutlery and crockery. You can also adorn the table with Christmas details such as small bunches of mistletoe, pine cones or small golden stars sprinkled over the table. And, if you want, you can inspire yourself with the decoration from the cover image, with this collection as the main feature.

Green Tartan Christmas placemats, for the more traditional

If you are someone who loves all that is classical, the Green Tartan Christmas placemats will be your best bet.

The traditional design of Scottish tartan of the cotton napkins and the placemats of the Green Tartan collection, alongside the English green, will stand out on any table. They will accompany your special Christmas dishes with elegance!

Manufactured in cotton, you can combine these Christmas placemats with the cotton napkins of the same collection or with the English Green and Lipstick Red of the MY DRAP Basics collection.

We suggest playing with the different sizes of the cotton napkins: you can place the red napkins of 32x32cm over the English green napkins or the green tartan of 20x20cm.

To complete preparing the table, you can lay the plates and silver or red cutlery, to give it a touch of distinction and personality. Be daring and try different ideas!

Noel Christmas placemats. Christmas tradition in a fabric

For these Christmas dinners and suppers with family and friends, the Noel collection will be perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The Noel Christmas placemats combine the simplicity of white with red, Christmas colours par excellence.

The fabrics of this collection are inspired by the poinsettia flower, which forms part of everybody’s Christmas tradition. Moreover, the red portrays the feeling of simplicity that we share with our loved ones.

Combine these Christmas placemats with the MY DRAP cream colour napkins or with the Christmas napkins from the same collection.

To achieve a harmonious, practical and pleasant setting, in our article “How to place the crockery and cutlery on the Christmas table” we explain the etiquette so that you can impress your guests. Following our tips, your table will be as elegant and perfect as if it were for a wedding.

Christmas napkins, a perfect idea for our table

For these so very special days, Christmas napkins will be a perfect choice for our table decoration.

As we explained in our previous post “MY DRAP, an elegant alternative to paper napkins”, cotton napkins have many advantages:

  • They are hygienic, absorbent and with a pleasant and warm feel.
  • They have presence, body and charm.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They occupy little space and are always ready, in a practical pre-cut roll.

To place them in our Christmas table decoration in an original way, you can fold them with bows or even in the form of a Christmas tree. We show you how to do it on this video or in our article “How to fold napkins for the Christmas table”, where we explain step-by-step how to turn the cotton napkin into one of the most universal symbols of this very special festival.

Discover the MY DRAP Christmas collections, find the fabrics you like best and for these holidays obtain a pleasant, welcoming and original table. Amaze your guests!

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